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Education in a Solarpunk world

Kay, so from now on I’m probably going to be posting a few micro-posts about this Solarpunk idea. Some might include more images, others might just include small worldbuilding text snippets that come to mind.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this out of my head before I forgot it.

So, I really like the idea of there being an apprenticeship aspect to public education. So like, every year of school, all the students get set up with a year-long apprenticeship of their choice, sponsored by the school system. Perhaps the one mandatory apprenticeship would be at micro factory or studio that produces stained glass solar panels, so kids can learn about manufacturing the tech that powers all their electronics. So the year would take them from making the parts, all the way to cutting and putting them together in artful stained glass window displays. 

But other than that, maybe one year you could apprentice under a painter, or a tailor, or an inner-city farmer, or a computer programmer, or literally whatever. And you could chose to stick around with the same apprenticeship year after year, or a different one every year (except for the one year you’ve got to do in the solar panel industry). 

And not to say that kids would be super busy all the time because of school + apprenticeship, but like maybe three days a week they would have short school days before they all run off all across the city to be trained in various trades. (and they probably wouldn’t start this system the same year they started school.. Like, it would probably start in junior high or something, so they’d be old enough to use public transportation in groups to get places.) 

Thoughts? Additions?

anonymous asked:

do you actually use that guide? i dunno it sounds too good to be true

Hello there, mildly-confused anon~ ♥︎

((For those of you looking for reference, the anon is talking about this guide))

I get where you are coming from. Why would I give you all my secrets, right? I clearly must have a super-duper secret guide I only use for myself so that I have the edge on outlining, right?


I posted my Strange Guide to Planning Your Novel because I got a lot of questions about outlining/planning and I thought it would be best to just show you how I do things. It’s not a perfect guide. I am actually planning on updating it soon (especially the graphics :x), but it works, because I believe that writing should be fun. And I strongly believe that at it’s core Writer’s Block is about (1) the writer being unhappy with the story and (2) the writer feeling like writing is work. I tackle both issues with that guide.

And yes, I do actually use it. Hell— I outlined a book a few days ago. I’m already one third of the way through writing it. It’s a silly idea that came to me while I was at Fanime.

Right now it’s going by the name ‘Princess Factory,’ it’s a story about a bunch of dumb gay babies indie developers making dating simulator games. It’s been a blast to write.

Yes. I follow every step of the guide, even the optional ones such as the ‘Recharging Playlist.’

Sadly most of Dangan Ronpa, DMMD, and Love Live didn’t make it after V3. Though I have had a lot of fun writing to VNV nation (again). Their music is either super active or super slow+moving. And, of course, this book needed some Coldplay because apparently Coldplay needs to be in every one of my books (I guess?). Aside from that Holy Ghost and Tegan+Sara don’t make music to write to (too active) but it sure makes great stuff to listen to for inspiration~ ♥︎

You see, anon. There is nothing in my sleeve, or in the hat. There’s no roadside illusionism— it’s all writerly magic c;

I hope this helps!

Keep writing~ ♥︎