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Muse Cards Against Humanity!

It was actually so so funny, some of my personal favourites being:
• “Kate Hudson pisses Chris Wolstenholme off.”
• “on tour the band can never be without Dom Howard in a leopard print thong.”
• “what’s that sound? Dom’s only excuse for singing.”
• “what’s that sound? Matt’s falsetto.”
• and my one with the Tiny Horse that I can’t remember xDD

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Guiding Light
Guiding Light

PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUREEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRTTTSSSSSSSSS or another cover by me!!! Enjoy! particularly our GL MAH squad aka @thekiereneffect, @killedbydrcnes, @moigraine, @souls-wont-be-exhumed, @pizzazzer@bellaringew, @tagtra, @pizzazzer, @panic-station-drones, @micro-cuts-in-my-brain@blueskywlkr, @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou@orignofsymmetry, @im-batt-mellamy@1001141029hey, @dead-star-darling, @themusersoldierfan, @pwoperhullabaloo, @i-love-muse, @micromuse, @very-amused and others (sorry i don’t remember all the urls)!