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To Keep Safe

Frank’s actions end up putting you in danger. Together, you figure out a way to stop it. 

Notes:  I started this months ago and ended up abandoning it due to lack of ideas. It started off being inspired by The Punisher filming pictures of Jon, as Frank, stealing the NYPD patrol car. I initially intended for it to be a one-shot but it grew into a ten chapter fic.  Thank you to whoever ends up reading this whole thing in the end :) 

Warnings for entire fic:  Fluff, Angst, Mild Smut

chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9 , chapter 10

Chapter One

Every one of his raised scars and every one of his muscles, you feel against your own naked body as you lay on top of him.

Frank’s head is nestled in the crook of your arm that you have underneath it, your hand up and around tenderly petting his stubble as you kiss him slow and deep.  You rest your other hand on his chest, your legs laying between his. He rests his hand on the curve of your butt, his other is sliding into your hair.  

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#CivilWarsintheKastle Week

Day 1: The Devil’s Backbone or Poison & Wine

[on AO3]

“I’m sorry for the intrusion,” Frank mumbled as Karen helped sew the laceration on his cheek closed.

Karen snorted. “Please, Frank, we passed ‘sorry for the intrusion’ months ago.” She couldn’t resist rolling her eyes at his high-handed courtesy before she snipped the last of the stitches. “At least you used the front door this time,” she sighed, standing up from crouching in front of him at the bathroom mirror. “Coffee?” she called over her shoulder, walking out of the room.

“No, thank you, ma’am.” Frank declined the offer while peering at himself in her mirror. Her stitches were getting better and better each time, which reminded him… this should really be the last time. This… showing up at her place, letting her follow him around on missions, coffee… it all had to stop.

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(Whoop, hope this fills your space god fluff needs!
Featuring two characters I might develop into proper OC’s, Sam and Ghaleus. both are complete and utter sweetie pie nerds!
Don’t exactly know how I’d draw them together since Sam is practically microscopic compared to their friend…
Story features much platonic affection and a big blushy bby (or two actually, they both blushy bbys tbh)

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BTS being jealous over EXO, because they like you (read description)

Jin: *sees you going over to EXO and not to him* ‘B-But.. I am here too.. I can hug you all day, if that’s what you neeeed’ *inner monolog*

RapMonster: *scenario in his head* I’ll eliminate EXO so -your name- has eyes only for meeee

Suga: -Your name- I bought us popco- ….. ‘so I need to change my haircolor like Baekhyun’s… maybe then she’ll stay with me..’

J-Hope: ‘HEY, BUT I’M YOUR HOPE AND ANGEL’ *imaginary throws something at you*

Jimin: *stops you* Should we go together? So they won’t steal you from me *winks*

V: You’re going over to EXO? Say Hi from me to Baekhyun hyung.. I have to get my micro checked, so I can’t go 

Jungkook: ‘Ahhh she is doing it again… making me jealous… god help me’

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Analysis of Eminem’s “Rap God”

Part 2: Alliteration and Consonance

Part two in a series of analyses of Eminem’s “Rap God.” This series aims to highlight Eminem’s talent as a rapper and artist. There is a reason the song is entitled “Rap God.”

Check out Part 1: Micro-Rhymes and Assonance

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Check out Part 4: Macro- and Multisyllabic Rhymes

Check out Part 5: How do you keep a 6 minute rap song interesting? (Structure, style, rhythms, etc.)

Check out Part 6: Why “Rap God” Works - A Summary

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It sickens me that people think that Iron Man has the higher chance of defeating Captain America.

Do you guys realize that even if Steve wins the war, he’ll not kill Tony. Unlike Tony Stark, Steve Rogers has compassion and he’ll probably give Tony the benefit of the doubt, not knowing about HYDRA. I bet my life that if Steve won, Tony Stark would still be alive. 

Tony on the other hand won’t give two cows if he had to kill Steve. He would do it in a second. Because that’s the kind of man he is. And you know what? HE’LL REGRET IT. He’s the one who’ll later discover what Steve was trying to explain. The goddamn ‘genius’ invented ULTRON who happens to be the biggest villain so far and cause this whole wreckage on New York once again. The only thing Tony will ever have is intelligence. 

Steve wanted to die in Captain America: First Avenger. As much as he loved Peggy, life was unbearable without Bucky. Do you know why Steve didn’t just jump out of the aircraft? He didn’t want to live like a hero. As much as he was Captain America, he was still Steve Rogers.. The kid who would never give up in a fight. The kid whose best friend was Bucky. And he blamed himself for Bucky. That’s why. That’s why Captain America has the higher chance in winning or at the very least, not having the villain part in Captain America: Civil War. 

“If it weren’t for the experiment, Steve wouldn’t be anything”.

If anyone has said that, you are literally the most stupidest human-creature thing to ever exist. 

May I remind you that you don’t have to be strong to be a soldier. Being a soldier is to have honor, sacrifice, compassion and to never give up. THESE ARE ALL THE THINGS STEVE HAD BEFORE HE WAS EXPERIMENTED ON.

So please go get your micro-sized brain checked if you think that Iron Man has the advantage in Captain America: Civil War.