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Pokemans Headcanon Tiiiiiiime
  • All organisms in the pokemon world decended from, and in cladistic taxonomy classified as, Pokemon.
  • “Normal” organisms, such as humans, trees and grass, are pokemon that have evolved overtime so that their movesets are vestigial. Pokemon such as Beldum and Unown have evolved overtime to have minimal movesets, and like us they will eventually loose the ability to learn moves all together.
  • The national pokedex is purely a layman list of pokemon, there are millions of species of pokemon not listed.
  • Microscopic organisms and parasites are also pokemon, and are capable of leveling up and evolving, tho not often observed by people due to their size and lifestyle.
  • While on the macrolevel humans have lost many “pokemon qualities”, on the micro level our cells still behave as pokemon. Red blood cells’ special ability is “oxygen pickup” and Stem cell’s only move is Transform.
  • Ditto is entirely made out of stem cells
  • Most “inanimate” pokemon like Magnemite and Geodude, are actually the result of colonies of bacteria living inside of metal and rock, like Endoliths irl.
  • There is heavy debate as to whether things like robots with flamethrowers can be classified as a pokemon, as they are capable of learning moves (flamethrower), as well as “faint” (be unplugged)
  • Like irl, there is heavy debate in the Unova school system on whether they can teach the Arceus origin story within pokebiology class.

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(fallout anon) *paladins wave and open the box of the used T-51b power armor, various laser and plasma weapons, and of course the energy and micro fusion cells* Star Paladin Cross: So sentinel Lyons would like to thank you for sending one of our most important brothers back as safely as you could, so enjoy what've brought as a gift and if you ever need a new supplies or an assisting paladin squad we added an emergency radio somewhere in there, but for now good day madam.

Star: oooh thanks! *hands the paladin a cookie* cookie for the road?

Marco: *trying to hide the power armor

Star; aww Marco! Robot suit coooome on haven’t i’ve been good? I haven’t blown up anything…*whispers* that you know of

Marco: what was that?

Star: nothing! pwease *puppy eyes

Marco: sigh, fiiiine cutie but let’s try to find another source of power than fusion cells. controlled atomic smashing is pretty dangerous

Star; Oh! I know who can help! our son in law, CONNOR CONNIE I NEED HELP! *runs off*

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Why do you think Lapis was trying to drown Steven and Connie, instead of incapacitate them? It's completely possible to deprive someone of oxygen until they're unconscious, but stop before it leads to any permanent damage - and if Lapis knew she could attack Steven that way, it's entirely possible that was what she was going for (after all, oxygen deprivation and drowning aren't unique to Earth). It also seems a bit out of character for her to leap to murder Steven when there are other options.

Before anything, I want to point out that the details of hypoxia I’m about to bring up are besides the point. The entire reason I even bring up Lapis’ actions in Ocean Gem, in which she envelopes Steven’s and Connie’s heads in water, was to show that at her worst she could be very destructive and hurtful. The point was also made to illustrate how powerful she is as she was able to do this while holding up an entire tower of the Earth’s ocean.

And the conclusion I made was that those actions weren’t right. Lapis knows about humans; she knows that they’re physically weaker than gems are. She herself brings it up in The Return, telling Jasper not to hurt Steven because “He’s just a human!” This shows she can recognise humans on sight and know that unlike gems, they need to breathe. She also knows that her water clones are incredibly hard to defeat, as even the other Crystal Gems were already having a difficult time holding their own against them. So why go through the drowning if it costs her nothing to just let Steven and Connie tire themselves out on a water clone? It was an act of overkill, and considering Lapis has nothing against Connie personally, or even the organic life on Earth (because Lapis preserves the ocean ecosystem in the tower) it was uncalled for. That was the point of the example. It wasn’t brought up to call Lapis evil or murderous in any way but rather shows that Lapis lashes out when she’s upset and yes, even innocent people can get hurt in the process.

To Anon’s question, I’m rather certain her intent wasn’t to kill them. As for the use of the word “drown” the entire process of submerging someone knowing they can’t breathe is indeed drowning them. Hypoxia, which is oxygen deprivation, is probably what Anon is referring to!

And to engage the question, while hypoxia may not leave any extreme effects in the short term, it’s still rather dangerous, and that’s why it’s an example of rage getting out of control. The best divers and record-setters can hold their breaths at around the three and half-minute mark. Steven and Connie aren’t professionals but they’re probably familiar with swimming long distances and have decent lung capacity and oxygen management because they grew up around water. Also, given the conditions, the adrenaline and fear would have their sympathetic nervous system kick in, making them use of more oxygen as their hearts pump faster and their blood pressures rise. It would take maybe two to three minutes for them to lose consciousness given those conditions. 

[Warning: Lengthy medical info and slight body horror below]

Cerebral hypoxia, or when your brain is deprived of oxygen, can have harmful effects as early as two minutes, and it gets worse from there. Also, the longer the person is unconscious, the longer the effects will last. As cerebral hypoxia sets in, effects will include being unable to repeat back information, loss of coordination, balance, fuzziness in vision, and unconsciousness. At the micro level, brain cells die. Past the two minute mark (around 3-4 minutes in), that’s irreparable damage to the brain. This is because your blood is trying to get more oxygen to your brain as quickly as it can. Blood pressure rises and the blood vessels in your brain rupture as a result. Under the logic that drowning them would render them unconscious for a while to get them out of the way, this damage would be more and more difficult to recover from and brain functions involving movement, speech, and memories could be permanently affected.

In their panicked attempts to draw in air, they could also involuntarily inhale, causing water to flood in their lungs, which is also not good as it causes edema, or swelling, in the pulmonary tract.

[End of medical descriptions]

So even with the intent of incapacitating them, it’s a dangerous gamble to assume they’ll be walking this off fine. And we’re talking about aliens without a complete understanding of human physiology here. I’m rather certain not a lot of people know about hypoxia themselves. There are no certainties that she can withdraw the moment before “permanent damage” sets in, because it’s different for everyone. Yes, I agree, Lapis doesn’t seem like the type to jump out and murder people. She’s angry and hurt and scared and all she wants at this point is to go home. But that doesn’t mean she’s excused for trying to drown two human children in the process, where again, drowning doesn’t mean murder. Just saying that the act itself is overkill when she could have occupied them with hand-to-hand combat the way she did the other Crystal Gems. It’s hitting them in a very weak spot and this was done in a targeted way.

Lapis is capable of doing a lot of good things, and as we’ve seen, no one is inherently evil in Steven Universe. This is one action and it doesn’t define her. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be critical of it as well. Understanding her at her worst is key to her getting past these destructive tendencies in times of stress, something I’d also like for her to do.

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"Fucking island, god damn waste of time..." Garret mumbles to himself as he stumbles through the woods. They shot his main battery and he was losing power. There is a dome building near by. If he can just make it there. Unfortunately he collapses within a mile from the building

DiMA had been bringing armfuls of fresh veggies for the two radstag’s that lived on the mountain trail to eat, when the sound of someone crashing carelessly through the forest alerted him to the fact that he wasn’t alone. He dropped the food he carried and drew his trusty old plasma rifle from it’s shoulder holster instead, snapping the micro-fusion cell home and drawing comfort from the weapons low humming as it charged.

“Hello? Please don’t come any closer, I am armed.” He warned, peering into the gloom of the forest in the general direction he’d first heard the noises coming from. Everything had grown eerily silent however, which.. might not have been a good sign.

Fearing that he’d been discovered by trappers, DiMA took cover behind the nearest tree and fired a warning shot into the air. 
“Reveal yourself now! Nobody has to get hurt!” He turned his audio sensors up to their maximum capacity, straining to hear even the slightest rustle of movement. Nothing. Not even a quiet exhale that might give away the position of an attacker. At least.. a human one.

He tightened his grip on the worn handle of his gun as he crept stealthily through the trees. He barely made a sound, only his metal feet lightly scratching the dirt wherever there were no pine needles to dampen his footsteps. He didn’t breathe, hardly needing to anyway but for the moment too frightened to put effort into that mostly useless function. Every small noise startled him, but every time he whipped around to face the threat it turned out to be a small bird or a curious squirrel, watching his progress.

And then he stepped on something hard, unyielding, and tripped over this thing before he could compensate for the difference. He sprawled into the dirt with a yelp, rolling quickly on impact with his gun held out in front of him, pointing straight at the thing he’d tripped on. The green glow coming from the muzzle of his rifle reflected off dull metal, exposed wires, a skeletal face like his, but stripped of skin.

“Oh you poor thing..” he whispered, holstering his gun and scooping the fragile looking unit up easily in his arms. He was surprisingly heavy considering how many components he seemed to be missing, but DiMA shifted him to a more comfortable position and carried him easily enough up the mountain.

None of the sentries tried to stop him, only helping him to get the inert unit inside before going back to their posts, vigilantly watching for whoever had attacked the unit DiMA carried. He brought him to Faraday’s office where there was a couch to lay him down on.

“I hope I wasn’t too late.” He muttered to himself while he assessed the damage, quickly discovering the main source of the problem. Thankfully it was easy enough to swap out the damaged battery for a new one out of Faraday’s supplies. When he’d repaired as much of the damage as he could he took a deep breath, hoping he’d done enough, then sent a jolt of electricity through the damaged units systems to reboot them. “Come on, please let this work..”

Technically, these aren’t the “true” colours, but a false-colour visualization of the key features found within micro objects, including these cells. In the past, electron microscopes were only able to produce black and white images, but with this new technique — which took 15 years to develop — we can finally overcome this limitation.

You and I are everywhere.
We are made of atoms, and those little fuckers are everywhere, holy shit there’s armies and armies of them.
I want your atoms and my atoms to touch. To turn into each other.
Our micro cells will combine and the most beautiful dust will form, I’ll be even happier not to clean it.
Think of how spiritual that would be. Little pieces of us coming together and leaving our bodies where ever they choose to go.
The heat given off will be so holy, we’ll be in the place with angel feathers and golden streets. Flowers won’t just be growing in the ground, they’ll be growing in my veins, and fuck I can’t wait.
But you don’t want my skin. And you don’t want me.
You don’t want to be the clay that fills my cracks, you don’t want to clean the mess I’ll always be. You think I’m too broken for you; too closed off, please don’t agree with my mother.
The thing is, my skin cells are padlocks that are waiting to be open. My heart is a bee waiting to sting and die.
My body is a tree, way too deep in the forest, but it will always be too fucking ready to fall down for you.
But like trees, grass, and the moon, I’ll keep going with or without you.