micro brewery


Ok so the cat is out of the bag (or Mash Tun if you prefer) …

“Brewshack” is now a place, not just the name of my blog! After brewing for just over a year now, things were getting not only a little hectic but also a bit more serious in my kitchen and the space under my stairs becoming just a bit too small to store all my gear, coupled with my wife’s dislike of the smells associated with brew day, made me consider my options - continue to struggle a bit with my current set up and maybe consider moving brewing to the yard with a burner and risk the wrath of the neighbours and leave me at the mercy of the elements or…

My friend has a studio space / workshop in an old Manchester cotton mill, he jokingly suggested that we set up a brewery in his space. He works in the garment / fashion industry and is a bit of handy man, fixes furniture and makes bits and pieces there. Now despite the fact that he’s built a little office, with small photo studio setup, the place was fairly cluttered with off cuts of wood, old bits of furniture, a multitude of power tools and all sorts of odd curiosities - I’ll openly admit I naturally had some reservations about cleanliness, peeling paint and dust, water quality, power supply etc etc…

But in January we started talking about things a bit more seriously, plans and requirements were discussed with a bit more gusto, logistical kinks were ironed out. In March we started in ernest with the making of a fermentation chiller, the temperature of the space fluctuates all over the place so this I suggested was a must - as yet we still have to finish it off with some doors and chilling / heating devices (but we are close to having those sorted soon - old fridge & seed tray heaters).

Next we set about constructing some walls for the brewing space, painting existing brickwork, fixing a tarp was set up to catch any paint flakes & dust off the ceiling. Then polythene was used to cover the walls and roof of the space. By mid may we had painted the floor - bright green - looks like a miniature/crazy golf course right?!

Soon after we quickly installed all of my brewing equipment, existing inventory, a fridge and freezer that one of my cohorts had in the space from a house removal. The pace was beginning to build and we were nearing the initial brew day…

More on that later…I have already posted some live 1st and second brew day pictures so check them out if you have chance!

Currently, we have some cosmetic touches to add, like a sink with waste water container, brewing water storage and pump (which probs will be 1000ltrs capacity) and the fermentation chamber needs finishing off with doors, chilling / heating devices. Pretty pleased how it’s shaping up, photos are of the build, chamber build, a neat stencil I found when mopping the floor and me making a stir plate out of an old tea box.

For now, thanks for looking…


Ok, so seeing as how this brewery is walking distance from my house, I had to do a review about it and how awesome it is. Entitled Greenport Harbor Brewing Co, this brewery gives eastern Long Island a breath of fresh hope in terms of the craft beer world. Having just purchased a bigger facility, bottling is definitely in the horizon for this brewery and it has my support rested upon my shoulders. Only offering growlers, GHBC is my favorite for a quick acquisition of craft beer.

After having lunch which incorporated sushi and sashimi, I was ready to go with some brews. Greenport Harbor has a few strong points, which happen to be IPA / PA and American-style Porters. Their Harbor Ale, pictured above, is an American style Pale Ale with a 40% wheat malt bill, giving a nice toasty, bready-nessto the beer. It’s a great session-able beer in my opinion (but my tolerance is higher than the normal person.)

Next, we have my favorite beer by them, which is the Black Duck Porter, an English porter with a great roasted malt body, dry hop bitterness as well as roasted coffee finish. Such a sessionable beer it’s crazy.

This brewery is on the rise. Expansion, addition and vocalization have made this brewery a must in my eyes for things to do on the east end. Great sessionable beers, growlers to fill up as well as a fantastic brand name to promote, the pros vastly outway the cons.


Icy wind session IPL / あくら(秋田) ラガー酵母自体に香りは無いのだと教えてくれるインディアペールラガー。Y.marketの中西ブルワーがあくらの設備を借りながら作ったコラボレーションビールとのこと。香りは……なんだろう?マツとモルトの合わさった香り。名前の通りセッショナブルでドリンカビリティも高いものの苦みはかなり強いが、どこかやはりラガー酵母特有のツンとくる甘さがある。これは僕だけの感覚なんだろうか。


Brouwerij ’t IJ

Since 1985 the brewers of Brouwerij ’t IJ have been making their special beers next to windmill De Gooyer in the east of Amsterdam. Recently they’ve opened their second brewery a bit further down the road. On warm afternoons the tasting room and terrace is packed with people enjoying the Plzen, Natte, Zatte and other brews.



ポーター / 南信州ビール(長野) ものすごいローストモルトのフレーバーとアロマ。窒素タップしたらギネスよりまろやかになりそうな柔らかい舌触り。ボディは意外と軽く、また香りから苦みを連想するものの意外とIBUは低そう。 ポーター飲むとしっかり煎れたお茶飲んでる気分になる。これにアールグレイなど合わせて欲しい。


De Prael
Oudezijds Voorburgwal (brewery)
Oudezijds Armsteeg (tasting room)

In the middle of the oldest part of the city, De Prael brewery has begun brewing in 2002. They brew four different beers, and some seasonal ones and special editions. All of the beers are named after famous Dutch singers of ‘smartlappen’, the songs of heartache and pain. In the tasting room, just around the corner, you can see old pictures and records of these heroes. There are guided tours through the brewery, but make sure to also stop by the tasting room and have some beers with the typical Dutch snacks.