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This stout is brewed with organic cocao nibs and cherries Sampled on draught this stour poured almost black with a generous beige head. The aroma had notes of dark chocolate, charred malts, and cherry. The flavour was slightly tart with lots of dark roasted malts, chocolate and cherry. The finish had a bitter charred quality to it. Unlike other chocolate fruit stouts, this one retains more of its stout qualities. The mouthfeel was medium and the carbonation was quite soft. Nicely balanced, not over done, very pleasant.

6.9% from Sudbury, Ontario


7% from Sudbury, Ontario

Hawaiian Uppercut is a Belgian style pale golden ale. Sampled on draught the beer poured a lightly hazy beautiful light golden straw yellow colour with a generous white head. The headed good retention and did leave some impressive lacing. The aroma had a ton of tropical fruit; lots of pineapple, citrus (lemon, and clementines, orange, grapefruit), light vinous notes. Belgian yeasts, and a slight resiny note. The beer is only brewed with four ingredients, it is hard to believe those four packed so much fruit flavour. The flavour is slightly sour and which compliments all the sweet flavours of the tropical fruits and citrus. Belgian yeasts appear mid sip and the finish has a nice citrus/leafy hop bitterness. The alcohol is well hidden - there is no alcohol astringency nor is their much evidence of malts. The mouthfeel was full and creamy and the carbonation was moderate. I really enjoyed this! Well done Stack!


This Brew is named after Twenty Mile Creek that runs through Twenty Valley. Sampled on draught the beer poured a slightly hazy golden colour with a generous white head. The head had good retention and left some lacing as it disappeared. The nose contained some peppery spice, fruit, citrus, pale malts, yeast esters and a grassy earthiness. The taste follows the nose. There is lots of fruits, citrus, yeast notes, peppery spice and pale malts. The hops were a little amped up for a Farmhouse ale giving it a bitter but smooth and dry finish. The beer had medium carbonation and a fun flavoured medium body. Overall quite good, but I prefer my saisons to be a little less bitter. 

Yeast: Old World Saison Blend
Kettle Hops : Ella & Enigma
Malts: Bohemium Pilsner, Canadian 2-row and wheat.

5.3% from Beamsville, Ontario IBU 27


Jellyking is a citra dry hopped sour. The brew has been soured using a 5 strain house blend of lactobacillus. Sampled on draught the beer poured a hazy yellowy orange colour, with a small white head that a quickly settled into a ring. The nose was tart and sour containing notes of peach, apricot, lemony and grapefruit citrus, bready malts, a little funk and grassy floral hops. The taste was pleasantly sour with lots of stone fruit, lemon, grapefruit and earthy herbal-floral hops. The finish is low in bitterness with a crisp tartness. The beer was medium bodied with moderate carbonation. Very drinkable, quite pleasant.

5.6% from Toronto, Ontario


7.1% from Hamilton, Ontario 80 IBU
Collective Arts IPA series showcases different combinations of hops, this one uses Mosaic, Simcoe and Waimea hops. Sampled from a tin, the beer pours a hazy golden orange colour with a large off white head,. The retention is quite long and leaves abundant spidery lace on the glass. The nose contains lots of tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya, citrus), earthiness, florals, and resinous piney hops. This beautifully balanced brew also contains a plethora of tropical fruit flavours, followed by a wallop of citrus and piney hops with a lovely rich malt backbone. The carbonation is very active, the beer is full bodied and has a slightly creamy texture. The finish is dry with a slightly lingering bitterness. The beer is bold and has a lovely complexity. Really enjoyed this one! Recommended.
Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe, and Waimea
Malt: Pilsner, 2-Row, Oats, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat.


Sampled on draught, Kestral in a Coalmine is a Belgian IPA. The brew combines the juicy hop forwardness of an American IPA with the spicy qualities of Belgian yeasts. The beer poured a cloudy yellow gold with a moderate off white head. 

Belgian IPA. The aroma contained spicy Belgian yeast notes, with citrus, floral and resinous hops. The flavour had some notes of Belgian yeasts along with big juicy hops, a moderate malt backbone, citrus and other tropical fruits and some white pepper spice. This is not usually a style that I would gravitate to, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The brew also merited 3rd place at the Great Ontario-Hopped Craft Beer Competition.

75 IBU     6.5% from Guelph, Ontario


10.5% from Sudbury, Ontario

4 x 4 is a Belgian style quad. It is rich in taste and high in alcohol. Sampled on draught the beer poured a fairly clear brown with ruby and amber highlights and a moderate light brown head. The head left lovely lacing as it receded down the sides of the glass into a cap and collar. The nose had lots of rich malts, caramel, fruit bread, and dried fruit, spice and some subtle yeast and molasses. The palette had notes of plums, dark fruit, treacle, estery banana bread, with subtle spice and yeast. The flavour is quite sweet, with a touch of bitterness at the finish, along with warming alcohol. The body is on the full side and the carbonation was soft. Overall, quite palatable but lacking in some complexity.


Buzz Aldrin is part of Barnstormers sour series and was a seasonal release. The beer is flavoured with peach. Sampled on draught, the brew poured a slightly hazy golden yellow with a thin white head. The nose is very mild with a little sourness, a tiny bit of funk and very light peaches. The taste has a lingering sour, with a light but detectable tart peach taste. It is not as peachy as I would have expected. Not bad, a nice summer sour.

3.8% from Barrie, Ontario IBU 15


8% from Sudbury, Ontario

This dubbed was to be had on draught at the Stack Tap take over. The brew was the winner of the 2017 Northern Ontario Microbrew Contest. The beer poured a hazy brown colour with a small off white head., which left some lacing as it receded. The nose was typical of a double with some bread malts, caramel , sweet Belgian yeasts, subtle fruit and an earthiness. The taste follows, again with bread malts, caramel, plums and fruit and candi sugar. The finish had low bitterness and a slight sweetness. Overall a nicely done example of the style.


Cupid’s Wing was a special February Release from Barnstormer Brewing in Barrie.  It is a red ale brewed with hibiscus. Sampled in draught the beer poured a rich brown colour with garnet hues and an off white head, which left streaky lacing as it receded. The nose had notes of molasses and malts, with aa subtle hibiscus floridness, coming through. There is lots going on here making the brew slightly muddled. Taste followed the nose: molasses, caramel, malts, red berries, a little tartness with an off dry very subtle floral hibiscus finish. Quite drinkable, just not stellar.

6.9% from Barrie, Ontario   25 IBU

I Blame You

Captain Swan AU

Summary: Writing an article on a musician. Easy. Doing it without Google and writers block caused by a gorgeous jogger. Not so much. Emma is down to the wire to turn her article in and has nothing written. Leading her to take drastic measures to cure the writers block. 

A/N: Thank you Becky for being able to decipher what my brain threw up on the page. You’re the best. 

The fic can also be found on FF.net & AO3 

For days Emma stared at the blank word doc on her laptop screen. Nothing she did could force the words to create themselves in her head and transplant onto the page, despite the fact that in three hours she needed to turn in an article about some unknown musician named Killian Jones.

Normally an article like this would have been finished in twenty minutes, but there was a small problem, Emma knew nothing about him. Regina, her boss, had given her few facts , a flash drive with some of his music and the strict instructions not to Google him. Regina wanted the article solely based on his music. Emma would have been perfectly fine writing the article as Regina asked but the fact that she was banned from using Google as a punishment by Regina, for being late to five of the seven scheduled meetings made everything harder. The joys of being a freelance writer. There was a very good excuse for it though, well in her mind it was a good excuse.

Emma enjoyed working at a coffee shop a few blocks from the office that had the best hot chocolate in the city and outside seating. Every afternoon at about 1:45 while sitting outside, this gorgeous guy would run past her dripping in sweat. He would then stop at the lamp post at the corner across the street, and either go into the store or keeping running. There was one time that he looked back at Emma and smiled.

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roses-to-roses  asked:

Bar AU has taken over my life; what types of alcohol/cocktails would karasuno, oikawa, and iwaizumi like best and would they be lightweight drinkers or can they drink until the sun comes up?

let’s talk about these drunk ass babies

Daichi likes bourbon. No one knows why. He becomes extreme dad. Loud as shit and constantly telling stories. His mission is to make you laugh or make you super embarrassed. When he’s drunk he just unwinds and has a lot more fun. Very prone to doing very stupid things. DO NOT LET HIM HAVE CONTROL OF THE MUSIC HE WILL PLAY COUNTRY OUT THE WAZOO. Sawamura is notorious for singing Homegrown Honey to his s/o while they’re out together.

Suga really likes wine. He’s a classy wine mom who has like mini bottles of wine that are in plastic goblets. But if he’s at a party he’s the one slapping the bag and chugging at least half of that nasty liquid. He’s sassier and makes sure that everyone knows what he’s thinking.

Asahi may have a glass heart but he’s got an iron gut. He can drink whiskey from the bottle and will take a shot of anything. He’s all about hard liquor. He likes all alcohol but it makes him more confident when he’s only drinking the hard stuff. When he’s drunk he can actually relax and feel more comfortable with himself. He’ll let his hair down and kick his feet back. He’s still quiet but he’s got a goofy smile plastered on his face for the entire night.

Nishinoya will drink anything, but he likes shots. He’s confident in the fact that he can take more shots than anyone and will always get into competition. Drunk Nishinoya is a lot like normal Nishinoya with even less boundaries. He’s the hugger. His arm is constantly around someone. Unless he’s with his s/o. He’s possessive. His arm is around them and only them. He’ll be sure to be grinding on them in the lewdest way possible to make sure that everyone knows they’re his.

Tanaka drinks the cheap stuff. He’s known for getting the shittiest vodka and making the best mixed drinks. He’ll drink anything as well but he’ll make sure it’s not a problem for his wallet. When he’s tipsy he’s quiet and insecure because he starts to focus on everything he’s really doing. Why do his hands look like that? Does his voice always sound like this? Is everyone looking at him? He’ll snap out of it once he has more to drink or if someone asks him to dance with them. He’s surprisingly great at dancing and it’s how he calms back down. And by calm down I mean get on tables and be as loud as possible.

Ennoshita is super talkative when he’s drunk. He’s talking about movies and tv and how he really likes certain actors. Usually he’s talking about special effects. he’ll be filming EVERYTHING. He’s also not picky when it comes to alcohol. if you put it in his hand he’ll drink it.

Kinoshita always has pickles when he’s drunk. No one knows where he gets them. But he has them. He’s a quiet drunk and is usually just hanging about listening to people. Like he’s the kinda guy you tell all of your beef to before you go yell at someone. Or like if you’re trying to take someone home, you let him know and he’ll nod in agreement or disagreement while munching on a pickle. Like seriously where the fuck is he getting those things?

Narita is the sunglasses wearing drunk. He’s the cool guy at the party who shotguns a beer and crushes it on his head. Anything that’s in a can he’ll drink. Usually he’ll be having bud but he’ll also drink Hamms (a disgusting beer that actually tastes like pork). He’s not unaccustomed to being kicked out of a party or being thrown out of a bar. Kazuhito is the actual party animal.

Tsukishima loves fruity drinks. He’ll have wine coolers and margaritas and if anyone calls him out for having a “girly” drink, he’ll make them cry. Kei is a mean drunk. He gets into at least 3 fights every time he’s drunk and he’ll make at least 4 people hate themselves.

Yamaguchi will make mixed drinks. He’ll probably mix anything with coke. Rum and coke is his go to drink. He’s cuddly and affectionate. Kisses for everyone. Literally everyone gets a kiss. ESPECIALLY Hinata surprisingly. But if he’s dating someone he’ll be attached to them all night, holding their hand kind of looking like a drunk balloon.

Hinata is the giggle monster. When he’s drunk he cant even form words and will resort to using hand signals because no one can understand him if he opens his mouth. He likes Bacardi. Shots, mixed drinks, from the bottle, loves it all. Really enjoys Bacardi Peach Red because he is in fact a precious peach.

Kageyama is a beer drinking. Most likely Stella Artois. When he’s home and wants to have a buzz while relaxing he’ll make a drink with milk and irish cream liquor. Milk loving little shit…. When he’s drunk he’ll be more talkative and a bit nicer to everyone around him. Much less intense too. He’ll have a relaxed smile and it won’t be terrifying.

Oikawa two shot terminator. Any amount of alcohol in his system and he is gone. His hair deflates and he’s stumbling and slurring his words and he’s not the perfect king everyone thinks he is. He’s an embarrassment as a drunk. He’ll have mixed drinks. He really enjoys margaritas.

Iwaizumi loves beer. Like he actually enjoys it. He’ll go to every bar in town and try all of their micro-brews and compare them. Beer aficionado Hajime. He’s a very sincere and blushing drunk. So when he’s out with his s/o he’ll be sure to tell them how great they look or how much he appreciates them as well.

“Listen, (name) I need to tell you something.”


“You’re really gorgeous tonight I just want you to know that okay? You’re always beautiful and I should tell you that more.”

“Baby you’re really drunk.”

“You’re still really pretty.”

bonus over here

Ukai is VERY sexual when he’s drunk. Constantly pressing kisses on his s/o’s neck and probably pressing them into a corner and letting know what they’re going to get when they go home. Despite looking like it, he’s actually a lightweight who gets drunk very quickly. He won’t get sick or sleepy, just gets drunk faster. he’ll usually have fireball whiskey.

Takeda goes by Tetsu when he’s drunk and will usually wear contacts because he’s afraid to break his glasses. He’s a laid back drunk and will usually talk to more people. He’s not afraid to flirt but he’ll always maintain his politeness even when he’s about to throw up, he’s going to be a gentleman. He gets sick very easily.