micro ampeg

Maxwell got his Hex Micro T and I ran it through the V4. It sounds super dope. 

Notes from my experience. 

While it’s really good and I love how flexible this little thing is, if you don’t need it to also be an amp @electronicaudioexperiments‘ Model feT is soooo close to this sound that you don’t really have to spend the $700 to have the sound. 

HOWEVER, if you want a bitchin’ baby amp that can be ran as a preamp into two different power amps or a power amp and DI without needing something plugged into the speaker outs this thing is fucking legendary. Very cool. 

We were also running it into the power section of his Peavey Classic 400s and it sounded super good. The Line Level control on the line outs is super clutch and between that you have the Brite, Normal, and Master to basically get it to sound however the fuck you want.