My Fave Moments in Immersion: Hitman

- Michael’s inability to get the vest over his head in a short period of time.

- How Michael’s plan went to shit, poor guy, when someone knocked into him and spilled the poisoned drinks everywhere.

- Gavin’s first blonde wig, need I say more?

- Gav kept forgetting to disguise his voice and it was obvious who he was when he was talking like a right Brit.

- How Gavin tried to crawl away from the guards when he was caught.

- Gavin’s wig wasn’t properly on the second time around and the poor boi’s hair stuck out the entire time.

- Poor Gavin kept getting recognized because of his nose.

- The guards, Tyler, Adam, and Jon all got confused because they didn’t realize both Gavin and Michael were in for the third time, and how they all kept arguing because one person thought Gavin was in and another thought it was actually Michael.

- How Michael took off his wig and threw it back inside before they left lmfao.