okay so i realize this is most likely never going to happen but in all of the screencaps with edna she looks like she is 10000% done with everyone around her and i have this headcanon that she’s just really disgusted with everyone else’s fashion sense like

“did you just look in the mirror this morning and think ‘what my already ridiculous and overwhelming outfit needs is fucking feather earrings' and actually believe it was a good idea?”

“alicia, darling, if you need garters to hold your armor to your hotpants you’re wrong”

“no you can’t join the party, your pants lace up the front and i can’t look at that all day”

“miclio if you insist on wearing a half corset all the time i refuse to be seen with you”

“it’s called a parasol darling, and it’s to protect me from your glaring lack of fashion”

“can you at least buy a fucking clue the next time you get something with a collar that big?”

“laila you look like a giant fish but at least you’re a pretty giant fish”

“i wear this glove just so i can take it off and slap you with it every time you dress in something stupid”