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Mike pulled his thin coat even tighter around himself, shaking against the wind. He was extremely angry, in the moment, due to just about everything. He’d had to go out to a club they’d played at the night before, solely because they hadn’t gotten the amount of money they were supposed to. They’d been cheated by almost half, solely because they’d mixed ones into a pile of tens. 

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what’s really got me fucked up is like, mcdonalds even said that the protesters didn’t break in… that they were apparently given the milk??? like??? when a multimillion dollar company built off the suffering of poor people (and also whole bunches of animals but let’s not even go there) is like “shit seems bad have this for free letting you suffer in these conditions would be inhumane” WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM

still obsessed with @calicovu‘s kid mari au I can’t stop drawing it he l p. how does one resist the dad noir hOW

also I imagine their micky d’s trip would go like so:

pls he just wants a happy meal
  • Junkrat: ya wanna shoot through maccas?
  • Lucio: what??? I don't want to shoot anything?????
  • Junkrat: nah mate, d'ya wanna just shoot through maccas real quick????
  • Lucio: ??????
  • Junkrat: it'll be my shout?
  • Lucio: ?????????????????