I’m gonna need Mickie James to win that title from Alexa Bliss. And I’m gonna need her to do what she’s always been so good at, and bring some liveliness to the division. And I’m gonna need WWE to respect that and let it play out how it should; with the veteran helping to elevate those around her and then leaving the place better than when she came back to it (which won’t be hard).

here’s your weekly reminder that mickie james is a 5x women’s champion, 1x divas’ champion, 3x knockouts’ champion, the only female triple crown champ (divas’, women’s, knockouts’), 2x PWI woman of the year (2009 and 2011), and the best female wrestler of 2009 as ranked by PWI. not to mention: she, trish, lita, and victoria are arguably the best wwe divas ever. she deserves so much more than being an afterthought in the women’s division.