micki schneider

You know, Micky is a Number One, ace performer. He can sing and perform as a member of a rock’n’roll group like no one else in the business. When the time comes that we can get him out from behind those drums, you’ll really see a guy. I think the only other performer today whose talents and abilities are comparable to Micky’s is MICK JAGGER of the ROLLING STONES. None of THE BEATLES can measure up to him, not even JOHN LENNON or PAUL McCARTNEY.
—  Bert Schneider on Micky Dolenz. Teen Life, February 1967

The Monkees with Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider in 1986 (top) and 1989 (bottom). Reportedly, the guys found out a lot of not-so-good things about Bob and Bert/things they did in the ‘60s between the time these pictures were taken. Interesting to see the change in their faces and body language as a result…

In today’s #SundayStories I talk about what gets me through one of the craziest weeks of the year, Fashion Week!

Surviving Fashion Week is like running a marathon. It’s long, it’s exhausting and sometimes you can’t see the finish line - but you’re doing it with a load of other people who are just as excited about the race as you are. One person I always have join me over fashion week is Veronica Chu, my makeup artist. She’s been doing my makeup for years and always makes me laugh, which is exactly what you need when you’re barely functioning on 5 hours sleep a night. In the picture above you can see her running after me like a maniac outside of DVF’s show a few seasons ago. Don’t ask me why this photo happened, I have no idea. (Coincidentally today is again DVF’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show where I’ll be reporting live backstage in just a few hours with Max Factor and Pat McGrath, so stay tuned!) In the weeks and days leading up to fashion week I also have my support team of agents like Micki at Wilhelmina Models and Lauren, Kylee and Emily my publicists who make sure my invitations from designers are confirmed and that the clothing I ask to wear makes it to me in time. My schedule is pretty crazy, but they do this for multiple clients which I cannot even imagine how they pull off. The final piece to the puzzle is my husband James who is the glue who keeps the entire team together and on schedule. He oversees it all: cars, shows, social media, food (Can’t forget food!). If I need to have a change of clothes for the next show he’s the one holding a massive Longchamp bag. He has a long running hashtag on his Instagram called #LifeInTheSecondRow, which is pretty hilarious if you check it out. It definitely takes a village to get a girl like me (especially 7 months pregnant) around fashion week and I’m so thankful to my #TeamCoco for all their support this season and every season. 💋💋💋