My stupid body makes it difficult to get out of an evening at times but I’m really hoping I can make it out tonight as there is a special evening of music and remembrance as a kind of memorial to my old friend Mick, who died earlier this year. The venue is not very far from me, which makes it more likely I will be able to attend for a while at least. It will also make it all the more poignant as,…

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We Partied On, Dude

Yay, I did manage to get out to MickFest last night, although I didn’t quite manage to last the entire evening. So I missed seeing some of my friends perform but I caught most of the music and saw so many lovely people. What a wonderful event. There was an awful lot of love and laughter as well as the music in the place, all inspired by memories of our dear departed friend. The only time it…

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