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Ooooh lol i didnt know about putting in characters.... Um.... Any otp of your liking? I'll read anything

1) Person A attempts to poison Person B over dinner.

So far, everything went well.

Minnie was certainly that day when Mickey popped right in front of her at work and asked her (quite nervous, she might add) if she was interested in dining that night at his house. They had eaten together before and countless times they spent it over at his house, but never did the two activities join.

But Minnie was excited and ready for this, so she eagerly accepted. She even began fantasizing once she went back home to prepare herself for the dinner, even the wild possibility of Mickey finally asking the big question wasn’t out of left field.

It’s silly, we haven’t discussed it yet…Yet guys always announce this in dinner…And, on the other hand, we’ve been together for ages…It was no use to ponder in these questions, though. She needed to have a cold head to think through that night.

Afterwards, everything went smoothly. She arrived five minutes early at the house, Mickey complimented her for a good half an hour, then they danced, and joked, and then came dinner.

He wasn’t such a bad cook, to her surprise! He managed to brew a sweet mushroom soup and afterwards gave her a soft tended chicken breast alongside mashed potatoes. For drink, they had wine to wash it all down. And for desert, he said they would have ice cream pie, which made her even more excited for the ending of that date.

-Why, Mickey, it’s delicious!- She congratulated the proud chef, who simply blushed and chuckled at her words. The soft creamy chocolate inside melted with the crunchy vanilla cookie edges, and they danced inside Minnie’s mouth, playing with her tongue.

-Now, Minnie, I’m…I just wanted to tell you something…To ask ya something…- He seemed nervous, for a moment, and he swallowed more wine to attempt to appear more collected.

Minnie felt a sour taste on the last crunch of the pie, and yet she kept eating. She swallowed, harshly, but the cookies in the last bite were so dry and hard to crunch, she needed a drink to wash it down.

And then it began.

It felt like fire was burning through her throat, and she felt her lungs screaming for air, as she tried to breath but couldn’t inhale. She fell from her chair to the floor, shaking. She wanted to cry, she wanted to get up, she needed water! What was Mickey doing?

It was getting more painful the more minutes it passed by. She felt as though a hand was reaching inside her and crushing her lungs, leaving them to shreds. She squealed, and that was painful as well…

The room started spinning, and she left dizzy alongside painful.

The last she heard before the blood poured out of her mouth was his rueful voice.

-My sweet one…I’ll be with you soon…

The logic of my OTPS.

Zelink: Their technically together cause they’re standing next to one another. Plus, those ‘subtle glances’ are so freakin’ longing stares into one another eyes it’s not even funny. He literally serves her in every life he has, you love what you serve. Nintendo’s snapping their fingers at us in the Z formation in Skyward sword all like, “EM-HMM. That’s love, PEOPLE.”.

Sonamy: She hasn’t died or tried to kill Sonic yet, right? Well then, he must be doing a pretty darn good job at keeping her safe and happy, am I right? Ambiguous, my butt, have you SEEN how loyal those two freakin’ are? They’ve gone on mini-dates together, it’s canon, don’t argue with me, take to the big man. -points to SEGA logo- They do this crap on purpose.

Whouffle: He slapped her butt, TWICE. Enough said. Wait, no, there’s more, they risked their lives for each other and he smiles and tries to hide it, there, now enough said. -folds arms and looks away-

MickeyxMinnie: The first ever canon’d ship. Disney knows there’s profit in love, and those two are seriously an old married couple, don’t even get me started on how many times she’s been with him in his movies and shorts, okay?

HamtaroxBijou: Who the heck has the AUDACITY to say these two aren’t in love? she blushes around him more than he finds sunflower seeds and his Hamham buddies…. PLUS THE FREAKIN GAMES MAN! They mention their love for each other ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME. they literally made a game that had them as partners TO SAVE LOVE!!! The last drop in the 'love meter’ WAS THEIR OWN. (Hamham heartbreak) THEY LITERALLY HAD A GAME DEDICATED TO SHOWING THEY LOVED EACH OTHER AT THE END OF IT!!!! CANON AS HECK!!

MarioxPeach: …..She’s always sending him mail, asking him to come over, technically. I bet you she’s one of those girls that breaks something and asks the plumber to fix it only to see him. She’s his pretty tough little princess and he’s devoted to her every whim. Wait, how is this not Link and Zelda? ….. I don’t really know…. 0-0;

There are more, but let’s just leave it at this, shall we? XD

Macey Mouse - Daughter of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lea Michele

Age: 18

Appearance: Macey has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She is average height and average build. She very formal in her clothing choices, and always looks put together.

Personality/Backstory: Macey is very outgoing just like her parents, but she takes after her father more. She is kind, just like Mickey, and goes out of her way to do the right thing, even if it means she has to sacrifice something for herself. Loyalty, another thing she has in common with her father, is a very important thing for her. She will stick up for her friends no matter what, and will often help out a stranger too.

Like her mother Macey tries to see the good in everyone, even when it doesn’t work out in the end. Something else she seems to have inherited from her mother is her brutal honesty.

She trusts in her values, and stands by them no matter what the consequences are. She is an amazing actress, and is hopeful that she will eventually make it into a professional career.


  • She is eccentric, and takes pride when people call her weird. She loves being different, and unique.