Social Media: The Outsiders


  • He prefers Twitter tbh.
  • Pony is always breaking the silence in the house and laughing out loud at the tweets he’s reading.
  • Soda and Steve are always running to him to see what the tweet was so they can laugh too.
  • He occasionally goes on snapchat, but when he does his story is always a picture of the sunset.


  • Soda is more of a tumblr kind of guy.
  • He’s secretly a nerd and he follows blogs that post memes and movies/tv shows he loves.
  • He spends most of his time on his phone.
  • He interacts a lot on tumblr so he gains a good amount of followers.


  • Steve also likes tumblr.
  • Sodapop and him are mutuals on it.
  • They’re always sending funny videos to each other.
  • Steve is the type of guy to find a meme on the internet and crack a joke about it in real life.
  • He always brings up memes and goes up to someone in the gang and he’s like “look that’s you”.


  • Uses too much emojis.
  • He texts Soda and Ponyboy when they’re looking at memes like.
  • “The only thing you need to be doing that ends with ing is cleaning not memeing”.
  • He sends Soda and Ponyboy supportive memes.
  • “You meme so much to me”.


  • This! Boy! Loves! Snapchat! And! Vine!
  • He’s always taking photos as a way to relax.
  • He’s always taking pictures of everyone and they’re amazing.
  • He’s always taking selfies with Ponyboy and Dally.
  • Ponyboy is always texting him.
  • The memes between these two oh my lord it’s too much even for me.
  • Johnny is always referencing to memes he saw on the internet in real life.
  • Whenever the gang is out Johnny is always making them laugh because of it.
  • Johnny is pretty popular on vine.
  • 4 of his vines have gone viral.
  • He’s always inviting others to be in his vines.


  • He’s probably the ultimate memester in the gang.
  • He loves going on all type of social media.
  • “Hey Two-Bit did you see the meme abo-”.
  • He already knows about it and cracks a smile.
  • The gang has a groupchat and Two-Bit is the one who makes most inside jokes.


  • He doesn’t use Twitter/Tumblr much.
  • Dally is more of a texter.
  • But he regularly texts Johnny
  • Sometimes he takes pictures of Ponyboy when he least expects it and he has the flash on.
  • So all you see is Ponyboy’s face as he gets hit with the brightness of Dally’s flash.

The Groupchat:

  • Two-Bit made the groupchat originally.
  • So when the boys couldn’t hang out all at once they could still communicate and have fun.
  • Two-Bit’s icon is a picture of himself in his Mickey Mouse shirt making the funniest face he can think of.
  • Darry has a nice picture of his kid brothers as his icon.
  • Sodapop’s icon is a kermit meme.
  • Steve’s icon is a picture of Ponyboy with “smartass” written above him.
  • Dally’s icon is one of said pictures of Ponyboy getting hit with the flash of his camera.
  • There’s so many inside jokes in the gang.
A Good Night

Summary: The night Ian and Mickey spent together before Terry caught them.

Word Count: 1147

Notes: I’m so sorry this request took so long!!

Throughout the whole Steven Seagal movie, Under Siege, Mickey and Ian were slowly scooting closer to each other and sharing glances. If it was up to Ian, he’d have been making out and fooling around with Mickey the whole time, but he could see the nervous energy radiating off of the Milkovich boy, so Ian handed the control over to him.

Ian didn’t necessarily watch the movie— he was too busy focusing on the boy sitting next to him. This was the first time that they’ve actually hung out; normally the only times they saw each other was at work, when they wanted to hook up and/or when they wanted to get drunk and high. This was actually nice, just sitting together, they both thought so.

Eventually after the movie was over, the both started getting into mindless conversations and silly arguments. Within the midst of it all, Mickey nearly ended up on Ian’s lap while the redheads arm was around him— and the unordinary thing was that it didn’t start as sexual, they were just so engaged in each other.

At some point though, Mickey realized their close proximity, and it caused his breath to hitch. He saw a grin creep onto Ian’s face, and suddenly he felt butterflies erupt in his stomach. Oh, no. Motherfucker, this wasn’t supposed to happen, Mickey nervously thought. In normal instances, he’d run or tell Ian to fuck off, but he felt bound to the goofy redhead— like he was meant to be there with him.

Ian noticed Mickey’s eyes scanning his face. “What? You just seein’ what I look like now?” He joked. He was currently on cloud nine; this type of shit with Mickey is relative to what he dreams about at night.

To Ian’s surprise though, Mickey shakes his head. “No, I look at you a lot,” he admits in a bashful tone that the other boy never thought he would hear. “Just don’t gotta worry about someone catching me checkin’ you out right now.”

Ian erupted into a fit of joyful giggles. “Can I kiss you?” He asks in a hopeful manner that makes Mickey’s heart melt.

Instead of saying yes or no, Mickey leaned forward and carefully connected their lips together. It wasn’t like their first kiss, this was different. Their first kiss was quick, but this was slow and soft, but it deepened as it went along. They were sharing more passion between their lips than either of them has ever felt, and they each wanted more.

The sweet kisses soon turned hot and heavy. They were tangling their tongues and biting at each other’s lips. Mickey straddled Ian’s hips as they made out, and Ian ran his hands down Mickey’s torso and around to his ass.

When they each separated for a breath, Mickey took a long pause. “I wanna try something new.”

Ian pulled himself to sit upward, but made sure that Mickey was still sitting in his lap. “What’s that?”

Mickey brought his lips to Ian’s cheek and planted tiny kisses towards his ear. As Ian tipped his head back in pleasure from this simple act, Mickey smirked. He then got close enough and whispered, “I wanna ride you.”

Ian instantly felt his dick grow harder in his pants. Rapidly, he nodded. “Shit, yes, Mick. Need that,” he practically whimpered.

As Ian reached to take his shirt off, Mickey put a hand out to stop him. “Let me do this work this time, alright?” When Ian nodded again, Mickey then reached to pull Ian’s shirt off of him.

The Milkovich boy kissed down Ian’s torso, leaving a few marks that he’d be proud of the next day. Once he got down to Ian’s jeans, he undid the belt buckle, and pulled the pants off of him, revealing Ian’s hard cock for himself to see.

Before climbing on top of Ian, the boys made out a little more, and Mickey gave Ian a fucking great ass hand job to make sure he was hard enough. When Ian panted that he need to be inside of Mickey, the dark haired boy slicked Ian’s dick full of lube.

Mickey then lined himself up with Ian’s dick, and sunk down onto it, almost immediately hitting the right spot in him. “Holy fucking shit,” Mickey said shakily as he rose himself up and down on the redheads cock.

“So fucking beautiful,” Ian croaked out as he watch Mickey bounce on his dick. He never thought this would happen, but he was beyond ecstatic about it. “Making me feel so good.”

Mickey let out a huffed breath. “Fuck,” there was so much pleasure in his voice.

Once Ian placed his hands on Mickey’s hips and started guiding him up and down, they both came fast. Ian filled Mickey up, and Mickey jizzed all over Ian’s stomach. It was strangely hot for both of them to see.

Mickey rolled off of Ian and went to the bathroom to get a towel so he could clean Ian off. They both silently put their boxers on and made their way into Mickey’s room so they could crawl into his bed. Though no words were exchanged for a while, they knew that the other was happy— it was such a good night.

Ian laid on the left side of the bed. He put his arm out and Mickey turned into his side, resting his head in the crook of Ian’s neck. They were so close to each other that Ian could feel Mickey’s rapid heart beat. He assumed that it was because they weren’t used to this type of stuff, so he’s just a little anxious— no matter what it was though, Ian ran his fingers up and down the side of Mickey’s arm in a soothing manner.

They cuddled for what felt like an eternity. Mickey shut his eyes in attempts to sleep, but Ian disturbed it by quietly calling out, “Mick?”

“Yeah?” Mickey asked by kept his head nestled under Ian’s chin. He was too peaceful and comfortable to move from that position.

Mickey felt in gulp. “I think I’m in love with you,” Ian said with a hint of fear in his voice.

At first Mickey didn’t know what to say or do. Like usual, he knew his first instinct would be to bolt, but he doesn’t want to— he doesn’t want to run anymore. “Yeah, me too,” he responds so quietly that it’s almost inaudible. He couldn’t say those three words yet; that was too big of a step after all he’s done today, but he needed to let Ian know somehow.

Ian nodded, as a way of letting Mickey knew he understood. The ginger kissed the top of Mickey’s head and then they fell asleep— in each other’s arms, hold each other tightly with faint grins on their faces. This is what love is like.

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Steve fluff? And two-bit fluff?


- when u guys started dating he would give you a ring or jewelry item like that to wear so everyone know you’re his


- ‘you know Y/n favorite color is-’

- he puts his DX shirt on you because he just loves how it looks and how after words it smells like you

- LoVes PlAyIng wItH YoUR HaIr

- always wants to be cuddling you, always at all times

- loves to be babied by you

- like do his hair, wipe his mouth after he eats cake, feed him the fucking cake he loves it


- after you shave your legs that boys hands never leave your leg

- surprise shower meetings

- he will just waltz right in there no questions asked


- pants???????what are those????

Two Bit

- you steal his Mickey Mouse shirts

- Sunday morning Mickey Mouse cartoons can NOT be interrupted

- make him different times of sweets and you will literally have him wrapped around your finger

- likes when you call him Kieth


- his hair is naturally pretty blonde but the grease makes it darker so your nickname for him is 'sunny’

- he too likes to cuddle your body a lot

'I have a little sister ya know.’

- y'all got matching Mickey and Minnie underwear

- and shirts

- …and tattoos

- likes to fall asleep to you singing even if your not the best singer, it soothes him

- 'sugarcakes’

- you don’t know where the name came from but it seems he has forgotten your actual name cause that’s all he calls you

- 'touch my girl and I’ll smash this bottle on your head so hard the shards of glass will be comin out your ass.’

- 'two he shook my hand.’

- 'I knew his intentions…i always know their intentions’

- glares in their direction



Created for: The Sims 4

Cute top for kids with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Hope you enjoy it!

Credits: Disney

Short URL: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1325499

ItemID: 1325499

  • Recolor or New: Recolor
  • Type: Tops
  • Recoloring Allowed: Yes - Uploaded on TSR only
  • Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

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Yey! Req is open!! What will SEVENTEEN DO, for their honeymoon? Thank you💕 i love your blog Admin Kimbab❣

S.Coups: Maui, Hawaii. Seungcheol would take you to a warm, relaxing honeymoon destination. He’d go adventuring with you; scuba-diving, going to luaus, zip-lining, parasailing. He’d want to experience the craziest things with you.

Jeonghan: Paris, France. Jeonghan would take you to the City of Love. He’d take you up to the Eiffel Tower, and you’d both share your first kiss as spouses at the very top. He’d take you to only the best restaurants and cafés in the city, and he’d film your adventure every chance he gets.

Joshua: Venice, Italy. Jisoo would of course take you to one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations. You’d both go for boat rides, go to the shopping districts, and take candid pictures of each other to capture precious, unforgettable moments.

Jun: Shenzhen, China. Junhui would want to take you to his hometown. He’d want to take you to all the best places, and share pieces of his childhood with you. This place means a lot to him, and to be able to return and experience it with the person who means the world to him is more than he could ever ask for.

Hoshi: Tokyo, Japan. Soonyoung would pick a city that’s always so active and energetic. You’d both eat all the street food, go shopping, and go sight-seeing. You’d visit every single part of Tokyo together, and he’d take as many pictures as possible so that he’d never forget these perfect moments spent with you.

Wonwoo: Harbour Islands, Bahamas. Wonwoo would take you somewhere relaxing that would wash away both of your worries. He’d take you for walks on the soft sandy beaches, lie under the clear blues skies with you, and enjoy every waking moment with you by his side.

Woozi: London, England. Jihoon would take you to every museum, gallery, palace; all the historic wonders London has to offer. He’d take you to the London Eye, and at the very top, while you’re looking down and admiring the view, he’d look at you and smile, excited to spend the rest of his life with you.

DK: Disney World, Florida. Seokmin would take you somewhere fun so that your days would be filled with nothing but smiles and laughs. You’d get matching Disney shirts and Mickey Mouse hats, and go around taking pictures, holding hands, and just making memories.

Mingyu: Santorini, Greece. Mingyu would take you here after hearing about the beautiful sunsets. On the first day of arrival, he’d take you to the highest spot, and watch the sunset while holding your hand tightly. You’d both go around the city and get lost together; your honeymoon would be filled with laughs and inside jokes.

The8: Hong Kong. Minghao would take you to the best shopping districts, and make you try only the best food Hong Kong has to offer. You’d both go exploring at night most of the time because of the beautiful city lights and the calmer atmosphere rather than busy daytime.

Seungkwan: Jeju Island, Korea. Seungkwan would take you to his hometown, hands down. He’d take you to all his favorite childhood places, and to all the best restaurants he knows. He’d take you to the most beautiful places, and take pictures of the two of you in front of a beautiful view. Your honeymoon would be filled with laughs, kisses, and unforgettable memories.

Vernon: New York City, New York. Hansol would want to take you to the city that never sleeps. He’d take you to Broadway shows, and take walks in Central Park with you. He’d want to explore every part of New York City with you by his side.

Dino: Disney Land, California. Chan would definitely want to take you somewhere fun that would spark childhood memories for the two of you. He’d want to go on every ride with you, sing to every Disney song that comes on, and be comfortable being his childish and playful self around the person he loves with all his heart. He’d take you to the place where dreams come true.

thank you for your request!! ^^

Vacation- Dylan Larkin

Originally posted by werenskiz

Ok so I was trying to figure out where to send Dylan and fam on bye week vacation and I figured out the PERFECT spot! So I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Warning: None

Anon request: Hi could I request a Dylan Larkin imagine where you both take your kids on vacation during the bye week and it’s super cute?! Thanks so much!!!!


              When Dylan suggested going on vacation, you were sure this was not what he had planned.

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A New Baby [a Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: i thought of this and omg i love joey

Check out my kids list: request, send blurbs in :)

As soon as you and Barry found out that you were, again, pregnant, you instantly wanted to tell your two sons. After waiting for a few weeks, you decided it’s time to spill the beans before you start showing. Joey hops on Barry’s lap, chewing a protein bar, while Tyler sits in the chair to the side of you, crystal blue eyes glued to his phone.

“Why we here?” Joey asks innocently, peering back at his daddy. His red Mickey Mouse Clubhouse t-shirt wrinkles around his tiny torso, rising up his stomach. Barry sighs, hands clutching his son’s waist to turn him on his lap.

You give him a look and he nods, scratching his chin, where light stubble is. “Um, well, boys- Ty, off the phone, come on.” he snaps, eyeing the fifteen year old, who groans, dropping it in his lap. Barry rolls his grassy green eyes, bringing his attention back to the toddler. “Well, okay, so, Joey, Ty, you know how mommy’s been getting bigger-”

“Mom’s pregnant, again. Yes, dad. I know. Can I go? I kinda get this. And, yes, I’m happy. I still have homework.” Tyler deadpans, blinking behind his glasses.

Sighing, you take his hand, thumb running across his knuckles. “Okay, sweetheart, you can go.” Tyler grins, kissing your cheek before heading upstairs, silver basketball shorts swaying at his knees. “But you better be doing homework and not texting Michael!” you call after him, receiving a grunt as a response.

Joey frowns, big dark blue eyes staring up at his daddy. He shifts, repositioning his legs at the older speedster’s hips. “What that mean, daddy?” he asks innocently, playing with Barry’s maroon flannel, protein bar already gone. “That a alien thing? You gonna fight aliens again?” he gapes, mouth hanging open.

“Um, no.” Barry laughs slightly, watching the three year old frown. “Mommy is pregnant, baby.” Joey squints, tilting his head. “Pregnant means… mommy and I…” he looks at you, clenching his teeth together. “Did something. Yeah, we did something, and there’s a…baby in mommy.” he explains, topping it off with a smile. “You’re gonna be a big brother soon, Joey.” he coos, tickling the toddler.

Except, he shies away, lower lip jutting out over his upper one, forming the perfect pout. “No daddy!” he shouts, making your eyes widen and heart break a little. “I don’t want a baby!” All Barry can do is frown, batting his long eyelashes as Joey climbs off his lap. “Stupid daddy!” he screams, stomping up the stairs; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pajama bottoms dragging behind him.

Biting his lip, Barry slumps his shoulders, gazing at you when he hears sniffles. “Hey,” he muses, wrapping his long arm around you, green eyes dull. “Babe, I’m sure he doesn’t mean that… he’s three. He’s probably confused right now.” he chides, dropping a kiss to your forehead. “I’m gonna talk to him.” he nods, speeding to the toddler’s room.

Barry knocks on the door. “Joey, open up. It’s daddy.” he grunts.

“Go away! Go be with the new baby!” Joey hisses, playing with his dinosaur figurines.

“You know… You made mommy cry.” the older speedster hums, pressing his ear to the door. Silence. “She’s very upset; thinks you don’t love her anymore. I know that’s not true… You love mommy and I don’t you?” he prompts, getting a faint ‘yes’. “We love you and Ty and soon the new baby. Just because there’ll be another baby, doesn’t mean we’ll forget you. There’s gonna be a lot more love. That’s all.” he says softly, squinting as he tilts his head.

Joey opens the door, wrapping his arms around Barry’s legs. “I’m sorry daddy. You not stupid.”

Barry bends, picking him up. “Let’s go talk to mommy. She was very upset.”