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Summary: After Ian and Mickey get in a fight, Lip finds out and gets Mickey to make up for it.

Word Count: 2196

Notes: Sorry again about not being able finish this request for you guys yesterday!

Ian was steaming. Anger was radiating from his body. As usual, in Ian’s opinion, Mickey was acting like their relationship was nothing to him, absolutely nothing, so the redhead was beyond pissed. “You know what, fuck you, Mickey. Fuck you for always getting my hopes up, and making me think that you actually might love me, and then fucking ruining it all. Fuck you.” He shook his head.

“No, fuck you. You don’t know shit, Gallagher!” Mick shouted. On the inside, he wanted to scream and tell Ian how much he really meant to him, how this relationship is all that was keeping him going, but he couldn’t. He had to stay distant— or so he thought. One the outside, he was fuming from the ears. With every word the tall boy said, Mickey wanted to shout. As Ian turned away, Mickey said, “Fucking asshole,” under his breath.

Ian turned back around. “You’re actually calling me an asshole right now? I cannot fucking believe you.” He sarcastically snorted. “At least I’m not a pussy,” Ian spat.

Those words caught Mickey’s attention more than any other thing that had been said to him that whole day. Hateful slurs can kill a person, but no one can take Mickey Milkovich down. “Shut the fuck up, Ian,” he said coldly.

“What? You wanna hit me or something?” Ian laughed. He started to turn to walk out, but he refused to stay silent. “Fucking pussy—”

He was cut off by a punch. Mickey immediately backed up with guilt. Ian’s jaw dropped a bit in shock. He knows he asked for it, but he wasn’t actually expecting Mickey to do it. Ian watched as tears prickled behind his lover’s eyes, but instead of doing anything, whether it be punching back or just simple talking, he got up and left.

Once Ian got out of the abandoned building, he ran. He sped home as fast as he could. His chest was burning, but he couldn’t tell if it was from the fury that he was feeling or the running that he was doing. Breathlessness took over as he approach his home.

Ian stormed into the house. He didn’t realize that there were tears welling in his eyes, but he still made sure not to look at anyone. While panting, the redhead pounded up the steps and completely disregarded his family.

As they heard the door to the bedroom slam, the rest of the Gallagher clan shared a confused look. Fiona then motioned for Lip to go upstairs and check on Ian, so he obliged.

When Lip got to the bedroom, he found his brother curled up on top of his bed, tightly clutching a pillow. His whole body was tense. Lip knew something bad must’ve happened for Ian to be in this state.

The older Gallagher boy slowly walked over to his distressed brother. “Ian,” he nudged him. There was no response though. Instead, Ian pushed his face further into the covers. “Ian, c’mon. I’m not fucking leaving til you tell me what’s up. Fi was on my ass about it,” he joked.

Quickly, Ian turned around. There was a scowl on his face. “Just get the fuck out, Lip,” he said coldly.

Seeing the black and blue that laid on Ian’s face made Lip’s eyes widen. There was nothing he hated more than knowing that his brother got into a fight and he wasn’t there to stick up for him. “Who the fuck did that?”

“No one. Fuck off!” Ian threw a pillow. He was clearly disturbed, and Lip was way too stubborn to not find out what happened.

“No. Tell me what happened. You know I’m not fucking leaving til you talk,” he went and reached for a smoke. Just as he lit it and placed it between his lips, Ian scooted over and gave him a place to sit on the bed.

The redhead looked down. “Just got in a stupid fight.” He then took the cigarette from his brothers lips.

As Lip started to think about the possible people who could hit Ian, he started to worry. “Shit,” he said. “You were with Mickey at work. Did he see it happen?” He tried to ask nonchalantly. The way Ian looked even further away and started to tap his foot is what gave it away. “That fucking asshole,” Lip stood and headed for the door.

“Wait! Don’t!” Ian shouted out for him. “He wants to be with me. You can’t fake that.”

“Someone who takes fucking pleasure in beating the shit out of you wants to be with you?” Lip snorted rudely. “Could’ve fooled me.”

Ian shook his head. “I’m done with him, alright?”

Lip rolled his eyes. He knew damn well that Ian would crawl right back to Mickey fucking Milkovich, so something needed to be done. He then stormed out of the room, leaving Ian in distress. When the rest of the Gallaghers asked Lip what was wrong with Ian, he ignored them and stormed out of the house.

* * *

Mickey was laying in his bed with a blunt between his lips. There were empty beer cans surrounding him, and a bottle of vodka in his hand. No matter how high or drunk he tried to get, he couldn’t get Ian fucking Gallagher out of his head.

Just as he started to exhale some smoke, an angry looking Gallagher busted into his room. To his demise, it wasn’t Ian, it was Lip. Naturally. Mickey raised his eyebrow. “Fuck do you want?”

“You messed with Ian,” Lip spat. “Stop fucking with him, Mickey,” he said in a knowing tone. Mickey knew that he should be angry about it, but he didn’t have the energy to at the moment. Plus, he figured Lip had known the whole time so it was whatever.

Mickey didn’t respond. He just shut his eyes and took another swig of the vodka.

Lip dryly chuckled. “Y’know he thinks you want to be with him.” He shook his head. “Said he’s done though, and he better be fucking done.”

There was a hitch in Mickey’s breath that Lip unmistakably heard. It looked like he wanted to speak but he couldn’t. He shut his eyes tighter and continued to listen.

“Now I don’t want my brother sulking around for a week, so you’re either going to fix this or leave it with a simple fucking apology. You’re doing something about it though.”

Mickey chugged down the rest of his vodka and stood up. “Let’s fucking go then.” He walked out the door.

For a moment, Lip froze because he thought it would definitely be a lot harder to convince Mickey to do anything. What the fuck? He was highly confused, but he figured he’d just go along with it.

As the two boys walked down the street to the Gallagher home, Lip kept shooting hateful and wondering looks at him. They way Mickey did say anything was definitely weirding him out.

Lip unlocked the front door and the two of them walked in. With no hesitation, Mickey walked up the steps, not even glancing at the other Gallaghers.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Fiona asked. She seemed a bit appalled to have him in their house.

The eldest brother stroked his chin as he made up a response. “Y’know how he and Ian work together?” Everyone nodded. “They just needed to work some shit out.” He wanted to tell them the full truth, but it wasn’t his secret to tell.

* * *

When Mickey got into Ian’s bedroom, he found his secret love with red rimmed eyes and a cigarette between his lips. He couldn’t see that black and blue mark that he had given him from the way Ian’s head was turned, but the thought of it made him frown. “What the fuck do you want, Mick.”

Mickey cleared his throat. He couldn’t let his voice crack, it shows too much weakness. “Lip stopped over at my house.”

“Figured,” Ian said as he exhaled his smoke. There  was no emotion in his voice, but Mickey saw it in the way he was clenching his hand together.

After taking a deep breath, Mickey took one single step closer. “I’m sorry.”

Ian snorted and stood up. “I don’t want to fucking hear it. I’m done,” he put his cigarette in the ashtray and walked out of the room to the downstairs.

As he ran his hand over his face, anxiety was creeping through Mickey’s body. Motherfucker. He knew he couldn’t afford to lose Ian if there was a chance that the redhead still cared. Honestly it was probably in Ian’s best interest to leave, but Mickey realized it was time to put up a fight. If a simple apology wasn’t going to do the job, he’d have to make it more public.

Nervously, Mickey followed Ian down the stairs. Everyone was crowding into the kitchen to talk to Ian, but he didn’t seem to notice them. “Ian—” Fiona started but as Lip noticed Mickey he shook his head at the older sister to tell him to shut up.

Suddenly Mickey didn’t care about everyone else in the room. All he cared about was that goofy redhead that he was in love with. “Gallagher, will you fucking listen to me?”

Ian snorted. “Yeah, like you have anything to say. Fuck off, Mickey.” He took out a beer. Carl tensed as he heard Ian speak to Mickey in that manner— normally that’s a fucking death wish when talking to a Milkovich.

“No.” Mickey stepped closer and cornered Ian. “I’m fucking sorry for being an ass all the time. I’m fucking sorry that I can’t be the guy you deserve to be with. I am the way I am because I don’t want you getting hung up on me—”

“You think you’re this worthless piece of shit who can only bring bad into my life!” Ian threw his arms up in anger. “You don’t get to fucking tell me who I should or shouldn’t be with.”

“I do it because I love you!” Mickey shouted for the first time. Ian’s face was completely shocked. “I love you and I don’t want to drag you down. I’m a fucking Milkovich— what good are we?” His voice held a lot of sincerity, but it was starting to shake.

Ian took a gulp of air. “You said you love me,” he raised his eyebrow. It was hard for him to believe that he heard it.

“I love you,” Mickey repeated. He was still scared, but he was proud of himself for admitting how he feels.

Ian started nodding rapidly. He grabbed Mickey cheeks. “I love you too,” he said with relief. “But I wouldn’t want to fucking be with you if I didn’t think you were good for me, okay? So cut the shit.”

Mickey let out a little chuckle. “O-okay,” he said. They didn’t know who initiated it, but their lips were suddenly connected. It was a passionate kiss.

The whole Gallagher clan was left in complete shock— even Lip who knew of their secret relationship. It was more than a surprise to see these two boys together because one, who the fuck would think Mickey Milkovich is gay, and two, what the fuck does Ian see in him? “What the hell?” Debbie said, cutting the boys off from their moment.

Ian separated from Mickey and looked at him with apologetic eyes. He knew very well that this whole ordeal was enough to scare the Milkovich boy shitless. Mickey nodded and slowly turned to the family. His eyes immediately caught Lip’s, and to Mickey’s surprise, he didn’t give him a disapproving look, instead he nodded.

“Are you two together?” Fiona asked in amazement.

“The fuck’s it look like,” Mickey spat. It caused Ian to grin.

“Wow,” Carl said. He surprisingly seemed to be happy about this new information that was just laid on him.

The eldest Gallagher sibling shook her head. “Wait. Wha— How long?” Fiona put her hands on her hips and eyed both boys. She was disappointed that she wasn’t told about this.

What Ian says next is nearly enough to make one of them fall off a chair. “Two and a half years,” he admits. Knowing that Fiona would be furious, he avoided eye contact.

“Why wouldn’t you fucking tell any of us, Ian—”

“He told me,” Lip interjected. Fiona shot his an angry gaze though so he shut up.

Ian turned from his family to look at Mickey. When he noticed the tension in the other boy’s shoulder, he put a hand on the small of Mickey’s back. “Listen, Fi,” he turned back to his sister. “You know now, alright? Can we just explain it all some other time?” He asked in attempts to calm Mickey.

Fiona’s jaw dropped open for a second as if she was going to oppose, but then she backed up. “Yeah, yeah. I guess,” she said.

Ian grabbed Mickey’s hand and then the boys walked back up the stairs. The rest of the Gallaghers were left in silence and a bit of confusion. Debbie giggled a little then. “Well I was not expecting that.”