This Day in Disney History

February 11, 2011:  Mickey’s Toontown Fair officially closes at the end of the day.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair was a country themed fairground/town complete with colorful tents and circus theme, as well as Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm including the Barnstormer, a family friendly roller coaster, and Mickey and Minnie’s houses. You could also meet the Big Cheese himself after touring his house.

This area was needed for the Fantasyland expansion and now only the Barnstormer still stands although with a new theme. Additionally, they moved and expanded the Dumbo attraction into the area formerly occupied by Mickey’s Toontown Fair. You can also meet a rotation of characters in the area.

I always thought Mickey’s Toontown Fair was a fun area, and I loved being able to explore Mickey and Minnie’s houses. The houses were a good way to incorporate a line to see the characters into something fun, and many of the items in Minnie’s house were interactive, and there were lots of opportunities to take photos in their houses with some decidedly mouse-like home decor!


I want to get a CD with this and play it in my car, just so I can see people react to me listening to ToonTown radio