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Do you love searching for hidden Mickeys in the parks? Here is one you don’t find it many of the guidebooks! Mickey’s Forest, the largest hidden Mickey in the world, is a huge expanse of trees planted in the shape of Mickey’s head. It turns out this gigantic Mickey is located in my county, a few miles northwest of the Magic Kingdom. It is located east of Hwy 27.

In the late eighties, Walt Disney World purchased some land northwest of the Magic Kingdom. This land had previously been occupied by citrus groves, but was basically destroyed by cold snaps in the 80s. Until 1992, the land was used for nothing and really had no purpose. Reforestation was the name of the game when they made the decision to plant over 50,000 trees on over 50 acres in the shape of a gigantic Mickey head. The head and left ear were planted over a period of five weeks, while volunteers had an opportunity to leave their mark by planting the right ear. Over 300 volunteers met at Pleasure Island at 9:00 AM on Februrary 27th and arrived back at around 11:30 AM. Talk about some quick planting! There were lots of Disney characters along to help with the planting dressed in appropriate attire.

Mickey’s forest is on private property, so if you do choose to go looking for it, make sure not to cross into the fenced area. There really is not much to see from the ground anyway, but 20 years later, the trees are pretty massive. Flying on a westbound flight out of Orlando, you may be able to see Mickey’s Forest from the far right window seat of the plane.

Photo credit: attractionsmagazine.com