Bipolar doesn’t excuse you from being an ass. You do something shitty while manic, you still have to apologize. You don’t get to just pretend it didn’t happen because your mind wasn’t in the right place, and that’s my main problem with Ian.

It’s not even (really) what he does that I’m so pissed off about, because I know. Once while I was manic my best friend basically told me to get my shit together and I told her to “stay the fuck out of my life” and posted this long rant publicly on facebook dragging her boyfriend and her relationship. I know. But after I came down from it I felt so bad and I apologized. You should feel bad after you hurt the people you love, mood disorder or not.

It’s not that he fucks up. It’s that he NEVER seems apologetic for it even after his manic episode. He never seems to even think “oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” I really need to see some growth from him this season, especially since they’re bringing Mickey back. Mostly I’m just done with Ian’s shit. I’d like to see Mickey done with Ian’s shit, at least until Ian sincerely apologizes and actually changes.



Sigh. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Though I think it was not surprising seeing that others sensed that it’s not finalized until a week towards that schedule.

Heck, Gravity Falls had that reruns placeholders and now they’re replaced by the finalized schedule as well.

Wander slots are now replaced by more Phineas and Ferb reruns, one or two Gravity Falls reruns, and reruns of previous new episodes of Futureworm, Milo Murphy’s Law, Right Now Kapow, Lab Rats Elite Force, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, and Walk the Prank. These are the new line-ups of reruns after Monday Disney XD will stick to (and has always been since August in the mornings, now in the evening since kids are back to school). So Wander is not likely to pop up in the rerun schedule for a long while.

I guess Disney-ABC Television Group ordered Disney XD to focus more on the new shows and older previously high rated shows than promoting the lesser successful rated shows (including Wander, 7D, Randy Cunningham, and Penn Zero despite planned to air all of Season 2 this Fall). And it’s business that they’re restructuring the promotion planning and fundings on newer shows and high rated shows to keep the channel up float and choose which highly rated show can premiere on Disney XD on Disney Channel block.

Though what if Disney knew about the campaign and decided to really ignore it by yanking the show off the air for real? Maybe they thought that we as adults aren’t the right audience to cater to since their mindset is to market the show and their other shows as always towards kids 2-11; 6-11 and boys same range that we’re radically not part of the financial ratings trend. 

Then again, Disney has occasionally embraced the adult fandoms of Gravity Falls and Star Vs. the Forces of Evil IF the ratings in the kids demo and social media trends as visible to Disney’s eyes meet the profitable demands relative to the budget and engagement by kids. Wander never had that despite the buzz in S2 except for the okay ratings and really good reruns ratings.

See, we’ve made all our progress work some way, and got Disney’s attention. The monthly trends have been doing good and will grow stronger each month. But I think Disney would really appreciate the demands more if their targeted audience (kids and parents) would join in the fun and expressing their thoughts about the cancellation whether they noticed or not. They’re the ones who dictate in the age group ratings on whether the show gets cancelled or renewed for years to come in the end.

I mean, look at how Gravity Falls is beloved below:

(Photo taken by Alex Hirsch)

This show here (which I do love, don’t get me wrong) made a huge impact with viewers and fans for its mysteries, serialized elements, smart writing, humorous characters, and huge praises by social media of how it’s very unique from other shows that it’s worth a buy to watch it on Disney XD, a channel that is niche and limited from viewers in cable plans.

Gravity Falls wasn’t just successful because of its big fandom, not just because of how amazing the stories are (which they are in quality), not just because of how much the creator is engaged in the show’s activities with the fans (SDCC and others). It is successful because the Ratings were off the roofs in the kids demographic (1 million views in average on Disney XD), social media buzz were so visible to Disney, the merch. being made possible by huge ratings sold pretty good, and the Journal 3 sold out like crazy with many fans kids and adults lining up to get a signature from Alex Hirsch

These reasons are enough to let Disney consider Gravity Falls as one of their most successful animated shows amongst Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, the Disney Afternoon shows, their 2000s live-action sitcoms, animated shows despite ending after 65 episodes in the 2000s, and recently, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil (its S1 run did rather well which granted it a S3).

Wander Over Yonder has the same qualities as GF and Star Vs. in fandoms (despite not as big), its funny and cartoony stories, fun musical numbers, and the crew’s engagement with the fans in social media sites (plus SDCC). But what it lacked are: the big ratings, social media buzz outside of Tumblr, and revenues to make merch. possible. Therefore, despite still liking the show Disney never considered Wander as one of the most successful, as they feel that not a lot of kids are engaged money wise. No big word of mouth in many mainstream media entertainment sources. Just a decent run of revenue to last after 2 Seasons to then move on to find new shows or request Craig McCracken to make a new show that will fit the Disney XD brands of funny shows and sometimes serialized ones (after Gravity Falls’s impact). And the same thing can be said for The 7D, Randy Cunningham, and Penn Zero. As well as most of the future Disney XD shows made cheap or high quality whether ratings are good enough to expand past 2 Seasons.

Look, I know that part sounds like it’s now impossible as Disney’s handling with animated shows are very different than Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network when it comes to thinking about reviving shows that fans wanted to bring back. Disney is mostly on short-term runs for their shows with one exception of keeping 1 or 2 for more seasons if ratings are off the roof.

But we still remember how Kim Possible got one more season by popular demand. It was just sheer luck on that show to make it possible.

See, this is a big challenge and a set of periods of frustrations and doubts we’re likely gonna go through. We’re not giving up hope. Even if this would take at least a decade towards nostalgia peak (like Hey Arnold and Samurai Jack) so long as some of the old crew, Craig, and the Voice Actors are still alive and around in the animation business. We’d be lucky if we ever did succeed within a few years or months based on how strong our #SaveWOY campaign is doing.

But we’re dealing with a big corporation functioning in statistics, money, and marketable approach in how successful their brands are. Animated Movies have been on the roll. But TV animation is a challenge to maintain their line-ups while funding new show ideas.

Our only hope for Wander Over Yonder no matter what the future hold, is that as time goes by, both financially and appealing wise, with more kids and parents engaging in the fun as much as us older fans, the show and the crew get the respect and admiration for what it is and how cool and exciting it would be to revisit the silly galaxy for one more go in Season 3 with a very promising arc for Wander dealing with a threat worse than Lord Dominator, seeing Lord Hater’s backstory, and many more cartoony antics and musical numbers to see.

Disney does appreciate our wishes and admiration on Wander from us, but if kids and parents join in and express their thoughts on how good the show really is and buy more of any Wander related products (episodes, and the Personalization Shop), then Disney might listen and realize that this show could be a bit more marketable now than in the past.

Prove Disney that you, the kids, the parents, and casual folks who understands others’ interests in the show, wanted to see more Wander content (the show and more merch) money wise and quality wise with much excitement. And allow Craig McCracken back on board with some key players that made the show great in the past to finally finish the Main 4′s story arcs they’ve been wanting to tell.

Reminder of what Season 3′s arc could’ve been as hinted by Story Editor, Frank Angones




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