mickey worthington

“Good night, there! Please try to sleep long enough for me to finish supper!”

“So are y'all gonna open the club tonight?”
“Oh, heck, no! Probably not for a few nights here. We need to get it open again as soon as we can, but the boys take precedence and it’ll take awhile to work out how to juggle them and the businesses.”
“Speaking of -”

“No, y'all go ahead and finish, I’ve got this. Time they met Aunt Zoe.”

“We’ll almost need an oil strike to get everything they both need.”
“We can’t profit from an oil strike. We don’t own any land except what the businesses are built on. And the geological survey for the highway would’ve revealed any mineral resources that had.”
“I’m not talking literally!”

oresha hoh var boys.

Guy Wrightly is torn between wanting to enjoy his time at LFT, and his desire to see the Fraternity succeed and live up to his grandfather’s name. He hopes to be a successful business owner in the future and so is studying Business Management.

Mickey Dosser, Guy’s best friend, lives up to his name. He just wants to have fun. Still, the threat of getting kicked out and spending a semester on academic probation has made sure that at least he’ll do the bare minimum to stay in. After all, he wouldn’t want his party years cut short. He’s a Drama major.

Matthew Hart is exceedingly dull is chasing a dream of perfection. Accepted into college - check! Joined the best (ahem only) fraternity on campus - check! Stunning sorority-girl girlfriend - check! Graduating with honors… still in the works. He’s not really sure what he wants to do job-wise once he graduates, but he can’t wait to settle down with Sarah and start a family… and maybe one day see his own sons pledge OHV.

Frances J Worthington III is here because he heard that Fraternity connections set one up for business connections in the future. So far, given the calibre of his brothers, he doubts that will be the case. But now he’s here, he might as well attempt to do what he can to raise that calibre and increase OHV’s reputation.

Johnny Smith is also a brother, but doesn’t live in the house here.

Mickey, realizing that everybody’ll expect him to go apeshit over Fran IV and Rea like they are, decides that sparing the new parents some work is the most effective way to avoid having to coo over the little wigglers. He’s never had anything to do with babies and isn’t about to start now.

“Fran! I was fixing to nurse him.”

“That’s right, sweetie, suck it down for Auntie Faith. Oh, you’re such a darling! I never had a little baby of my own, you know, so you and your brother can expect some high-level spoiling while you live here.”

“You sure that formula’s as good as breastmilk?”
“Nothing else is, dear, but you’re not a cow and need a little help. When my cousin Coral couldn’t breastfeed her adopted daughter, this is what she used and Mary Sue never seemed to suffer.”

“That’s right, that’s a good burp!”
“Holey cheese, it’s almost lunch time and we haven’t had breakfast yet! I’m on it, Miz Goodie, you carry on.”

“I guess they’re too little for a party.”
“I would think so; and take care you don’t overdo things and pass out. You’ve done a lot of work this morning and when it catches up to you it may hit you hard.”