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Decided to draw the trio! opo In my Design/AU of them! >w< Bendy'smasklookslikeapieceofbreadhngggg—

Hope you like it~!

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Characters do not belong to me, they belong to their owners. The designs DO belong to me.

shameless au

Lip: have you ever thought, Mick, that just maybe Ian can’t love you like you love him?
Mickey: the fuck does that mean?
Lip: I mean, Monica couldn’t love Frank. Couldn’t take care of us. She wasn’t wired right.
Mickey: so maybe Ian’s gotta couple wires crossed, don’t mean he can’t love me. Don’t mean he can’t fight it, I can’t be there to fight it with him. I swear to god, Gallagher.
//Mickey pins Lip against the wall//
Lip: man, don’t get mad at me. I’m trying to help you out, okay? //Lip puts his hands up, falling way to Mickey. Showing he doesn’t want a fight. Mickey turns, punching the wall next to Ian’s bed//
Mickey: I love him, man. I love everything about the fucker. He’s crazy as hell and I know I’ve probably fueled his crazy instead of fix it, but I just want to make sure he’s okay. Protect him. Give him everything the world has to offer.

Yes I want fame and money but not for the reason you think

It’s not the attention, or the fine wines that I would down, or the most expensive scotch

It’s so I can go to disney world whenever I want

That’s genuinely my reasoning behind wanting fame and it has been since I was like 3 and it will be until I get there

Like Justin Bieber could wake up tomorrow and be like ‘’Fuck it, Disney World’’ Get a random flight there last minute, buy shitloads of fast passes and go on whatever ride he wants

I want to have that power cause there’s nothin fuckin better in this world than Disney World and Universal Studios

So there, my motives are now abhorrently clear, I fucking hate music, I fucking love Disney

Florida Holidays ftw

(Jokes I love music it’s boss, but yes, Disney World is genuinely a key motive in becoming famous)

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Soulmate AU: Michemil/Milasara edition

Couldn’t stop thinking about this post which basically is a Soulmate au with the concept that everyone have clocks counting down to when they meet their soulmates. I couldn’t stop imagining one of my fav pairings in the same setting which just led to this: 

Right before preparing for a national competition Sara suddenly comes barging into Michele’s room exclaiming about the fact that her soulmate clock had mysteriously sped up. Michele is genuinely upset about this until he realizes that even his clock had sped up too. Which just makes him even more distressed since he’s very content with just being with his sister. Fast forward to when they arrive at where the national competition is held (this is obviously way before yuri on ice takes place). They arrive at their hotel and as they are waiting for the elevator to descend Sara suddenly notices that only seconds remains on both of their clocks. The elevator doors flies open just as they clocks reach zero and in the elevator they are greeted by a redheaded Russian girl and Czech guy with light brown hair staring fervently at their clocks that read also reads zero.

Now the question is who’s whose soulmate? I mean it’s fairly obvious with the ship names right up there but this would definitely make for some great angst fic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I wanted to change my tumblr background from the Smash DLC one to something more reflective of my general interests as a whole, so I ended up making this. I was planning on introducing it alongside something interesting, but alas that never came to fruition and I ended up holding onto it and not using it for year. I still like it and I’m going to use it, but I feel like with everything I’ve learned over the past year I could make something even better as my background. Alas, such is the tragedy of holding back finished products for arbitrary reasoning. I hope you guys enjoy it regardless.

Oh yeah, and happy 26th anniversary to the leader of the pack! I can’t wait for Mania and Forces!

What most people think a Disney game should be like:

No they don’t. All those movies were better without you.)

What a Disney game should actually be like: