mickey tattoos

Yoi characters tattoos
  • Yuuri: Something small that holds a lot of meaning for him
  • Victor: Something beautiful. A piece of art on the canvas of his skin
  • Yurio: A really cool Tiger. Fuck yeah
  • Chris: Idk, it's probably on his ass tho
  • Phichit: Small minimalist tattoo on his wrist.
  • Leo: inspirational music lyrics
  • Guang Hong: Either something God Father related or flowers. Probably both
  • Otabek: large shoulder tattoo. Beautiful design incorporating things he's passionate about in a unique way that allows them to flow together well.
  • Georgi: Roses. He's a romantic
  • Mickey: Something relating to family. Like a family crest or symbol, or just something that reminds him of family

season 6 aka The Demonization of Mickey

- pathetic tattoo making him look obsessive and clingy

- “my ex boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker. his idea of a conversation was to insult me a bunch then punch me right before we banged" "victim of domestic abuse?”

- “the only wedding i’ve ever been to was when my closeted boyfriend married this pregnant hooker he was forced to fuck at gunpoint (laughs)”

- “guy i’m dating’s a fireman” “upgrade from my brother”

- “i miss mickey but this new guy’s nice” ?????