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Trying Something New

A/N: Hey guys! I haven’t uploaded an imagine in a while but tbh I’m so fucking busy it’s driving me mad.

Warnings: smut, kinda (male masturbation, Stiles has an overly active imagination 😉), mentions of blood if that kinda stuff creeps you out (not anything major)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Words: 1500 ish


By the time Stiles finally drags himself back to his dorm, the sun is slowly rising and his hair is starting to stink with drying slime from the Kanima (most likely) blood that he’s had the unfortunate displeasure of coming across.

Honestly, he thought that when he went to collage he would finally be away from it all, finally be safe. God knows that he’s put his dad through enough stress with all the shit he and Scott pulled.

The guilt gnaws at his insides at night.

It seems like all this shit just keeps following him around. Not that he’s complaining or anything, but it’d be nice if the monsters were a bit more considerate of Stiles’ upcoming exams.

So, all things considered, seeing his roommate, (Y/N), up at the ungodly hour of fuck-that-o'clock making pancakes naked in the kitchen is probably number 12 on the list of Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week. (Y/N)’s got her back to him and in the low light of morning, he can only just make out her soft curves and smooth skin.

“Um,” he says, sounding a like a fucking moron who can’t pull four words together to ask *‘what are you doing?’* Luckily for him, his roommate turns around and saves him the trouble.

And suddenly, this entire thing goes up a few spots on the Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week list because (Y/N)’s not naked. She’s got a scarf wrapped around her neck that only just covers her chest bits and a - ridiculously tiny, *oh good lord* - pair of black panties on that makes her ass look absolutely. In a second he realizes that the scarf is the one he asked his dad to send over last month.

And oh, *oh* doesn’t that just make whatever blood Stiles still has in his head go south. Because it’s *(Y/N)* and she’s got his scarf sitting atop her bare chest, the only thing shielding his eyes from the glorious view of her naked body.

He feels weirdly possessive.

Stiles very pointedly shoves those thoughts down along with any other inappropriate images that his mind tries to conjure up. It’s a failed attempt.

“Are those pancakes?” He eventually finds the mental capacity to ask, because now that his upstairs brain’s caught up with the situation, this doesn’t seem that odd compared to all the shit (Y/N)’s pulled in the past. The girl in question nods as Stiles continues to stand in the middle of the kitchen instead of getting the fuck out of there.

“They’re shaped like Mickey Mouseâ„¢,” She informs him and Stiles tries not to be jealous when she flips a pancake and it lands back in the pan, and not on the ceiling. “You want?”

“Pass.” He says, knowing full well that the Kanima blood was drying and if she noticed he’d have some explaining to do. He pointedly tells himself that he’s not running away to hide the tent that he’s now sporting in his jeans. “What are your wearing?” And then something else occurs to him. “Did you just say ‘™’?”

(Y/N) shrugs. “It’s laundry day.” She says lightly, her full attention turned to the pancakes now. “Gotta get it all done. Hope you don’t mind. I stole your scarf.”

Her saying it so casually makes Stiles fell scarily possessive, and his brain is already thinking of the best way to get out of this situation right now. “Keep it.” He says, and clears his throat because his voice is suddenly deep and raspy. “It looks better on you.”

(Y/N) looks at him, as if she knows all the filthy little thoughts running through his head, before putting the pan on a cold plate and walking over to him. It takes a great deal of effort for Stiles to maintain eye contact.

“Really?” She quirks a brow. Now, she’s standing right in front of him, so close that he can see the gorgeous tint of her eyes, can smell the remnants of perfume and vanilla extract on her skin. Stiles gulps. “Honestly Stiles. You put your dad through all the trouble of sending it over only to give it to your roommate so carelessly?”

He should look away. He wants to, because he knows (Y/N), knows that she doesn’t do relationships and loves to play games and, if her screams at night are anything to go by, loves to fuck hard and wild until she can’t walk properly the next day. He should walk the fuck away because he knows that if he does, (Y/N) won’t try it again.

But right now, all he wants to do is fuck her senseless, preferably tied to the bed with that damned scarf.

“Umm,” is what he stupidly replies with instead. (Y/N) raises a brow, but Stiles can’t worry about that because she’s got *hands* and suddenly those hands are being placed delicately on Stiles’ shoulders so that her thumb grazes gently over the dip of his collar bone.

He stares at her for a moment, and Stiles quickly realized he could do it forever. She’s so beautiful, she doesn’t even know it. The set of her bright eyes, the smell of her body, that shade of her skin that Stiles could spend years looking for but never actually match, the way her nose fits perfectly onto her face, the arch of her brows and swell of her lips; it drives him mad.

But then those gorgeous eyes are filling with surprise and she’s laughing slightly when she asks him: “Why is your shirt wet?” Suddenly, Stiles is reminded of the reason he’d come back late in the first place, of the blood and gore and *danger* that seems to come along with his life, and he can’t help this primal instinct within him that begs Stiles to *protect* and *fortify* and he knows it. Stiles knows he just can’t.

Even if it was just for one night, he can’t drag her into the hell hole that is his life.

“I need a shower.” He says and pulls away and it takes everything inside of him to ignore the hurt look on her face as he does.

He practically runs to the bathroom, not even bothering to strip down before he stands under the harsh spray. The water’s freezing cold and it turns his face red, but Stiles knows that blood washes off better this way (he also acknowledges that it’s a fucked up thing to know) and honestly, he needs it.

It takes a full five minutes under the freezing spray before Stiles actually strips down. He piles his dirty clothes in the corner and knows that those jeans are probably ruined. As he turns the heat up, Stiles closes his eyes, enjoying the way the water feels cascading down his sore and taut muscles.

And for a moment, just a moment, he allows himself to picture what it would feel like to have (Y/N) in there with him.

It’s wrong, he knows it is, but Stiles can’t stop the thoughts from entering his mind. She’d come in after him, the thinks. Probably when he was just about to step out. He can imagine the way she would look through the frosted glass, the way he would see her delicate hands pull the clothes off her body. He imagines her, finally pulling the shower door open and standing before him, as bare as the day she was born.

Stiles reaches bewteen his legs and strokes his length swiftly, unsuprised to find that he’s already hard. He goes back to the images he’s created in his head. Pictures the way (Y/N) would smirk at the flustered and confused look on his face, and - no.

In his head, this isn’t the first time they’re doing this. In his head, she walks forward with a smile, the genuine kind she gives when she’s high or when Stiles tells a dumb joke. She wouldn’t even wait for him, she’d just step forward, wrapping her arms around his shoulders - Stiles pictures the way she had done it moments before - and joining him under the warm water.

He pictures the way the water starts to wet her hair and face, pictures the droplets running down her body. He squeezes himself at the base. He imagines the way her soft skin would feel under his touch, hears her soft gasps and quiet moans as he dips a hand between her legs. Stiles strokes his dick faster, picturing the look of ecstasy on her face when he slides his fingers into her wet opening. His hand’s moving fast now as he imagines pulling away and silencing her moan of disapproval with a kiss as he slides his length into her cunt.

Stiles gasps slightly as he pictures how she would feel around his dick. He hears her moaning gasps as he slides into her, presses love bites to her neck and breasts and she pants and screams and finally, *finally* Stiles is the one making her do so instead of all those guys she brings home. He feels the way her legs would tremble and her body shake as he reaches between them to press a thumb to her clit, he pictures the way she could clench around him as she comes, gripping onto his shoulders and moaning into his ear and -

Stiles almost let’s his shout slip as he comes in his hand.

It takes him a long while to gather himself. He takes deep breaths and tries to fight away the guilt at what he just did. (Y/N)’s his friend and he’s an ass for thinking about her like that, but goddamn* the way she looked and spoke and laughed - it all made Stiles’ head spin.

It is with a belated sense of worry that he realised he’s fallen for her.

The Perfect Day

Request: Sorry Im bad at detail, but maybe a Ethan X Reader, where the group is at Disney? Thats all I got sorry, but I have never seen a youtuber can reader at Disney so I thought one would be nice. Thank you for your time :)

Summary: The gang goes to Disneyland together. Thats it. Many fluff, be prepared.

A/N: Hello all! This is such a cute request? I read it and was like, Oh boi色..I cant wait to write alllll the fluff for this fic hehe. This can be seen as the unofficial prequel to The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag (because reader had promised a Disneyland vlog and theyre at Disneyand in this fic hehehe) As always, italics are the inner thoughts a character is having. Hope you all enjoy reading this, I had a fun time writing this

Wordcount:1786, oh boi I got v carried a way am srry

Warnings: just,,,,,, so m a n y..,..,,, fluff

Request me things!!! I write for everyone in teamiplier!

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Imagine early mornings with Chris and your son.

A/N: Part 2 is here, yay! (Read previous parts of the mini series: ‘Little Ones - Part 1’ and 'Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Side note, is everyone excited for the Oscars? I’m soooo pumped.

“Mama, wake up.” You felt a small hand gently tapping at the top of your head, pulling you out of your much needed slumber. “Mama, it’s my birthday.” You heard your son whisper, his breath warm against your ear. “It’s time to wake up.”

Before you could give in to his incessant tapping and open your eyes, you heard Chris’ voice enter the room. “Buddy,” he chuckled softly, leaning against the door frame with his arms across his chest. “What did I say?” The tapping stopped and the small presence moved. “Your party doesn’t start till two, we have plenty of time. Let your mom sleep,” he told Jack as he lifted the boy into his arms. “Let’s go have breakfast.”

You took a short, sharp breath and opened your eyes, stretching as Chris glanced over his shoulder. He smiled when you smiled, mouthing a “thank you.” He nodded then disappeared around the corner, “mm hm” and “uh huh” and “is that so?” leaving his lips to entertain Jack’s thoughts and questions. You smiled again because he really was the best husband and father; he had stayed up as late as you had last night, yet you were still in bed and he was already up and at it with your excitable son. You looked over at your alarm clock which had been set for 7:30AM and huffed a tired sigh when you saw it was only 6:58AM.

You stretched again then sat up, running your hands through your hair. There was no sense in going back to sleep now, even though you would’ve savored every bit of the next thirty-two minutes; you simply had too much to do. There were a lot of people coming to Jack’s birthday party, a little too many considering he was just a two year old in preschool. But then again, he wasn’t just any two year old in preschool; he was the son of Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N. He had relationships with people no other two year old should have, unless- of course- that two year old was also lucky enough to have parents in the Hollywood industry. It was kind of nice to know there were people willing to fly in specifically for Jack’s birthday, people that you and Chris had worked and become friends with over the years. It was nice, but it was definitely going to be another long, long day for you and Chris.

 • • • • • • • • 

“Look, it’s Mickey Mouse.” Jack held up a piece of pancake that he’d bitten into the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head; Chris nodded and chuckled in response. “What did you make yours into, Daddy?” He got onto his knees and pressed his hands on the dining table, leaning in to peer at his dad’s plate.

“I- um-” Chris held up his pancake with pursed lips; he hadn’t turned it into anything, he was simply enjoying his breakfast. “It’s an island on the world map,” he told Jack and shrugged. “Pretty cool, huh?” Jack’s eyes narrowed as he studied his dad’s pancake.

“What island?” Jack asked with a raised brow, looking up at his dad.

“Does it matter?” Chris asked, plopping the pancake back down on his plate.

“Yes,” Jack nodded. “Mama always says that detail is key, so what’s the island called?”

“Jackson Island,” Chris quickly answered; he was starting to realize that Jack was like you when it came to trivial things like that; he couldn’t just let it go, he needed an answer. “It’s in the South Pacific, there are no humans there- just um- just dogs. So no,” he said before Jack could ask, “we can’t go and visit.”

“Dodger could go, right?” Jack quizzed. “He’s a dog.”

“Dodger is a dog, yes,” Chris nodded. “But he can’t visit because he’s our dog. What if he likes it there and doesn’t want to come home?” He asked Jack, knowing his attachment to Dodger would make him drop the subject. “We’d miss him terribly, won’t we?”

“Yeah,” Jack nodded, taking his plastic knife and fork to continue eating his pancake. “And I think Dodger would really like it so we shouldn’t tell him about it.” Chris nodded in agreement. “I like that it’s named after me though, Jackson Island. Jackson is a good name,” he murmured with his mouth full.

If you were around, Chris would tell Jack not to talk with his mouth full because you didn’t condone bad table manners. But seeing as you were still upstairs, Chris decided to join him instead; like father, like son. “It is a good name,” he nodded, cutting and forking another piece of pancake in his mouth, “why do you think we named you Jackson?”

“What are you doing?!” Jack’s little mouth fell open when he looked up and saw that his dad had cut another chunk out of his pancake- out of Jackson Island. “Why would you do that, Daddy?” He asked, his lips tightly pursed.

“Do what?” Chris chuckled confusedly.

“You killed Jackson Island, Daddy,” Jack frowned at his dad.

“Bud, it’s not actually-” Chris began as you entered the kitchen; you could hear the commotion from upstairs. As you padded down the staircase, you wondered what trivial issue your silly boy was fussing about this time in the Evans’ household.

“Mama,” Jack climbed off the chair, shrugging off his dad’s touch when Chris tried to help him down. “Daddy killed Jackson Island,” he ran over to you, hugging your legs. You placed a comforting hand on the top of his head and looked over at Chris with a raised brow, chuckling softly when he rolled his eyes to inform you of the importance of the situation. “He’s not a hero, he’s a monster,” he glanced back at Chris, scowling.

“Oh my God,” Chris ran his hand over his beard, chuckling. “All I did was-”

“Hush, Daddy.” You told Chris as you scooped Jack into your arms, resting him on your hip. “You’re on trial for the murder of Jackson Island.” You told him in a teasing tone and he chuckled. “Jack, why don’t you tell me what happened so I can decide it Daddy’s a hero or a monster.”

“What’s his punishment if he’s a monster?”

“I don’t know, what do you want?” You asked and he grinned.

“Can I get one present early?” He asked, cupping your face in his hands.

“Aren’t you decisive?” You moved your face out of his grip, chuckling. You looked over at Chris, who was rolling his eyes as well because you’d both figured out Jack’s master plan. It made sense now why Jack would call his dad- otherwise known as Captain America, his favorite superhero- a monster, he wanted to guilt trip his dad into giving him his present early. “You know what, go eat your breakfast you little monster.” You lowered his giggly self onto his feet, patting his butt.

“I nearly had both of you, didn’t I?” Jack quizzed, climbing back onto his chair.

“Nearly,” Chris nodded. “But you were a little too quick with your demands, you have to drag it ou-”

“Chris,” you cut him off, chuckling. “Don’t teach our child how to become better at manipulation, he’s already a little too good for a two year old.” Chris nodded, suppressing laughter as he took a sip out of his coffee. “And Jack,” he looked over at you, a piece of pancake in his mouth. “I was going to give you one of your presents early.” Jack’s eyes lit up and he grinned. “But-” you chuckled when he pouted, “you tried to play us so now you have to wait.”

“Aw, Mama.” Jack groaned. “I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry.” You shook your head with pursed lips; now it was your turn to play him. “Please? I’m sorry, can you please give me the present now?” You beckoned your head at Chris and Jack immediately turned his attention on his dad. “Daddy, I’m sorry.” He forced his way onto Chris’ lap; Chris chuckled, hugging Jack back when Jack hugged him. “You’re not a monster, you’re a hero.” Jack pulled back and cupped Chris’ face in his hands. “You’re my favorite hero.”

“Why am I your favorite hero?” Chris asked, dragging things out like he’d wanted to teach Jack to.

“You’re Captain America!” Jack grinned. “You’ve got a cool shield, you fight really well, you’re so strong and nice, and you wear red and blue. I like red and blue, they’re my favorite colors and you’re my favorite hero.” Chris looked over at you, nodding so you’d go get him his present; you’d both decided to give him the shoes so he could wear them at the party, and so he wouldn’t scowl at his dad when Chris wore those shoes. “You’re my favorite dad too,” he continued, hugging Chris tightly, “I love you so much.”

“And that’s how you do it, Bud.” Chris kissed the top of his head as Jack pulled away, giggling. “See, you gotta really milk the situation to get the best results. Now go,” he lowered Jack onto his feet and beckoned at you, who had returned to the kitchen with his present in hand. “I think you’re going to love your present.”

“Yay!” Jack cheered and ran over to you, giving you a hug as you descended to your knees. “Thank you, Mama.” He told you before pulling away to take his present. He sat on the floor in front of you and unwrapped, revealing the shoe box Chris’ shoes came in. “Are these Daddy’s shoes?!” He looked up at you excitedly and you chuckled.

“Better,” you told him.

“They’re your own shoes so you can stop stealing mine,” Chris chuckled, making his way over as you got to your feet. Chris watched Jack as you walked over to the coffee pot to pour yourself a cup, when you’d returned Jack had got the shoes out of the box and was staring at them in awe. “Do you like them, Bud?”

Jack looked up at the both of you with wide eyes and nodded, a slow but growing smile on his face. “I love them!” He squealed, kicking off his plush slippers to put on his new shoes. “They’re just like Daddy’s, but small so I can wear them while waiting until my feet are big enough!”

“You nailed it,” Chris wrapped an arm around you.

“Yeah, but I don’t think it means he’ll stop bugging you about your shoes.” You chuckled softly when Chris raised a brow because he hadn’t hear what Jack had said. “You didn’t hear what he said, did you? He said he can wear them while waiting until his feet are big enough.”

“Of course he did,” Chris chuckled softly.

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Part 3

Magical Nerves // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fuff, parent!phan

Words: 1.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: The Lester family is at Disney World, and the children get to meet Cinderella. It doesnt exactly go to plan, however.

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Castle Kisses & Princess Proposal

Tony StarkXReader
So like I have more Are you sick of me yet ?? lol if so say when haha. Im going to DIsney in June and I cant help but think of kissing Tony Stark in front of Cinderellas castle.. the rest I leave to you as always. :)tonystarksgirl

We should take a picture in front of the castle with our ice creams! You squealed as your boyfriend Tony Stark handed you a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar.

Youre insufferable, you know that? He rolled his eyes before taking a gigantic bite out of one of his Mickeys ears. It was the fourth day of your Disney World vacation, and overall Tony had been a good sport about adhering to your every whim thus far. Including, but not being limited to, Disney Bounding as your favorite Disney couples each day, taking pictures with nearly every character that you could find, and suffering through Its a Small World for you.

You were just saying how much fun youve been having! You sighed. Cmon, I wont let them take a hundred pictures like they usually do.

I dont know, Sweetheart. He smirked. You might want a few hundred pictures of this one. You were pulling him by the hand away from the ice cream cart and didnt notice him toss the empty stick from his ice cream away and carefully pat the pocket of his jeans. You waved at an unsuspecting Disney Photopass cast member until they shyly walked over to you.

Mr. Stark, Miss. [Y/L/N], is there something I could help you with? The photographer was a younger woman probably not much older eighteen. She smiled sweetly at you both and waited for you to reply.

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Once Upon a Dream

in which Annabeth was dared to kiss a blue-eyed stranger just when the fireworks start

Words: 2,142

Warnings: None.

Shes going to regret this.

Annabeth is so going to regret this.

Shes in Disneyland with her friends, its night time, the fireworks are just about to start, and she did the stupid mistake of telling Piper that shes always wanted to kiss someone in Disneyland with fireworks and Cinderellas castle in the background.

So now Piper dared her to do exactly that kiss someone just when the fireworks start. And if theres one thing Annabeth hates even more than doing dares, its backing out of them.

To make matters worse, Piper gets to choose which guy Annabeth gets to ask (and kiss). Its not that Piper has bad taste in men its just that Piper, well. Shes Piper.

She is so going to regret this.

Piper, I

I know youre not backing out of this, Annabeth. I know you. Right, Jason? Annabeth wont be backing out of this. Right? Piper turned to her boyfriend, smiling sweetly enough to scare him.

Uh, yeah, he scratches the back of his neck, trying to avoid Annabeths glare. Annabeth doesnt back down. He shoots her an apologetic look before looking away once more.

Whats happening here? Leo walks up next to Annabeth with a curious glimmer in his eye, licking a Mickey-shaped popsicle.

Annabeth dreams of kissing someone in Disneyland and were going to help her fulfill that. Piper beams, practically jumping up and down out of excitement. She starts to sings Once Upon a Dream, which Annabeth doesnt really deem appropriate for the situation.

Well, you can always kiss me, Annabeth. He spreads his arms wide open, smiling brightly and wagging his eyebrows up and down, his popsicle melting and dripping to the floor.

Before Annabeth can even think of where to hit him stomach or groin Piper butts in. Shell only be kissing a stranger, Leo, and besides I already know who itll be.

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Internet Famous: 5

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

When you woke up the next day, you were beyond excited. You were going to the parks today! You excitedly hopped out of bed, laid out your outfit on the bed, and got into the shower. Fifteen minutes later, you came out in your towel and saw that Poe was awake. Poe’s eyes were stuck on you and you were starting to feel a bit anxious. You’ve seen each other in a towel before. But then the phrase, “my girl” came back to mind.

You cleared your throat and smiled at him trying not to show your uneasiness. You threw your pillow at him, “Take a shower and get dressed! Rope drop is in an hour!”

Poe giggled, “You’re glowing.”

“I’m excited! Now hurry up before I get violent with you again!”

“No need to tell me twice!” He got out of bed and laid his clothes on the bed. He then kissed your cheek and went into the bathroom. You really wished he’d stop doing that. It started to make those feelings that you’ve buried so deep inside yourself want to emerge again. You shook your head to clear your thoughts. 

You put on your bra and underwear. Then your black jeans, the Disney shirt you bought yesterday, with a denim jacket on top, your two Disney pins on said jacket, your socks, your comfy running shoes, your Minnie hat that matched Poe’s, and lastly, the ‘Princess’ necklace that Poe gave you. 

When Poe came out of the bathroom, you were finishing up your minimal makeup.

He nodded in approval, “Cute.” He dressed up in some khaki shorts, brown boat shoes, a Disney Hawaiian shirt he found at a thrift store, and the Mickey hat he’d just bought, “Ready to go?”

You nodded and headed out the door.

When  you got your tickets, Poe handed you a card that you knew wasn’t just a one day or two day ticket. Nope. It was an Annual Pass. Your eyes shot up to him. 


You jumped up and down and hugged him, “You’re seriously the best!”

He shrugged, “I know. So, breakfast first?”

“Yes! Carnation Cafe!” 

“As you wish, princess.”

“Wooow. Pulling a Princess Bride on me, huh? And I thought you said you hated that movie.”

Poe shrugged, “It’s growing on me.” 

At the Carnation Cafe, you and Poe ordered the Mickey shaped waffle. You were bouncing in your seat when you got it, “It looks too good to eat!” You said as you focused your vlogging camera on the food. You then set the camera down, still recording, onto the table. It took a few tries to keep it at an angle where you and Poe were in the frame. 

As you two ate, you discussed what you should do first. Meet characters? Go on rides? Watch parades?

“I’ll agree to whatever you want, princess.” Poe said with a smirk.

“Noooo! Don’t do that!”

“Do what?”

“Be such a sweetheart! It sucks ‘cause it makes me feel bad! You make a decision!”

Poe laughed, “Okay! Okay! Let’s go to Tomorrowland since it’s the smallest land.”

You nodded, “Okay, sounds good.” You and Poe finished up your breakfast and then began to head to Tomorrowland. Because the park just opened, you two decided to go on Space Mountain first since that’s usually the most busy. So why not take advantage of the short wait time? 

Whilst in line, you and Poe were vlogging and snapchatting. Poe had the vlogging camera on you. He was recording you while you were recording him on snapchat. You started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” He asked with a suspicious glare.

You showed him the video you took. You had put the bunny filter on him, “You make a cute bunny.”

“At least I’m cuter than you!”

“No way. I’m sooo much cuter than you.”

“Okay. Dog filter. Right now. Then we’ll ask everyone who’s cuter.”

“Fine.” You switched the camera to your front camera and stood next to Poe. The dog filters appeared on both of you. You two smiled. You then typed in the caption, “Who’s cuter: Me or Poe?” and waited for responses. Within 5 minutes, you started getting responses. Most of them were Poe.

You pouted and Poe zoomed onto your face, “Aaawww. What’s wrong little puppy? Upset that our viewers like me more than you? Come on. Lemme see a smile. Come on, princess.” Poe pushed the camera into your face and you couldn’t control your lips twitching upward into a smile, “There’s that beautiful smile.” Poe beamed at you and you could feel yourself blushing again.

After Tomorrowland, you headed towards Adventureland and New Orleans Square. That was your favorite area in the parks. Poe wanted to go on Jungle Cruise, so you two waited in line. You remembered how the Skippers told all these punny jokes.

“I think you’d make a good skipper.” You simply stated.

Poe looked at curiously, “Yeah?”

You nodded, “All the jokes you tell are stupid and lame. So you’ll fit right in.” 

Poe pretended to be offended, “You said you liked my jokes!”

“I was just being a good friend to make you think you’re actually funny.”


You started laughing, “You’re so dramatic. Calm down.”

“No! I will not calm down! I brought you to Disneyland and this is the thanks I get?!” Poe continued his dramatic ways.

You slapped your hand onto his mouth, “Oh my God! Shut up!” You laughed. Poe narrowed his eyes at you. You then felt something wet on your hand and you screeched, “What the Hell!! Eeeeewwww!!!” You wiped your hand on Poe’s shirt. 

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned to see an older couple smiling at you, “You two make an adorable couple.” The old woman said.

“Oh, we-” you started.

“Thank you!” Poe said, “You and your husband as well!”

The old lady chuckled, “You’re too kind, dear. Thank you. How long have you two been together?”

“Since high school. So about 9 years. That about right, babe?”

You were blushing sooooo hard, “Uh yeah! Sounds about right. Honestly, it’s been so long, we’ve lost track of time.”

The older man gave a hearty laugh, “Wait, ‘til you get married.”

You then looked at the line and saw that you were next, “Oh! Looks like we need to get on. It was nice talking to you two!”

“And you, dear. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

“Thank you!” Poe said as you two got onto the boat.

You pushed him as you two sat down, “Why’d you do that?”

“I didn’t want to embarrass her! She was a sweet old lady!”

“Seriously, stop being such a sweetheart. People keep thinking we’re a couple!”

“Is it that bad of a thought for us to be a couple?”


“Welcome everyone to the Jungle Cruise! My name is Richard and I’ll be your Skipper today!”

Poe never got to hear your answer. And inside, he was dying to know.

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tell us about your disneyland headcanons

Ok so Hux and Kylo were non stop arguing from the car ride into the park. Everyone was so annoyed that they ditched them while they were distracted in an argument.
The boys grumpily decide to go on rides anyway, that’s the whole reason they were there. They start to argue about what ride to go on first and it comes out that Hux has never been on Space Mountain, Kylo’s favorite ride.
Kylo drags Hux over to it. While in line they realize they’re out of things to argue about, so instead they actually try small talk.
They finally get on the ride and Hux has a moment of regret. What if it’s too fast? What if it has flips? What if he hates it?
“Don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun,” Kylo tries to reassure.
And it is. Hux has never had so much fun in his life.
They get off the ride absolutely giddy from the rush. They go check out they’re picture and can’t stop laughing at their faces, Hux snaps of picture of it on his phone.
Hux asks what next? And so Kylo takes him through all his favorite places.
At some point they stop for snacks and share a Mickey Mouse pretzel together and cinnamon crisps.
They even took pictures with some of the characters.
While crossing through a large crowd, Kylo grabs on to Hux’s hand to lead him through it so they don’t get lost. Neither of them lets go.
At night they watch the fireworks together, Hux leans his head on Kylo’s shoulder who then leans back. They meet up with everyone after, finally catching up to go home.
Walking back to the car, Hux seems solemn. Kylo stops them walking and asks what’s wrong.
“I forgot to get a souvenir…”
Kylo then pulls out a sparkly Mickey shaped ring he bought when Hux wasn’t looking and gives it to him. Hux is awestruck. It fits perfectly on his ring finger.
“How can I pay you back?” Hux asks.
“With a kiss,” Kylo jokes.
But then Hux leans in and kisses him on the cheek. He pulls away smirking.
“Should’ve asked for more,” he says, then walks away to catch up with the rest of the group.
It takes Kylo a moment to realize what’s happened. He catches back up to everyone with a huge grin on his face. He’s decided to ask Hux to come back to Disneyland with him, but without the entire group tagging along.

disneyland shenanigans

SUMMARY: Sebastian decides to get a bit dirty on the back of a ride.

WARNINGS: fingering.

AUTHORS NOTE: this came to me because yesterday when i went on pirates, i changed in and out of a shirt. the ride is basically pitch black for like 95% of it. you cant see SHIT. definitely a ride you could get down and dirty on. i dont think i would recommend it lmao. ANYWAY, this is based off the Anaheim, CA park so idk if it varies for any other Disney park around the world.


You arrived to the park early and went into the hat shop to find the perfect set of ears for the day. You tried on a couple and modeled them for Sebastian who would either give you a thumbs up or down. You decided on the classic Minnie Mouse ears headband. Sebastian chose a black cap with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse and you snapped a picture of him before paying for your headwear and heading out to Mainstreet USA. You two held hands as you walked through the crowds of people. You pointed out the characters that were out meeting everyone and Sebastian smiled at the excitement on your face.

What are we going to ride first? He asked.

You leaned into him and leaned your head on his shoulder. How does Pirates of the Caribbean sound like?

Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirates life for me, he sang and you giggled.

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Anyway David Tennant was honestly one of the most profound and moving Doctors…like ..no one can top him…no other doctor who characters will ever be as complex and amazing and the ones during his era, none of the story lines will ever be as memorable or iconic as Russel T Davies’ story lines.

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can you do a hc of the gang at Disneyland? That'd be cute I think

I usually don’t write unrealistic requests (because the boys are greasers so they wouldn’t go to Disneyland, and they can’t even afford to go there) but since you’re not an anon and you’ve asked so nicely, (and it’s semi-realistic because Disneyland opened in 1955) I’m let this one slide. So, enjoy…

Hadcanons For The Gang Going To Disneyland

-First thing’s first, Dally wouldn’t go to Disneyland.

-It would be a nightmare for Darry at first because it would be difficult for him to keep an eye on every single one of the boys when they’re running around and going apes. After a while, he would get on one of the rides and have a nice time.

-Two-Bit would just LOSE IT. He would buy Mickey Mouse shaped food and merchandise, and he would literally stalk the people in Mickey Mouse costumes. He would be laughing like crazy all the time and drag people around the park.

-Steve and Sodapop would never stop to take a break from getting on rides. They would try every single ride in the park and flirt with girls all the time. They would ride the spinning teacups with girls and spin the teacup really fast on purpose so the girls would scream in joy and clutch onto the boys’ arms.

-Johnny and Ponyboy would ride the flying Dumbos over and over again. They would close their eyes and imagine that they’re actually flying and just enjoy the feeling of freedom. They would also get like 10 ice cones and walk around talking and admiring stuff.

Hope you’ll like these 💕