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anionthewrite  asked:

How about "Dogs don't wear clothes!" with Chris x Reader. Given the season, I'm thinking a child's Halloween costume. Haha.

So this is one of the prompts that I’ve gotten duplicates of, but there was something additional to the request than just the prompt.. so I went ahead and wrote it!

Title: Chris vs His Mini Me
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a

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Coming down the stairs with some difficulty, thanks to the mermaid-style skirt for your Little Mermaid inspired costume, you paused when you saw Chris and his pint-sized clone staring at each other with similar stubborn expressions on their faces.

“What’s going on?” you asked, coming to Chris’s side. Your dashing husband was dressed as Prince Eric to go with your Ariel and your three-year-old son was dressed as Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto.

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Bendy wasn’t always the proprietor of the Devil’s Roost. It was a long hard road to get there. 

He has a few employees there, of which I haven’t shown yet. This woman, who I’ve decided now is called Betsy, is his favourite because she’s the only one that pets him. 

There were a few incidents with Bendy in his more monstrous form, which resulted in horrible rampages. A lot of toons got hurt, but eventually they managed to wrangle him in. It started a chain of events which led him to open Devil’s Roost. That seems so long ago now. 

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Detective vs Theif AU!
Let’s say that it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the new set of chibis…

(i accidentally deleted it and had to post it again GOOD JOB REA)