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Decided to draw the trio! opo In my Design/AU of them! >w< Bendy'smasklookslikeapieceofbreadhngggg—

Hope you like it~!

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Characters do not belong to me, they belong to their owners. The designs DO belong to me.

Yes I want fame and money but not for the reason you think

It’s not the attention, or the fine wines that I would down, or the most expensive scotch

It’s so I can go to disney world whenever I want

That’s genuinely my reasoning behind wanting fame and it has been since I was like 3 and it will be until I get there

Like Justin Bieber could wake up tomorrow and be like ‘’Fuck it, Disney World’’ Get a random flight there last minute, buy shitloads of fast passes and go on whatever ride he wants

I want to have that power cause there’s nothin fuckin better in this world than Disney World and Universal Studios

So there, my motives are now abhorrently clear, I fucking hate music, I fucking love Disney

Florida Holidays ftw

(Jokes I love music it’s boss, but yes, Disney World is genuinely a key motive in becoming famous)

Okay, I regret for what I’ve said before, THIS one was the MOST HARD ONE TO MAKE AAAAAAHHH-

It got me very pissed off, because of the pose and because MS Paint wasn’t working too well, I even had to reset my compiuter…but at least I finished…

@askmick  may or may not consider this as fanart, ‘cause I’ll be making Felix, Tiff, BooKite  and yes, even my muses’s mural so yolo :3

What most people think a Disney game should be like:

No they don’t. All those movies were better without you.)

What a Disney game should actually be like:

So I actually wrote a parody of Its Over Isn't It for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and...

I was fine
With the others
Who would come into his mind now and then
I was fine
Cause I knew
They didn’t really matter until you…

I was fine
When you came
And we fought like it was all some silly game
Over him
Who he’d choose
After all those years. I never thought I’d lose..

Its over, isn’t it? Isnt it?
Isnt it over?
It’s over, isn’t it? Isnt it?
Isnt it over?

You won!
And he chose you
And he loved you
And he’s gone!
Its over isn’t it…
Why can’t I move on?

Fame and glory!
Stories, mayhem
His attention
Outside here, my potential!
Bold! Precise!

Who am I now in this world without him?
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt him
What can I do?! it’s already done!
Now I must be there for who’s gone…

Its over, isn’t it? Isnt it?
Isnt it over?
It’s over, isn’t it? Isnt it?
Isnt it over?

You won!
And he chose you!
And he loved you!
And he’s gone!!!
Its over isn’t it…
Why can’t I move on?!

Oswald: Mickey!
Oswald: you were…

Mickey: … nothing’s gonna fix this, is it…

Oswald: No, Mickey! I…

Mickey: Sorry you had to be around me..

The Disney Royal Toon Family Ages

Lemme establish something first: Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and Parsley are all my OCs! Unless Disney THEMSELVES say otherwise, these four characters are completely fanmade.

In my AU, Rosemary is the eldest of the entire family, though Oswald treats her like a little sister. When things get serious, THAT’S when he’ll start listening to her.

Thyme had been around since the 1940s, and had befriended the Gremlins. That’s how she’s closest with Prescott. She envys her siblings for being more popular than her, but just like an anime tsundere, she still loves them though she won’t say that out loud because of her pride.

Sage and Parsley are relatively new. They are both crippled because the Shadow blot actually harmed them in the Thinner Disaster. Parsley is paralyzed from the waste down and Sage had a part of his ear melted off.

Their ages go like this:
Rosemary: 93 (1924)
Oswald: 90 (1927)
Mickey: 89 (1928)
Thyme: 71 (1946)
Sage: 45 (1972)
Parsley: 20 (1997)

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