mickey mouse sketch


This isn’t a permanent addition to that design I have for Bendy or anything like that. Though as a side note, those are probably the best hands I’ve ever drawn so far. XD;

As for the comic itself….it was funny to me at 1 am. I was just sort of playing around with the idea of what would happen if one of the more cartoony-looking toons suddenly had hands that were more closer to realistic proportions, and how would the others react.


So I had this idea of another Mick Au I now want to work on top of my many other AUs I really need to work on. In this Au, Bendy tricks different cartoon characters into coming into his workshop so he could eliminate the competitions against him; Either that, or he has bigger plans, idk cuz I’m still working on it. Btw if your wondering why the bottom is a different color compared to the top, it’s because when I post just black and white pictures, I filter them so they look more dark and have less glare from my lamp.

Just a doodle dump of my Cartoon Massacre Au. Some of the doodles within this dump are canon while a few aren’t.
Bendy & Boris belong to TheMeatly
Mick, Ortensia, Minnie, Ozzie, & Pluto belong to Disney
Felix belongs to (from what I looked up) Dreamworks
Fiona Fox belongs to me


Help me, these two have taken over my sketch book. I forgot how much I loved Epic Mickey and drawing these two bros. For some of the pictures, they’re just the two finding out what the other can do or just natural brotherly occurrences. While the others are just things I remember/have seen from the very old cartoons, like how I forgot to draw Mickey’s gloves in one of them.
Both belong to Disney(for ones who didn’t know, or doesn’t have much Disney knowledge)