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This Day in Disney History

August 20, 1928:  Disney Legend and Imagineer Harriet Burns (born Harriet Tapp) is born in San Antonio, Texas.

Harriet was the first female hired by Walt Disney to be an Imagineer in a creative capacity, rather than just working in the office.  She had roles in many Disneyland attractions, including the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as Walt Disney World attractions.  Pictured above, she’s working on one of the Seven Dwarfs for Mickey Mouse Revue.

Mickey Mouse Revue was in Fantasyland in the theater where Mickey’s Philharmagic stands now, and was also a musical show, with songs from classic Disney movies like Cinderella, the Three Caballeros, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

b4us  asked:

What are some of your favorite Disney animatronics? How do you feel about Disney's recent use of digitally projected features versus animatronic features on their animatronics?

Hiya. My fave Disney animatronics are:

  • Tenor Fox (America Sings)
  • Henry (Country Bear Jamboree)
  • The Groundskeeper/ The Caretaker (Haunted Mansion)
  • The Hatbox Ghost (Haunted Mansion)
  • I love all the Mickey Mouse Revue animatronics
  • Also the Jungle Cruise animals 

Personally I’m not keen on the use of projection in recent Disney animatronics. I like the use of it in the Haunted Mansion. I do prefer real animatronic faces though.

astroshad  asked:

I have a bit of a weird question for you. So, I know that the 3 caballeros animatronics on gran fiesta tour are originally from the mickey mouse revue, but what happened to the rest of the animatronics from the revue when it closed in Tokyo? I ask this because you know a loooot about the parks and i really love the mickey mouse revue and its animatronics (especially the Alice one) and i just hope they didn't get destroyed. Any information is much appreciated!

The ones in the 3 caballero attraction are using what I am guessing is the same skeleton’s as the ones that were in the revue. But in terms of everything else they were heavily upgraded which is nice to see. But as for the rest of the animatronics from that attraction they are most likely in a warehouse somewhere in burbank or glendale. I forget where their archives are! 


Tumblr wouldn’t let me add my comments to still-she-haunts-me-phantomwise‘s original post, so I was forced to repost instead of reblog.

After watching the video (and a few others that have since been posted) an unhealthy amount of times, here are all the changes and additions I was able to detect:

* Rabbit hole sequence features an actual animated rabbit hole. The original version was more of a cross between the hallway at the bottom and the interior of the White Rabbit’s house.

* Film footage of Alice chasing the White Rabbit replaces a carrot-shaped sign pointing in the direction of the Rabbit’s house. Despite the footage appearing on the other side of the door, it’s footage of pre-rabbit hole Alice.

* “All in the Golden Afternoon” adds animated Daisy, Snap Dragon, Daffodils, Bread-and-Butterflies and Rocking Horseflies. Animated dew drops and spider webs have also been added around the White Rose.

* The Caterpillar’s smoke letters animation has been updated. The Alice figure from the Mickey Mouse Revue that cameoed in this scene has been removed.

* The first Cheshire Cat figure in Tulgey Wood (which lit from the inside) has been replaced by a new one which is able to disappear. A new Alice figure shares the scene with him, and audio directly from the film (“Oh, wait! Don’t go! Please!”) has been added.

* Animated paint splatters have been added to the “Painting the Roses Red” sequence.

* The animated screen featuring the hedgehog has been completely redone. Instead of spinning around in a black void, he now has rose bushes he crashes into.

* The jury room scene features several new effects. Card soldiers flying into the air behind the courtroom have been added as well as two animated soldiers who poke at you with their spears as you race towards the first set of doors. These doors were originally painted to look like soldiers in your way. Now they’ve been painted to look like jury room doors. The second set of doors (also originally soldiers) has been removed, and the third set that leads you outside has been repainted to look like the purple smoke tunnel from the climax.

* The outdoor transition has transformed the large vine track into a platform for safety reasons. Wonderland foliage (both on the second floor and on the ground floor by the queue) and Mad Tea Party-style trimmings have been added while simultaneously getting rid of the outer railing that had been temporarily installed.

* The smoke tunnel scene leading to the floating Cheshire Cat head has been replaced by animated stacks of tea pots and dishes leading to film footage of the pots dancing and whistling.

* Alice has been added to the Mad Tea Party scene along with original film audio (“Why, then, today’s my unbirthday, too!”).  Animated effects have also been added to the exploding unbirthday cake.

On top of all that, many of the figures on the attraction have gotten new paint jobs (some of which, like the Caterpillar or the Cheshire Cat before the maze scene, are actually more film accurate, now). The audio seems to have been remixed and/or remastered as there’s clearer separation between the different elements in addition to the added Beaumont lines from the film.