mickey mouse penthouse


On Friday I participated in Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary/24 hour celebration. My family had decided to rent a room at the Disneyland Resort just in case one of us needed to take a break or something. When we went to check in on Friday the lady told my mom that our room had been upgraded but it wasn’t ready yet. When our room was ready the lady followed up us to our room which we found a bit weird. We’ve spent lots of nights in hotels and we’ve never been escorted to our room before. We go to the 11th floor in the Adventure land tower and exit the elevator. She was supposed to show us a viewing area for fireworks so we followed closely behind her. We pass by the Big Thunder Suite and I’m freaking out because I’ve read a lot about it. All of sudden we stop in front of double doors that say Mickey Mouse Penthouse. The lady begins telling us about the room, how much it is a night, why its special. We all think she’s just giving us a tour since we’re suppose to be seeing this balcony for fireworks but then she sticks the key in the door, opens the door, and says “This is your room.” Oh. My. God. It was like the episode of The Middle when the Hecks go to Disney World and they get put in the suite. The lady walks us around the massive suite before she leaves and the four of us start freaking out. My dad and mom are in shock, my brother is playing with the tv that is inside the bathroom mirror, and I’m on the verge of tears because I’m standing in a Mickey Mouse Suite. 

Above is some of the pictures from the room including; the door, the bar area, the view (Disneyland is to the left, Downtown Disney is the center, and to the right is California Adventures), some of the furniture, and some pictures of Mickey and Mr. Walt Disney himself. I have more pictures on my camera I might upload later. 

I’ve loved Disney since I was a kid and I’ve been to several of their parks and resorts. Never have I witnessed Disney magic for myself. This was truly the greatest experience of my life. 


planning to spend my 21st in this bad boy, the Mickey Mouse Penthouse at the Disneyland hotel. anyone tryna celebrate my 21st at Disneyland?!

depending on how many people go will determine which type of room i’ll book and the only thing you would have to pay for your Disneyland ticket. Drive there friday after class, get there friday night and then go to Disneyland on saturday. Check out on sunday then head back to the bay. i just want to do something different than go to Vegas for my 21st. who’s down?!