mickey mouse nail art

Mickey Mouse | Nailing It

“Oh boy!”  Who here loves absolutely anything Mickey Mouse related?  This Mickey silhouette design is so simple, yet so cute!  It’s perfect for both beginners looking for something easy and more practiced artists who want a design they can complete quickly.  Make sure you read to the bottom of the tutorial to see a second version of the look!


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) White Nail Polish

4) Black Paint

5) End of a Large Paint Brush (an extra large dotting tool will work as well)

6) Medium Dotting Tool (the end of a smaller paintbrush or pen works as well)


1) Start by preparing your nails with a base coat.

2) Next, paint your nails with two layers of white polish.

3) Take the end of a paint brush (or an extra large dotting tool) and dip it into black paint.

4) Place a dot on the bottom corner of your nail.

5) Using a medium sized dotting tool (or a smaller paint brush), re-dip in the black paint.

6) Place two new dots directly above the first large dot.  Make sure these dots touch the large dot, but not each other, to create a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

7) Finish with a layer of top coat.


As an alternative, use this Mickey Mouse design as an accent nail to simple polka dots.  Make your polka dots nails red and white for a real Mickey-inspired look.