mickey mouse and baby


Aaaaaaaa so sorry for the absence, guys!
I’ve been pretty busy with school since these are the last weeks and I will keep on being busy ‘til next week or something ;;
But there you have something I did on my school desk some days ago
I drew these with a marker I fell in love with and now I filled my desk with smol heads :’D
There’s also a Tom in the old cartoon style to match all the other cartoon babies ; v ;
Hope you like it! ♡

Mickey Mouse © Disney
Bendy (Bendy and The Ink Machine) © TheMeatly

Counting Bot | Tom (Counting Song) © Adam Buxton
Cuphead © Studio MDHR
Art © me/ @wandakinkay

androgynousblizzarddream-402c1ce  asked:

The gangs reactions to you having a miscarriage with dallys child hc

This made me kinda sad, so be warned. Psh okay let’s do this

It might be graphic.

👼 You wake up in the middle of the night

👼 A sharp pain in your lower abdomen

👼 You’re gasping for air

👼 Dallas shoots up and his hand immediately go to your stomach

👼 You’re 12 weeks pregnant and you were fine yesterday

👼 “Babe? What’s wrong?”

👼 “I-I don’t know.”

👼 He picks you up and carries you to the bathroom

👼 He thinks it’s morning sickness, but you know better

👼 “Dallas, I’m cold.”

👼 Runs to get you a blanket

👼 “Uhhh (Y/N)?”

👼 Blood covers the sheets

👼 Dally runs back to you with a blanket

👼 “Baby, come on. We gotta get you to a hospital.”

👼 Drives you to the hospital with you sitting on a towel

👼 “Ms, I’m sorry to inform you that your child is no longer living.”

👼 You break down into tears

👼 Dallas doesn’t know what to do

👼 He was so excited to have a kid

👼 Now….

👼 After everything, he wants to tell the gang

👼 They put the little unborn baby into a box for you to bury

👼 You bring it when you go to tell the boys

👼 Dallas keeps his hand around your waist the entire time

👼 As soon as you walk in, the atmosphere in the room changes

👼 Everyone sits there waiting for you to say something

👼 But you just can’t

👼 Dallas tries

👼 “The baby…”

👼 He chokes on his own words

👼 Johnny gets what you mean and he gasps

👼 He walks over to you

👼 You’re shaking sooooo bad

👼 He gently takes the box

👼 “Hi, I was gonna be your uncle Johnny. I’m sorry you won’t be here with us. But you’re in a better place”

👼 The boys get it now

👼 Pony starts crying

👼 The air in the room feels stiff with sadness

👼 All the boys go with you to bury the box

👼 Dallas gave Pony 10 bucks to go buy some flowers

👼 They each say a few words for the child that won’t be

👼 Darry wanted to teach him/her how to play sports

👼 Pony said he wanted to be the one to teach the baby to read

👼 “Mickey Mouse would have been our thing” ~Two-bit

👼 Steve: “I was gonna teach him to change the oil on his first car”

👼 Soda: “What if it was a girl?”

👼 Steve: “I would have bought that little girl a first car”

👼 “I don’t know what I would have taught the kid” ~Johnny

👼 “You would be the favorite uncle” ~Everyone

👼 Soda wanted to teach the kid how to ride a horse, if he ever got Mickey Mouse back