Disney Television Animation has REALLY improved with their animation, ESPECIALLY with the backgrounds. I mean look at some of these beautiful backgrounds!



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Day 3 in WDW-Epcot!

I only spent a few hours in the park today. I went to downtown Disney (which took for fucking ever…I don’t have a car and you can’t go to DTD directly from the parks. Which is BS). I did Test Track with my dad first thing and we had a lot of fun. Our car did relatively well (we beat most of the people there). It was ugly as hell and would have killed the environment but it was fast/powerful, which was my goal.

I won’t lie, I have more fun meeting characters in Epcot than any other park. Mickey was playing keep away with my sketchbook. Since he signed his name, he believed it was rightfully his. He only reluctantly gave me back my sketchbook after I promised to draw him something. I won’t lie, I’m kind of having a ball with the pictures of Goofy leaning on my head. Donald Duck is truly number 1 (and I’m not just saying that because my dad is named after him). Donald got very excited over my drawing and was showing it off to everyone. I got a few hugs and kisses from him. He was holding the picture and decided to put it in front of my face at the very last second. I am glad I got a picture of it (and not just the good version). Mulan is clearly more photogenic than I am. She held the picture up and the photographer snapped the picture real quick…I look a bit dopey. Aladdin and Jasmine are amazing and I love them so much. Jasmine and Aladdin were flipping through my sketchbook and were commenting on the pictures. They were playing off each other very well. I mentioned Aladdin was the only prince I drew since I mostly draw princesses. Jasmine said, “He looks great, you couldn’t tell.” She kept attempting to take my gold sharpie and Aladdin & I both commented that he is the thief not her. Minnie is seriously the cutest. She showed off my drawing and was all around adorable.

The picture with Snow White is still hands down my favorite picture from the trip. I’ll probably get similar pictures with all the princesses since I am in fact 5 years old…

Going to be in Magic Kingdom & Epcot for a little while tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m only going to the parks for a few hours and taking it slow. Next week I’ll be spending longer days there.


HEY EVERYONE! I put up this cute Mickey Mouse design and just found out that it’s available as a scarf and a studio pouch! I’m going to have a sale on this item and lower all of its prices in honor of its new availability!


I’ll be ending the sale on May 10th, so go purchase while it lasts!!!