After working on this show for countless seasons we finally have toys sculpted in our style! Not pirates themed or Valentines themed but in the actual style of the show! These will release March 31st at D street at the parks but will be put up for online sale soon after. It’s insane to see some of my drawings translated into toys. Aaaaah. Way too cool. Please go out and buy them so they’ll eventually make more for the rest of the cast. I need a Goofy figure in my life. More coverage when I get a box!

(( So this is how I spent my night….. This is my first animatic ever– I hope you all like it! ))

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anonymous asked:

Micky will bend over for bendy

👌👀 SwiGGity👌 SwooTy ✔ he COmin fOR👌👌Dat👌👀BOoTy👀


ThIs👌👀Is👌👀SOmE👌gOoD👌sHit👌I👌MuSt👌SaY 💯✔GOoD👀 SHiT

livewiregoth  asked:

Bendy calling Mickey a cute pet name & making Mickey blush red

Wow these are messy.. Meh whatever. I drew them on my phone so i had to deal with no layers. XD Anyway, I decided to use my female  versions of Bendy and Mickey for this because why not

I sometimes draw Bendy without her eye shadow. Though.. She looks cute with it .

They’re cute girls. XD