mickey monday

Plot Twist: Mickey James helped Alexa Bliss win because she’s the spitting image of Trish Stratus and she is still obsessed with Trish Stratus. Later along the line, the real Trish Stratus comes back to help Becky Lynch beat Mickey James.

For WrestleMania, you get a comeback of a classic: 
Mickey James vs. Trish Stratus.


Didn’t get to attend Gallifrey One this weekend, but theadventureeffectfounding member thatprincessgirl​ took George RR Martin to Disneyland, so we guess we’ll survive (which is more than we can say for most of his characters).

Many adventures were had… George asked Merida where her bow was (she told us a long story about her Mum forbidding her to bring a weapon into Disneyland, and told us it wasn’t fair that Snow White gets to have her birds, and Rapunzel gets to have her braid, but she doesn’t get to have her own weapon). He asked Minnie Mouse about her stance on women’s rights, which elicited a lengthy suffragette march and much muscle flexing from Minnie. And of course, we had to visit Sorcerer Mickey, because he’s Paris’ favorite.

Finished the night with a trip to see Fantasmic… Sara couldn’t resist the urge to show off Disneyland’s resident dragon!