do the shameless writers actually expect a throwaway scene of mickey being put in a police car in the “previously on shameless” segment to be enough? because it’s not. 

even if ian and mickey are broken up, ian would still care about mickey being in jail or prison. he would be worried about the possibility of mickey being around his homophobic, abusive father. did they forget that these two were also best friends? they shared intimate thoughts and found comfort in each other that no one else could provide. and you just expect me to believe that ian wouldn’t visit mickey, or that at the very least, he wouldn’t write to him? or that the gallaghers, who treated mickey like fucking family last season, wouldn’t at least wonder how he’s doing? that debbie and carl and fiona and lip, who all had significant interactions with mickey last season, wouldn’t care to check in on him? 

i’m just so amazed how this show thinks they can just toss mickey in jail and move on like it’s no big deal. incredible. 


oh yeah 😏

Okay, now that I’ve had a few minutes to cool off a bit (I’m still insanely angry about everything that’s happening with the God forsaken show) I just wanna say ONE MORE THING.

Despite how much they have ruined and destroyed everything about this show, I will still love these characters:

Mickey Milkovich: the dirtiest white boy in America. The southside thug with a heart of pure gold, once you force your way into his life. The kid who grew up in a shit environment, with an abusive father, and the constant need to protect himself and his family. The kid who never got to be just that, a kid. The boy who was different, who liked other boys but was forced to hide within himself in fear of his piece of shit father. The boy who loved Ian with every fiver of his being and would do anything for the freckled dork.

Ian Gallagher: the boy in the middle. The one who was always overlooked and in the background. The kid who was never really the centre of attention. The kid with the orange hair and the ridiculous amount of freckles. The boy who wasn’t afraid to be who he was, to be a complete dork and laugh at the stupidest shit. The kid who inherited his mothers bipolar disorder. His heart has always been his biggest weakness and his largest strength. He loves too hard, too fast, and too much. He loves his family, and he loves Mickey with everything he has. Well, until the writers got a hold of him and destroyed everything.

Mandy Milkovich: the girl with the attitude and the baton. The one with the bright streaks in her hair and a fuck you way of thinking. Probably the toughest out of the Milkovich bunch. The one who had been used and abused and still tried to keep her head high. The one whose world revolved around Ian Gallagher and her brother, Mickey. The one who got sent off with her abusive boyfriend.

Debbie Gallagher: the little girl who just wanted to be cool. The little girl who wanted to grow up too fast and ended up making horrible decisions. The little girl who wanted to help the elderly, take care of other children, do great things with her life.

Carl Gallagher: the boy who wanted to cause destruction and watch the world burn. The little monster who was confused and had a huge heart, especially when it came to family, even when it came to a certain Milkovich.

Liam Gallagher: the toddler who might actually get to be a kid. The little man who everyone loves.

Yevgeny Milkovich: the baby who wasn’t supposed to happen. The baby who didn’t have a say in how he was conceived. The innocent child brought into a horrible situation.

Svetlana Milkovich: the Russian bitch who is actually kind of really badass and kind of really loving. The woman who deserves better, the woman who doesn’t give a fuck.

Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher: the power couple with the kinky sex life. The dumbass and the vixen. The goofball and the beautiful, caring woman. The ones who are there for the Gallagher’s and a few select others no matter what.

Fiona, Jimmy/Jack/Steve, Lip, Sheila, Karen, Linda, Iggy, Amanda….I could go on and on with more characters that I love, but these are the ones who are most important to me. The ones that I will forever hold in my heart and care about. Some of them came about from horrible situations, and some of them have been destroyed and written off in horrible ways. But I will always love these characters.

Questions for the “Shameless” fandom:

Since when did we start believing the ploys for attention by them saying that an actor won’t be back (they’ve done this during every hiatus except the last one)?

Since when have seasonal recaps not been overly simplistic, disgustingly politically incorrect, and some times flat-out inaccurate?

On the other hand, though,…

Damn them for calling Ian crazy (and thank them for implying that Ian breaking up with Mickey was a ‘crazy’ decision … no, still damn them, it was their decision), and damn them for having Mickey possibly sent to where his father is with gang of criminals, all ready to kill him for being gay, right after the man he loves broke up with him, even making that a possibility is too much.

, writers, even I’m getting tired of defending you.

Though, as a friendly reminder, they’re not all bad, seeing as you like the show enough to blog about it, so stop throwing shit.

We won’t know how bad, or good, the sixth season is until we actually see it.