mickey getting married

This never should have happened but I can see both sides.
-He needed space.
-He needed Ian to hate him. Needed Ian to stay away in order to protect him. Them.
-Ian kept pushing, taunting. “Do it!”
-He was fucking sloshed.

-He was already in love with Mickey and it hurt that the latter was avoiding him.
-Any normal person would want to know if after what happened they were over. He needed answers, it was only fair.
-He had just found out Mickey was getting married. (What?)
-It had been a couple days since they got busted and he missed his ‘boyfriend’

That being said this was a very painful scene and Mickey’s transformation to who he became is fucking incredible!

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could you list all the episodes that have gallavich? those who not only have sex, but those that they talk all please

That’s actually a great idea! I’ll try to include all of them, but if anyone notices that I’ve forgotten something, please let me know.

Season 1

1x03 - Aunt Ginger - Mickey wants to give Ian a beating down because he thinks he’s messed with his sister.

1x06 - Killer Carl - Mickey stealing from the Kash & Grab becomes a big problem.

1x07 - Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father - Ian goes to the Milkovich house to retrieve the gun that Mickey had stolen from Kash and suddenly, sex!

1x08 - It’s time to kill the turtle - Mickey pays Ian a visit on the Kash & Grab, and later Ian goes to the Milkovich house “to study with Mandy”.

1x09 - But at last came a knock - When Monica comes back, Ian feels overwhelmed and runs to find Mickey. After that, they are caught having sex by Kash, who later shoots Mickey on the leg. Mickey goes to juvie.

1x10 - Nana Gallagher had an affair - Ian visits Mickey in juvie.

Season 2

2x02 - Summer Loving - Mickey gets out of juvie and Ian and him have some fun in the dugouts of the baseball field.

2x08 - Parenthood - Frank catches Ian and Mickey at it again, Mickey freaks out and decides to kill Frank, only to at the last second give up and punch a police officer instead, going back to juvie.

Season 3 

3x02 - The American Dream - Mickey gets out of juvie again and finds Ian fucking another boy under the bleachers. Ian and Mickey resume their…er…relationship.

3x03 - May I trim your hedges? - Ian and Mickey, along with several other man, go to a pedophile’s house to give him a beating down, but find out it’s actually a “she” and give up. Mickey goes to Angie Zago’s house to have sex with her, and later Mickey meets Ned/Lloyd and gets jealous and beats Ned/Lloyd up (also, Ian and Mickey running through the streets and rough housing).

3x05 - The sins of my caretaker - Ian and Mickey’s first kiss. ♥

3x06 (best known as 3x666) - Cascading failures - Ian and Mickey have a sleepover, where they watch movies, drink beer and Mickey cooks for Ian. In the morning, there’s the anal beads scene and THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL THAT HAPPENS IN THIS EPISODE.

3x07 - A long way from home - Ian tries to talk to Mickey, but Mickey won’t even look at him.

3x09 - Frank the Plumber - Ian finds out that Mickey is getting married and confronts him. They have a fight. Also, “you love me and you’re gay”.

3x11 - Order room service - Mickey’s wedding, he and Ian kiss again, hook up again, but he still gets married and Ian gets drunk.

3x12 - Survival of the fittest - Ian tells Mickey he’s joining the army, Mickey cries and our hearts break.

Season 4

4x01 - Simple Pleasures - No interaction, but we see Mickey asking about Ian and looking longingly at his picture. Also, breaking a mirror. 

4x03 - Like Father, Like Daughter - Ian isn’t back yet, and Mickey clearly misses him a lot.

4x07 - A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin - Mandy tells Mickey to go find Ian, which he does, in a gay bar in Boystown. Awkward lap dance, drugged Ian, Mickey taking Ian home and watching him sleep.

4x08 - Hope Springs Paternal - Ian goes back home and Mickey finds him there. Ian says he wants bjs, Mickey sleeps on the floor, cute breakfast scene. Jealous Mickey at the club, hot kiss at the club. Jealous Mickey at the loft part. Cute sleeping together. TOGETHER.

4x09 - The Legend of Bonnie and Carl - cute babies scamming together to take money from old rich men. :) Also, more cute breakfast scene.

4x10 - Liver, I Hardly Know Her - Mickey wants to kill Kev and Ian calms him down. Ian wants to kill Kenyatta and Mickey calms him down. Ian clearly not okay.

4x11 - Emily - I like the way he smells. Just wondering if we’re a couple or not. Of course we are. Because you’re not free. Just wanted everybody here to know I’m gay. I SUCK HIS DICK AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! Nice legs. Forehead kiss.

4x12 - Lazarus - Cute boyfriends waking up together spooning. ♥ Ian won’t get up. He’s staying with me.


Disney Renaissance Toon baby here.

Brushing his teeth for the first time in forever to prepare for Mickey and Minnie’s wedding.

Mickey! Why don’t you tell him these things!

He’s a Disney Toon Too!

“They’re finally getting married! HA!   Pumbaa!”


“They’re finally getting married!”

i decided to put all my favorite fics (or the ones i could remember atm) in one place so i’m making this post

multi chapter


one shots


Shameless season seven thoughts

Fiona: FINALLY. I’m so happy Fiona is taking care of herself she needs to sort through her shit and get it in order. She needs to stop holding her siblings hand and let them fall. ( I’m sure she’s still taking care of Liam though)

Ian: I think it’s good that Ian is learning a bit more about the LGBTQIA+ community, mostly because he’s kinda isolated from that aspect of his life. In the promo video cam mentions that Ian’s going to like questioning his sexuality and I think it’s mostly just going to be a teaching moment that says trans men are men gay or otherwise which is cool.
The idea of a new love interest though doesn’t make sense to me like his character needs to chill from relationships and focus on himself like Fiona now.

Debbie: Literally I don’t feel bad about any of her problems. She made the conscious decision to have a baby even though she can’t support even herself without help. $390 dollars isn’t hard to come by either she can get a part time job and figure it out have Svet babysit or something.

Carl: I already know I’m going to like his story line. He’s lowkey the most emotional Gallagher and his situation with this new girl is going to effect him pretty hard.

Lip: he’s turning into Frank and I have no interest in characters intentionally fucking up their lives. Also stop being a pretentious twat.

Frank: literally don’t care.

Elliot Fletcher’s character Trevor maybe?: I hope hope hope they don’t make him a love interest, NOT BECAUSE HES TRANS but because 1. It’s a waste of his talent to be just a love interest and 2. Ian needs to learn to fill the whole in his life with out a relationship. I am excited that he could possibly teach Ian a few things about being an LGBTQIA+ youth. Because he’s lacking due to living in the ghetto.

Kev,V,Svet- idk what they’re doing but I never do all I know is I’m going to enjoy it.

The illusive episode 709/ Mickey:
absolute worst case: Mickey dies in prison either he’s shanked or he kills himself (I feel like Mickey suffers from depression and anxiety but doesn’t know)
Absolute best case: he’s released from prison and the judge or prison guard says his name.
Ideal scenario: Mickey and Ian are getting married and they have to say his full name.

Ghetto Husbands

Kevin isn’t stupid. Reading is sometimes hard for him (and the fact that circle doesn’t start with an s still pisses him off sometimes), and his math skills need a little work, but he’s good at reading people. Some people know books and shit, Kev knows people.

He’s cleaning glasses, chatting with Billy, who mostly grunts and nods, when Ian walks in. He looks much better than the last time Kevin saw him, and Fiona had mentioned in passing that Ian had started taking a new kind of medication for his disorder. Kevin still didn’t understand what exactly Bipolar Disorder is, but from what Veronica described and what he saw from Monica he’s glad Ian had gotten help.

“Hey Kev,” Ian greets with a small wave, sliding onto an unoccupied bar stool.

“Mickey isn’t here yet,” Kevin says filling up a glass with some soda. He knows Ian can’t drink alcohol with his medication, having heard Mickey mention it a few times, and slides the glass towards Ian.

“I know,” the redhead says sipping the coke. “He’s on his way.”

Kevin nods, refilling Billy’s glass, just as the door swings open. Mickey walks in, a flicker of worry and angry in his eyes, making a b-line for Ian, but before the redhead can greet the shorter boy, Mickey flings a plastic pill box at him and snarls, “Forget something this morning?”

“What?” Ian glances down at the pill box. “Oh, wow, I had been so busy I must have…”

“Take it now.” Mickey gestures to the pill box. “And stop fucking forgetting.” He storms away before Ian could say anything, snapping at a couple of his girls, telling them to stop drinking and get their asses upstairs. Ian sighs, popping the pill box open. He swallows his medication with the aid of some coke and stands up, chasing after Mickey.


“Oh, come the fuck on, ref! You missed that call by a mile,” Kevin shouts at the TV, throwing a Cheeto at the screen. “This is fucking stupid!”

“It’s just a game, Kev,” Mickey comments with a smirk, getting to his feet.

“To you maybe, but to us, Mick, it’s a lifestyle,” Ian replies with a grin. Mickey rolls his eyes, heading into the kitchen. He returns a few moments later carrying two bottles, handing a soda to Ian as he sits next to him, the redhead taking it without looking away from the screen.

Kevin watches as they gravitate towards each other, how Ian leans into Mickey’s arm when he rests it against the back of the couch. Mickey lights a cigarette, absentmindedly handing it to Ian, and the redhead readily takes it, taking a long drag on it.

About halfway through the game, Mickey passes out against Ian, and Kevin notices the redhead slowly dragging his fingers through the brunet’s hair. He holds a smirk at bay, returning his attention to the game.


Kevin is taking the trash out when he hears the voices coming from the Gallaghers’ back yard. He doesn’t really want to get involved in any lovers’ quarrels, but after spending years with Veronica, he’s become a bit more nosy, so he just kind of stays still, listening.

“Can we not talk about this again,” Ian asks sharply, turning to face Mickey. The shorter boy stops suddenly, a scowl on his face. “I am not quitting my job.”

“Why? I mean, I’m sure Linda will give you your job back, hell even Kev might hire you at the bar.” Kevin can’t afford to hire Ian, but he keeps his mouth shut. “There’s that burger joint across from the free clinic…”

Ian sighs heavily, running a hand through his hair. “Why do you want me to quit my job at the club?”

Mickey’s quiet for a moment, but he finally sighs and says, “Because.”

“That’s it? Seriously?” Ian huffs and turns, heading back towards the house.

Kevin is reminded of another time, at The Alibi, seconds before the Milkoviches destroyed his bar, and even hears Mickey mutter, “Fuck,” before he yells, “Because I’m tired of those geriatric viagroids touching you!”

Ian stops, keeping his back to Mickey. He finally sighs, turns around, and says, “I’ll ask if I can tend bar, if that’ll make you happy.” There’s a smirk on his face when he continues, “You’re jealous.”

“Fuck off,” Mickey grumbles glaring at the ground.

“It’s kinda cute,” Ian teases with a grin, moving towards Mickey.

“I hate you,” the shorter boy says, but he’s unable to fight a smile.

“No you don’t.”

When they start kissing, Kevin feels like he invaded their privacy enough, and heads back inside, accepting the baby Veronica shoves into his hands without complaint.


Kevin’s cleaning tables when the bar door opens. Mickey and Ian walk inside, the latter pushing a stroller. Yev, who Kevin has seen a lot of over the past few months, is passed out, loosely clutching a battered looking monkey, his blond hair sticking up all over his head, one of his shoes missing.

“When is she getting back?” Ian asks curiously, digging into Yev’s diaper bag.

“I have no fucking clue,” Mickey responds waiting until Ian is inside before closing the door. “Svetlana told me Nika was taking her on some stupid fucking trip.

“To where?” Ian asks pulling a bottle from the bag.

“I don’t know. A whore convention maybe.” Mickey takes the bottle from Ian, gesturing for the younger boy to push Yev towards one of the tables. They sit down, Mickey coaxing Yev awake, lifting the baby from the stroller.

Yev blinked, owlish, blue eyes scanning the room before falling on Ian. He smiles, a large, toothless grin, and reaches for the redhead. Mickey relinquishes the kid, along with the bottle, digging into the stroller, making a triumphant sound when he finds Yev’s other shoe.

“I fucking told you we didn’t leave it at home,” he says shoving the shoe in the bag Ian had set on the floor.

“Yeah yeah,” Ian replies giving Yev the bottle. “Do you need anything at the store? I was thinking about going later today, maybe stopping by to see if Fiona or Debbie can watch Yev.” Ian lifts an eyebrow suggestively, Mickey obviously getting the message, and Kevin has to cough so they don’t start making out in the middle of the bar.

“V and I can watch the rugrat,” he offers carrying a tote full of glasses behind the bar. “Her mom’s bringing Ethan over, it’ll be fine.” Kevin’s not quite sure why he offers, but the gratitude flickering in Ian and Mickey’s eyes lets him know he made a good call.


Kevin’s leaning against the counter in the Gallagher’s kitchen, nursing his third beer, watching as Mickey and Ian whisper to each other from the position on the stairs. From the living room, Kevin can hear Veronica laughing at something Lip or Fiona said, followed by a squeal from Gemma or Amy.

Ian stands first, offering Mickey a hand, and when the shorter boy takes it, the redhead hauls him to his feet and leads him upstairs. Kevin tracks their movements until their feet have disappeared, he then walks into the living room.


Ian’s eating at a plate of wings, wiping his greasy hands on his jeans, when Kevin casually says, “You and Mickey get married without telling anyone?” Ian looks up, confused. “Just wondering is all. You two seem so ghetto married, I thought maybe you got hitched for real.”

“No,” Ian answers shaking his head. He’s quiet for a moment, but he shrugs and says, “So what if we are.”

“Exactly,” Kevin says just as Mickey appears at Ian’s side, which doesn’t surprise Kevin one bit.

“What the fuck you two talking about?” he grumbles snagging one of Ian’s wings.

“Kev here says we’re ghetto married,” Ian answers nodding at Kevin.

Mickey doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, but finally he sniffs, grabs Ian’s soda, and grumbles, “Don’t expect a fucking ring or anything.”

The evolution of a gallavich shipper

Season 1

their first time:

Mickey gets shot:

Ian visits Mickey in juvie:

Season 2

Mickey leaves juvie:

Sexy times in the dugout:

Mickey goes back to juvie:

Season 3

Every bodies feelings towards Dr.L:

Mickey returns (again):

The kiss:


Mickey is getting married:

The wedding kiss:

Ian leaves:

Season 4

Mickey brings Ian home:

The public kiss:

Mickey comes out:

Ian’s bipolar disorder:


Season 1

1x03 - Aunt Ginger - Mickey wants to give Ian a beating down because he thinks he’s messed with his sister.

1x06 - Killer Carl - Mickey stealing from the Kash & Grab becomes a big problem.

1x07 - Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father - Ian goes to the Milkovich house to retrieve the gun that Mickey had stolen from Kash and suddenly, sex!

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Mickey and Ian secretly get married and no one figures it out till they see Mickey wearing a ring.

(takes place some years down the road) 

They had made it work. It hadn’t always been easy, but they had done their best. Ian had taken his GED. Mickey had finally gotten a decent job, and didn’t have to pimp out russian prostitues anymore. Yevgeny was growing up and went to pre-school by now. When he was talking about his parents, it was always “my mommy, my daddy and my Ian.”. And he had already gotten in trouble for hitting a kid who said that he couldn’t have three parents. 

They had decided to finally tie the knot. There was no huge proposition, nobody fell to their knees and asked the big question. Just one night, when they were lying in bed, exhausted from the day, Mickey had turned to face Ian and said: “Firecrotch, we should get married.” 

And Ian had nodded and agreed.

A week later, they had signed the paperwork and then gone to a fancy restaurant. 

They didn’t care that it wasn’t romantic. When had they ever been romantic? What counted for them was that they were finally legally a couple. Mickey could get health insurance because Ian’s new job offered that to partners, and if something happened to Svetlana or Mickey, Ian could look out for Yev legally. 

They really didn’t mean to make a big deal out of this, but they hadn’t taken Debbie into account. 

It was Liam’s birthday and Fiona had prepared a small barbeque for the Gallaghers and Vee and Kev and their daughters (who both were in love with Yevgeny…).

Mickey was reaching for the ribs, when Debbie suddenly squealed like crazy.

“OH MY GOD is that an engagement ring?!”

The whole table turned heads to look at Mickey’s finger. 

Ian grinned sheepishly while Mickey, unimpressed, loaded ribs onto his plate.

“Yeah…actually, it’s…. uh… a wedding ring.”

Mickey munched down on his ribs while the Gallaghers were trying to fathom what Ian had just told them. 

“OH MY GOD CONGRATULATIONS!” Debbie was the first to react. She jumped up and hugged her brother, then Mickey (who just snorted and grumbeled into his barbeque-sauce covered hands).

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” Lip looked somewhere in between of delighted and mad. 

Ian shrugged. “I don’t know, we just wanted to… you know, it’s not such a big deal to us.”

“Not a big fucking deal?!” Fiona slapped him over the head, then hugged him. “My little brother got married! That’s a big deal to me!" 

"Yeah, it only took you, like, 500 years to finally confess each other your love and now your wedding isn’t a big deal?!” Lip laughed. He had gotten up and was pulling Ian into his arms for a big hug.

“Oh Mickey drop the fucking ribs and let us hug you!” Fiona punched him in the arm with a wide smile. 

Mickey grumbeled, but then wiped off his fingers, and let Fiona wrap her arms around him. When she let go, he even smiled a little. 

“We should throw a party at the Alibi!”, Kevin proposed and high-fived Mickey with a huge grin.

Ian looked down to Mickey. They exchanged a glance and a smile. It really had taken 500 years for them to finally be together. But now they would never let that go. 

Will You Fucking Marry Me?

Summary:  “It’s stupid, but, I’ve kind of always dreamed of being proposed to.”

Mickey took another bite of pizza and chewed it slowly, not meeting Ian’s eyes. Ian didn’t realize he was holding his breath until Mickey spoke again. “So what, you want me to get down on one knee or some shit? Buy a fucking ring?”

Ian nods his head slowly, somewhat shocked that Mickey is even taking this into consideration. “Yeah…I mean if you, if you want to.”

Mickey looks at Ian again and nearly collapses under his gaze, those fucking puppy eyes. “Shit, okay…okay yeah I’ll do it.”

Pairing: Gallavich (Ian & Mickey)

Words: 11745

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I don’t fell in love with Ian and Mickey because they were a teenage gay couple having sex, i fell in love through the seasons watching them grow and fall in love with each other.

Season 1 you see them casually hooking up for fun and when ian visits mickey in jail, you think oh they’re cute.

Season 2, going for him after he’s out of jail and spending time together to then watch the  breakup scene in kash’s store and realize how Ian was really falling for mickey and seeing him  with a  broken heart.

Then season 3 really hits you when you can see that no longer Ian is the only interested in the relationship. We see Mickey getting jealous and going after him, he doesn’t want Ian to think that he doesn’t give a shit about him that’s why he kisses him that’s why he invites him to his house and they try to spent time like a couple. Things get fucked when Terry find out we know that, but Ian could’ve said fuck it i can get another man i don’t need this shit, but you see how devastated he’s when finds out about Mickey is getting married how his heart is broken again, and when he confronts him, Mickey also could’ve said fuck it man past is past we had a good time i’m gonna get married but the fucking was fun, but no, we see how Mickey is incapable of speaking to Ian not because the gay thing is all about accepting he’s falling for him, we see that before the wedding with Mickey being all ‘i don’t care about you attitude’ but come here  and let’s have sex because you are the person i really want. And see this again at the end when Mickey is not able to said ‘Ian don’t go i really care about you’, all because he’s afraid to accept his feelings.

By season 4 is all figured out,  Ian loves Mickey and viceversa. This season is more about discovering Mickey’s love, you can see that he’s not there because Ian is the man with who he can have gay sex he doesn’t see him anymore like his outlet, he sees him like a person he fell in love with. He goes after him when Lip and Mandy tell him he’s in trouble, after the lap dance in the club when he sees Ian doesn’t care about Mickey being there he says him ‘if you don’t wanna hang out with me it’s fine but you need to call your family’ is all about i know i hurted you so much and i don’t expect you to come back because of me but i know that you’re in trouble and your family is worried so at least go with them so you can be happy with them. So he waits for Ian at the club because he sees how in bad state Ian is, and he wants to get him home safe because he cares about him. And this time he wants Ian to realize this so that’s why he prefers to spend the day with him when his wife is giving birth, because it’s like ‘last time i chose her but this time is different and the one i choose is you.’ That’s why Mickey  came out in the bar, not because Ian threatened him with leaving, is because Mickey truly realizes that Ian is the one he loves, because he knows how much he suffered knowing Ian wasn’t gonna get home until 4 years and knowing that he can’t loose him again and forever, so he decides to be out and overcame the homophobic trash of his father and neighborhood to let Ian know ‘hey don’t go and i’ll do anything for you because you’re the person i love.’ And we can ensure this sentence at the end when he says ‘he stays with me’, i don’t want to lose him again i’ll take care of him and see for his well-being.
So now in season 5 i don’t want to see the sex scenes we missed in previous seasons i want to see the intimacy a couple’s develops when you get in a relationship, i want to see the holding hands, i want to see the kisses that do not lead to sex, the good morning kisses, the good night kisses, the you said something funny kisses just the every day kisses of a relationship, i wanna see them giving each other compliments, i want a scene in bed when we don’t see them just banging each other, i want to see the after scene when they kiss after they came, what do they said to each other, they make jokes? they laugh?, they spoon? have they exchanged stories about their childhood? do they know everything each other? have they talked about his future together?

Because its not about the sex…is about the intimacy what the fans are really pissed about.

I need to see a gallavich out of the gay couple label, because let’s be real, maybe they have had really hard times but they’re a couple since season 1, and i really see them like the new Kev and V couple, the truly caring i love you and you mean the world to me couple.

So please writters of Shameless, get your shit together and stop giving them cliffhangers every time, i think they have gone through enough shit.
Let them be happy please!

A/N: Thank you all very much for your comments and encouragements!!! You guys are the best! :D (Links to part 1 and part 2!)

“Doctor? Doctor? Oi, spaceman! Wake up!” Donna’s loud voice jostled the Doctor out of his thoughts and he looked up to see her looming over him. Blinking a few times, he leaned back and shook his head.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said. “Did you say something?”

“Yeah, I said the queen passed away last night.”


“No, you tosser,” Donna scoffed and gave his head a flick. “I’m just messing with you.”

“Oh,” the Doctor coughed. “I knew that.”

Donna rolled her eyes and then walked around the coffee bar. Pulling out a stool, she set herself beside him.

“Okay, it’s high time you told me what’s been bothering you,” Donna prompted.

“I’m fine,” the Doctor wouldn’t meet her eye and instead stared down at his tea.

“Nonsense, you’ve been acting strange for the past week,” Donna scoffed. “First off you’ve been zoning out a lot, hardly talking—which is like so weird for you—and you’ve been sitting here for ‘bout an hour just staring at your cuppa while barely touching it. So, what’s going on, Doctor?”

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can you please write something cute to keep us sane..:)

Ha I can link you to my previously cute ones??

Ian has a hickey caused by Mickey and makes fun of it

Mickey kinda sorta asks Ian to be his boyfriend

Ian, Mickey, the rest of the Gallaghers, Kev and V all sit down to watch Supernatural. Mickey wonders about Ian’s preference.

Mickey visits Ian at the club and pays for a dance

Mickey’s many introductions to Ian in different scenarios. Actively trying to avoid the word “boyfriend” until he no longer can.

Mickey watches Ian reading

Kevin and Veronica are curious about Mickey and Ian’s sexual relationship

Ian distracts Mickey from gun practice

Mickey accidentally slips something out when him and Ian play a card game.

Ian and Mickey get ready for bed

Mickey starts giving Ian a blowjob under the table and one of he Gallaghers walk in. Ian tries to act like nothing is happening.

Mickey is trying to nap but Ian won’t shut up.

The heat goes out in the Gallagher house and mickey and Ian try to keep warm

Mickey expresses some insecurity about himself but Ian convinces him he’s fine the way he is

Mickey never had a good birthday. So now that it’s his 21st he doesn’t expect much from it. Matter of fact as the day is quickly approaching he counts his blessings that something bad hasn’t happened…yet.

Mickey sees Fiona and Lip arguing about food expenses so Mickey decides to do something about it the next night

Iggy and Colin approach Mickey about something Terry said when they visit him in jail.

Mandy and Lip bet on how long Ian and Mickey will last. And lose miserably

Mickey is jealous of a “tall, dark, and handsome” type that seems to have Ian’s attention.

Ian, Mickey, Mandy, and Lip play a game of Never Have I Ever

Ian and Mickey are getting married and lets just say…they’re both getting cold feet.

AU where Ian is deaf and Mickey accidentally makes an ass of himself.

Mickey asks Ian a very important question Christmas morning.

Taken from two prompts-1. Mickey and Ian grinding in the club and people notice. 2. Mickey is noticed at the club.

Based on 2 anon propmts-1. mickey gets ian’s name tattooed on him and ian finds out. 2. mickey and ian get matching tattoos.

- Ian, Mickey, and their daughter, Emma, series:

(can be read as separate stories)

(all are pretty fluffy except “Daddy Doesn’t Feel Well”)

Mickey makes Ian go to their daughter’s Parent/Teacher conference since Ian will be deployed soon.and wont be able to attend any for awhile

Ian and Mickey go to a school function with their daughter and one of the mothers starts flirting with Mickey.

Ian picks Emma up from her first grade class one afternoon. Emma starts asking Ian about love and boyfriends.

Emma makes Ian a card to get better.

Ian and Mickey attend their daughter’s softball game