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After working on this show for countless seasons we finally have toys sculpted in our style! Not pirates themed or Valentines themed but in the actual style of the show! These will release March 31st at D street at the parks but will be put up for online sale soon after. It’s insane to see some of my drawings translated into toys. Aaaaah. Way too cool. Please go out and buy them so they’ll eventually make more for the rest of the cast. I need a Goofy figure in my life. More coverage when I get a box!


shameless characters + name meanings ( insp )


My one of a kind hand painted Mickey MYXZ figure was one of 5 created by Disney artists available to win this past weekend on the Disney Store instagram. These were on display at the D23 Disney Store.
I based my design on Andy Warhol’s Mickey Mouse series since I am a huge fan of his work. I hope he went to a good home!


The Mickey Mouse Shorts Crew figure Unboxing. We got our first double…


Pirates of the Caribbean 3" Custom Vinylmation

Ive been on a bit of a vacation these last few weeks, and doing a few jobs that have kept me away from customs. But Im back at it with this Parks inspired design. Surprisingly this is the first Pirates design I’ve made. I really love making Disney Parks inspired designs so please PM me if you are interested in commissioning a Park design of your own! 

Rauschenberg and the Art of Collaboration: The Moon Museum

When Apollo 12 landed on the moon in 1969, it may have been carrying an edition of this artwork.

Forrest Myers, a member of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), invited Rauschenberg, (one of the founding members of E.A.T.) and five other artists to make drawings, which were etched by scientists at Bell Laboratories onto tiny wafer-thin iridium-plated ceramic chips. When NASA didn’t respond to Myers’s request, Bell Labs scientist Fred Waldhauer asked an engineer to help. According to Waldhauer, one copy of the chip was covertly attached to the leg of the lunar lander.

In addition to Rauschenberg’s straight line, there is a Mickey Mouse–like figure by Claes Oldenburg, stylized initials by Andy Warhol (“He was being the terrible bad boy,” said Forrest Myers in an interview), a black square by David Novros, a computer-generated drawing by Myers, and a circuit-like diagram by John Chamberlain. 

See more Rauschenberg: Among Friends collaborations at mo.ma/2s54Npr

[John Chamberlain, Forrest Myers, David Novros, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol with Fred Walhauer. “The Moon Museum.” 1969. Lithograph of tantalum nitride film on ceramic wafer. Publisher: Forrest Myers. Fabricator: Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. Edition: c. 40. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Ruth Waldhauer. Photo: Peter Butler. © 2017 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation]

BBC Merlin AU for consideration: modern day; Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and Morgana as a sometimes-team of young superheroes.

featuring Morgana who at some points tries too hard to be a gritty anti-heroine, Kilgharrah as an old retired super, and Gaius who is (as always) supportive but tbh kinda tired of Merlin using his powers to do everyday chores bc it’s completely unecessary merlin please just do the dishes like everyone else.

(Also featuring Miraculous Ladybug levels of obliviousness from the main four regarding their secret identities, which to me is especially hilarious for Arthur and Morgana since they live in the same dang house)

Season 8 Prediction 2

Prediction 2:

Mickey doesn’t actually come back until episode 10 again. 

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Episode 1–In passing there is a scene that announces the search has been officially called off for the missing fugitive Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich. Fiona (or another Gallagher, or multiple Gallaghers) look to Ian who looks relieved and maybe even a bit hopeful. Also in passing, Fiona (or another Gallagher) asks Ian if he thinks Mickey will come back. Ian replies he doesn’t know. 

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Episode 3 or 4–Ian runs into Svet or Iggy and asks if they have heard anything from Mick. Both would say no, of course. If Iggy, maybe they talk a little about the way things used to be at the house and how nice it was to see Mickey happy. If Svetlana, probably something about him not giving a shit about Yevgeny and calling Ian out for not giving a shit either. Ian feels ashamed but doesn’t fight her on it or make promises to see him in the future.

Episode 5 or 6–Someone (Fiona? Carl?) asks Ian if he is thinking about/misses Mickey because Ian seems distracted. Depending on who is asking, Ian will either lie or tell the truth. If it’s Fiona or Lip, he’ll probably deny it and they will move on. If it’s Carl or Debbie, he’ll probably tell the truth. Maybe both will happen over the span of two episodes so the Mickey-baiting will be spread out? At the end of the last Mickey-baiting episode, Ian shows the camera a postcard from Mickey which instructs Ian to send him a message if he wants Mickey back. The episode ends with Ian dropping a letter in a post-office dropbox. 

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Episode 9–Ian seems to be more focused, more relaxed. It’s a typical episode until at the very end when Mickey shows up in the Gallagher house lounging on Ian’s bed. It cuts out at Ian’s shocked face (unless the writers want to throw us a bone and toss in a bit of Gallavich smut… I wouldn’t complain, either.)

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Episode 10–Mickey’s presence in the Gallagher household goes unnoticed until breakfast when Mickey casually strolls into the kitchen with his famous swag. Fiona throws a flag on the play and a fight ensues. Everyone demands Mickey leave because his presence would put the whole family at risk. Mickey stays mostly silent, Ian surprisingly being the one fighting back. Finally when someone shoots out about how toxic Mickey is, Mickey throws back how everyone abandoned Ian when he needed them most (as I’m sure most Gallavich fans want someone to point out). They knew he needed help and instead of either insisting he seek treatment or at least showing up once in a while to help, they left him. This mostly shuts everyone up until Lip finally asks Mickey about his plan. Mickey admits he doesn’t have much of one, that he came back for Ian but knows staying in Chicago would be stupid. Ian turns to him in shock, apparently not having thought of that. Mickey can only shrug at Ian and finally Fiona tells Mickey he needs to figure his shit out soon, ending the scene. Later I think Mickey would have Ian contact Svetlana so he can get his cut of the money and set up a way to keep her quiet. Things are tricky with her but by the end of the episode, Mickey has his money and her promise not to tell the cops in exchange for under the table child support and babysitting whenever she wants.

Episode 11–Ian and Mickey spend a morning in bed until Ian’s shift when the mood suddenly drops. Mickey acknowledges aloud that they have to talk about everything–Ian’s bipolar, their future, this is the last time they are breaking up/getting back together (either they are together or they aren’t and they need to make a choice), Ian apologizing for distancing himself from Mickey and abandoning him at the border, Mickey explaining he understood, telling what he did in Mexico, etc, etc. They don’t necessarily resolve anything other than the apologies but there is promise to talk about it later. Ian leaves for work leaving Mickey alone in the Gallagher house. Mickey spends his day flipping channels, bit cleaning, and otherwise wasting his time until he realizes he can’t keep sitting around. He does some research into nearby cities he could relocate to. Family dinner at the Gallagher house which Mickey prepares. The Gallaghers make fun of him for being domestic but the tone is definitely more relaxed from breakfast.

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Episode 12–Mickey asks Ian to come out with him when it’s dark so they can have some privacy. They return to the ballpark where they first have sex (because I’m Gallavich trash, fight me and this is Shameless so would we expect anything else?) and then Mickey tells Ian his hesitant plan to get another new set of fake IDs and new social and even pay someone to create a financial history for a thorough implant, then to move to (whatever city the writers come up with, somewhere close enough that Mickey can fulfill his bargain to Svetlana but far enough away that it’s unlikely he will be recognized by anyone from their neighborhood). Ian again has an ultimatum to either go with Mickey or stay with the Gallaghers. Knowing Shameless this is probably where it will leave off but it will at least be clear Mickey can even more easily come back. Mickey goes to get his IDs and new social when he is stopped by a cop who thinks he recognizes Mickey as “that fugitive guy.” When Mickey shows him the new ID though the cop is satisfied and lets him go. This scare is enough to get Mickey on the road to moving. The final Mickey shot of the episode is Mickey in his new apartment alone (maybe the writers  would be gracious angels and have Ian come knocking, maybe not).

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What do you think about this prediction? Plausible or completely off the wall, crazy?

Mini-Hiatus Announcement (Oct. 8th - 12th)

So I’m on my uni’s soil judging team (which probs sounds weird lmao), but we have our competition this week!! that means we won’t be back until late thursday!! I won’t be taking my laptop, so the only thing I’ll really have is my phone;; but I’d still love to chat w you all!! feel free to add me on d.iscord (mickey#3870) or any other platforms!! I hope y’all have a lovely week!! be safe!! ❤️