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New Life

Summary: Ian goes to Mexico with Mickey, and this is a glimpse of their first few hours there.

Word Count: 1650

Notes: This one had been in my inbox for a while, sorry it took so long for me to write!

Ian couldn’t believe he was having second thoughts. Why have seconds thoughts about living the life he’s literally always dreamed of with his soulmate? It was stupid to ever think twice about something like this. Mickey was his endgame, and crazy thoughts should not get in the way of that.

The escaped convict looked more desperate than anyone has ever seen him, and it was disgruntling enough to snap Ian out of his mind. “We’re one step from the finish line, Ian,” Mickey pleaded.

The redhead nodded. He knew what he needed to do. Swiftly, he stepped forward and grabbed Mickey’s face, pulling him in for an extraordinarily deep and passionate kiss. When they separated, Mickey kept his eyes shut— like he was officially letting go. Ian surprised him though. He kissed him one extra time and said, “Come on,” he said. “Let’s ride.” He started to head towards the car.

Mickey stood frozen in his place with the most shocked expression. In all honesty, he thought that was it; he thought Ian was ending it for good. Up until Ian walked back to get his attention, he couldn’t get his mind around why Ian took those second thoughts back. The redhead stood in front of him with a cocked eyebrow. “You’re not leaving me?” Mickey’s voice cracked.

Ian shook his head and cupped Mickey’s beautiful face in his hands. “No, I’m sorry. I just got wigged out for a second. I promise I’m not leaving you ever again.” His eyes were showing so much sincerity that it was hard for Mickey not to believe him.

The convict took a gulp and pursed his lips out in worry. “Why?” His voice was shaky.

A slight upward curl of Ian’s lips started a grin. “Because I love you,” he said for the first time. Mickey’s said it to him before, twice actually, and in reality they’ve both always loved each other— it just took some time for them to outwardly admit it with words.

Mickey’s eyes widened and his breath hitched at what the love of his life had finally said. He had been waiting for years to hear those three meaningful words. Tears started to prickle in his eyes, but instead of letting them fall, he shut them and pulled Ian in for another kiss. “I love you too,” he said as they leaned their foreheads together. Before moving away, Mickey breathed in and asked, “You serious about this?”

Ian nodded. “I’m serious,” he grabbed Mickey’s hand. “Let’s get going.”

Both boys shared a smile and head to the car. Before actually leaving, Mickey had to make sure he was properly disguised. He was wearing a dress, heels, makeup, jewelry, and the final touch was a wig. There was no doubt that he looked like a women, so he and Ian weren’t too worried about getting across the border.

Once Ian actually started to drive towards the gate, the nerves set in. As they approached the border where all the security was, each of them pulled out their passports— the only difference was that Ian’s was real while Mickey’s was not. The policemen studied each passport in the same type of manner. Just as Mickey started to feel his heart thumping in his ears, the green light shined and they were given their passports back. “You’re good to go. Have a nice trip,” the tall officer waved them off.

“Thank you, sir,” Ian said and drove through to Mexico. Just as he closed up the windows, Mickey started laughing. “We fucking made it through!” Ian shouted.

“Holy shit. We fucking did it,” Mickey let out a relieved sigh. It felt like a thousand pounds was just lifted from his shoulders. He looked at the beautiful redheaded boy and smiled. We’re safe. It’s okay.

Ian let out a joyful laugh and leaned over to kiss Mickey. “This is it, Mick. This is our new life,” he spoke with awe, which was fully understandable because Mickey was feeling the same.

“Fuck,” the escapee said with an exasperated breath. It truly was unbelievable.

After a bit of discussion, they decided that Mickey should keep his disguise on until they get further inland or towards a beach in the southern region. Obviously, Mickey protested because he thought the dress was uncomfortable, but like always, he did was Ian said.

On their drive, Mickey researched and found that they should set out for a beach in Puerto Escondido. About three hours in, as they got closer and closer, Mickey voiced that they need to stop somewhere to eat. Luckily they found somewhere to exchange their American money for Mexican money, and then they found a restaurant.

The men figured that they were far enough into Mexico that Mickey could put his regular clothes back on. “Thank God! Holy shit, that thing was itchy as fuck.” He laid back in the seat in relaxation, but that blissful time quickly ended as Ian pulled into, what looked like, a taco bar.

Ian walked in first and Mickey followed. They were both praying that at least some of the workers in there spoke English, and to their luck, they did. When the entered, they were shocked how most of the people there were speaking in English— some sounded a bit more choppy than others, but they were still speaking English.

When the hostess neared the two men, she smiled. “¡Hola! Table for two?” She asked and pulled out two menus. When Ian nodded, she started walking and motioned for them to follow. “Is near bar, okay?”

“Sí,” Mickey said with a nod. Ian couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

The couple took their seats, and started looking through the menu. Like expected, it was a whole bunch of different variations of tacos. Once they ordered, they were hit with this realization that this is their new life. It was surreal to think about. “Fuckin’ tacos! And burritos and shit,” Mickey snorted.

“What?” Ian snorted.

“This is what we’re eatin’ from here on out, man,” Mickey grinned and took a swig of his beer. Then, he was basking in the Mexican culture around him. Maybe it would’ve been different if Ian wasn’t with him, but right now he was loving it.

Ian smiled at the dark haired man sitting in front of him. “You do know they have more than just tacos and burritos in Mexico, Mick,” he joked.

“Obviously I know that, dumbass,” Mickey spat. When he saw the silly grin that was plastered on the redhead’s face, his own grew wider. His heart felt fuller than it ever has before. Suddenly he realized he needed a drink. “I’m gonna run to the bar real quick. Want anything?”

Ian nodded. “Just a beer—” He caught Mickey’s disapproving stare, but when Ian gave it back, Mickey’s diminished. “I want a beer,” he repeated. “But I’m gonna run to the bathroom while you’re up there. I gotta piss.” He stood up and started towards the restroom.

Mickey made his way to the bar. As he told the bartender his order, a short and skinny man with a mustache came and stood next to him— a little too close. The escapee gave the small man a very threatening look, and took a step away. Mickey was using all of his might not to punch the guy in the eye because he knew he had to be on his best behavior after that latest stunt.

The other guy seemed to not give to shits though. He smirked in an unattractive way and turned his body to face Mickey. “You are feisty,” he said with a thick accent. “Me gusto, me gusto. I like ‘em feisty.”

Mickey raised his eyebrow and chucked the finger. “Uh, fuck off,” he spat and turned his gaze away from the man who was clearly coming onto him.

“I see you with tall red man. You can do better, you can do me. You want to get out of here, American boy?” The creep asked and stepped forward. “We could go back to my place and have some—”

Suddenly Ian was there and directly in front of Mickey. He was creating a barrier between them, and it was definitely for the best because Mickey was on the verge of killing the guy. Ian crossed his arms and stepped forward. “You should probably get out of here,” he suggested in a rude tone. There was fire in his eyes.

“Mi amigo, that boy is beautiful. I want him,” the man said like he got a choice in the matter.

Mickey was ready to fight if he needed to, but at the same time, he was ready to hold Ian back. Ian let out a very dry and sarcastic chuckle and stepped forward once again; he was completely invading the other man’s personal space. “I would fuck off if I was you.” When the man pursed his lips as if he was about to speak, Ian pushed him back. It was clear the guy must’ve never been in a fight because the second Ian laid a hand on him he scrambled out. “Pussy!” Ian called out.

Mickey chuckled. “Possessive motherfucker, aren’t ya?” He joked.

Ian turned to face the love of his life. He grabbed Mickey’s face and kissed him. “Mine,” he whispered. When the separated, Ian was about to head back to their table, but the Mickey could not let that happen.

With a swift movement, the shorted grabbed Ian by his belt loop and swung him around to kiss him again, but with more passion. At the moment, Mickey could give a shit if people were staring at him. “Love you,” he said.

“Love you too, Mick,” Ian smiled.

Mickey could get used to this. He could get used to living his life and flaunting Ian around. They were free here, and nothing could separate them now.

things mickey didn’t deserve: his good-for-nothing emotionally manipulative father, the need to steal food for his family, to grow up surrounded by homophobes, to be forced into becoming a husband and father when he was barely old enough to be out of high school, a predetermined reputation in his community due to the actions of his relatives, the extensive and violent abuse that nobody allowed him any means to cope with

things mickey did deserve: a stable, healthy, mutual relationship with the person he loves and is willing to sacrifice just about everything for; also for somebody to just stop and TAKE CARE OF HIM for like 2 seconds

Mickey Deserved Better, But...

Here’s the thing, I’m the first one to say Mickey deserved better. But think about what that really entails. What we actually mean when we say he deserved better, is that he deserves to be happy. Ergo: He deserves Ian. Because, Ian made him happy.

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I’ve seen a lot of commentary about how Mickey loved Ian more. Some weird internet pissing contest because, let’s face it, Mickey is love goals isn’t he? He’s a man who went from this scared shitless, self-hating, insecure child and grew into a strong, caring, and passionate man. One you’d kill to have fight for you. He came out of the closet for Ian. 

Let me emphasize that point. In a homophobic upbringing, environment, in front of the man that literally beat the shit out of him for being gay, (before having him raped by a prostitute to “fuck the faggot” out of him); Mickey Milkovich came out as gay, in a dive bar on the Southside, for Ian Gallagher. Whether you love or hate Mickey, that is goddamn significant.

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Now, possible domestic abuse issues aside, cuz, let’s face it folks: we’re cutting both Ian and Mickey a lot of slack when it comes to the fact that there was physical abuse in their relationship. But that’s what makes it so beautifully real. It’s not that the writers are glorifying an unhealthy relationship, or even that the fans are. It’s real. This is EXACTLY what it would look like if two, fucked up, Southside thugs, fell in love against the societal expectations of their socioeconomic status and environment. And to quote Tupac, their love is a rose that grew from the concrete. 

THAT is what is so beautiful about this pairing. Again, I am not advocating or condoning IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), which is actually a problem in the LGBT community; what I am saying is the reason there’s an inordinate amount of people who ship Ian and Mickey is because they were a light at the end of a dark and dismal tunnel. Well, they were until reality literally bitchslapped both of them.

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But I think there’s something pretty damn important we are all forgetting: and that’s the hell Mickey put Ian through in the beginning. I’m not trying to justify the shit Ian pulled after Mickey had his personal epiphany that made him into the man we have all grown to adore. But here’s the thing: Ian was falling for Mickey when shit was still raw and relatively unrequited.

Ian loved Mickey when he was still just a filthy thug. Ian loved Mickey, despite his refusal to kiss him. Ian loved Mickey, despite the serious internalized homophobia. Ian loved Mickey when he knew he shouldn’t, when Mickey made it clear that Ian was nothing more than a warm mouth to him.

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So, here’s the thing. Mickey deserved better… but so did Ian. They both deserved better. And what I mean by that, is not that Mickey deserved better than Ian, or Ian deserved better than Mickey. No. They both deserved to be happy. And honestly? They were their happiest together. Whatever bullshit aside, what their relationship represented was a love that managed to bloom from a dark and hopeless place. And if they could find love, couldn’t we all?

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Thanks for reading my rant. <3


‘’My last boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker.’’ - Ian Gallagher

Mickey: I need to talk to you. 

Ian: I don’t feel like talking. 


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Heck so. My sketchbook is full now. Yay! A lot of the art from it is not posted here but I believe that’s fine. Most of it is random doodles like this anyway. Oh!! And!! In the first picture there is a couple Drips doodles. Drips belongs to @bendy-and-the-askblog !! And like I’ve said many times you should go check them out! (If you couldn’t tell I really like their art;-;)
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Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade by disneylori