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Still accepting twitter prompts? What if someone had a surgery (a small one like wisdom teeth or something) and while they were loopy on meds started posting or did something crazy on twitter that got a lot of attention from the skaters and others because it was so not like them (aka spilling them dark secrets... or if in Yuri's case compliments)??? Idk I just love reading these things, and I never want them to stop.

Hit the Jackpot

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Guess who is getting their wisdom teeth out together!
(Photo attached of an unhappy Mickey sitting at a kitchen bench with Emil sending in the background, going through the fridge)

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Guess who isn’t happy about getting their wisdom teeth removed?
(Photo attached of Mickey sitting in the backseat of a car with his arms crossed and a glare aimed at the camera)

Emil Nekola @emil_Nekola
Everyone send @mickey-crispino your love, he is getting his wisdom teeth removed!

Michele Crispino @mickey-crispino

Emil Nekola @emil_Nekola
-heart emoji- @mickey-crispino

Michele Crispino @mickey-crispino
I’M WARNING YOU @emil_Nekola

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Boys are useless @emil_Nekola @mickey-crispino
(Photo attached of Emil running away from an enraged Mickey outside a dental office)

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
Why is @emil_Nekola there, @sala-crispino?

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Why is your twitter spelt wrong, @sala-crispino?

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Cause @seung-gillee

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
is visiting for the month @phichit+chu

Emil Nekola @emil_Nekola
They just took @mickey-crispino away for the surgery -sad face emoji-

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
It’s like someone kicked his puppy @emil_Nekola
(Photo attached of a sad looking Emil staring at a pair of doors)

Mila Babicheva @Mila-Babe
Boyfriend get carted away? @sala-crispino

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Yeah, doctors said it would only take half an hour or so @Mila-Babe

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
Apparently, the current situation cannot be fixed with puppies @emil_Nekola
(Photo attached of Emil sitting on the ground with an adorable fluffy puppy in his lap, still looking sad)

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
That puppy is being wasted on him @sala-crispino

Emil Nekola @emil_Nekola

Mila Babicheva @Mila-Babe
You make it sound like there was a chance he wouldn’t make it @emil_Nekola

Sara Crispino @sala-crispino
-Laughing while crying emoji- @emil_Nekola @mickey-crispino
(Video attached)

“Hey sleepy head,” Emil said gently while smiling at Mickey who was lying down on the dental bed. The older man stared blankly at Emil for a second before opening his mouth.

“Did the doctor send you?” Mickey asked in a muffled tone, causing Sara to giggle quietly from the corner of the room where she was recording. The brunettes mouth was full of medical pads, which were shoved into the corner of his mouth to stop the bleeding from where the wisdom teeth were removed.

“Man, you are eye candy,” Mickey mumbled while racking his eyes up and down a smiling Emil.

“Is that so?” Emil questioned, smile never fading.

“Most beautiful person I have ever seen,” Mickey cooed while waving a hand around, clearly to try and help his point, “Are you a model?”

Emil snorted out a laugh at Mickey’s question and shook his head.

“No, just a skater,” Emil responded.

“I’m a skater!” Mickey said loudly, “I skate! And I’m good! Good-ish! Not as good as your looks!”

Emil shifted in his seat, sending Sara (and the camera) an excited look.

“So, I’m good looking?” Emil questioned while turning back to the high man.

“Yes,” Mickey said before letting out a whine when Emil looked away from him, “Look at me.”

“I’m looking, I’m looking,” Emil ensured Mickey with a chuckle.

“Who are you?” Mickey demanded.

“My name is Emil, I’m your boyfriend,” the blonde responded simply with a bright smile on his lips.

“You are my boyfriend?” Mickey said with a surprised looking on his face, causing Sara to giggle quietly behind the camera again.

“Yeah,” Emil said while nodding his head.

“Holy shit,” Mickey gasped, causing Emil to chuckle in amusement. “Damn,” Mickey mumbled quietly to himself before turning towards Emil with a serious look on his face.

“For how long!” Mickey demanded, or demanded as much as he could while high from the pain medication.

“Just over a year,” Emil chuckle while reaching over to grab Mickey’s hand. Mickey stared at the joined hands for a moment, mouth open and closing for a moment. Maybe because of the medical pads in his mouth or because he was speechless.

“Have… have we kissed yet?” Mickey asked, causing Sara to snort out a laugh. Unable to keep is quiet anymore.

“A few times, yes,” Emil chuckled while squeezing Mickey’s hand gently.

“Oh my god, I hit the jackpot!” Mickey gasped while throwing his arms up in the air, or as best he could without letting go of Emil’s hand.

“I am pretty sure I am the one that hit the jackpot,” Emil laughed softly while giving Mickey’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“We are dating!” Mickey gasped softly.

Mila Babicheva @Mila-Babe
God, I think my teeth are rotting @sala-crispino

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
OMG that is so sweet @sala-crispino

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
I wish you luck with that one @emil_Nekola

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

I hope you don’t mind that I chose to write EmiMike rather than Victuuri! Been trying to figure out a way to add them into the story for a while now!

Okay but….imagine Mickey and Yevgeny decorating the house for Halloween.

  • skulls everywhere, Mickey loves skulls. 
  • Mickey getting pissed at the fake spiderwebs because that shit is annoying as fuck and sticks to everything except for what you want it to stick too. 
  • Yevgeny insisting that their house has to be the scariest on the block.
  • Yevgeny eating all the candy that Mickey told him to put in the bowl. 
  • Having a Halloween playlist going the whole time, Yev already knowing all the words to “Monster Mash”. 
  • YEVGENY AND MICKEY CARVING PUMPKINS TOGETHER!! (Yev’s totally comes out way better than Mickey’s does btw.)
  • Baking the pumpkin seeds in the oven and feasting on them all night while they watch classic horror movies. 
  • Yev popping out at Mickey with a mask on and scary the shit outta him. 
  • Yev making little ghosts out of tissues to hang on the fence outside.
  • Mickey chasing Yevgeny around the house with the life size plastic skeleton.