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Mickey tries to make moves on Ian in the movies and Ian doesn't seem to get it.

It was a Friday night and Mandy and Ian decided to go out to a movie instead of eating freezer burned pizza rolls and watching old movies at the Milkovich household.
Mandy was putting on eyeliner in the bathroom and spraying herself with some cheap perfume.
Mickey caught a glimpse of his sister as he walked by “where you going?”

“Got a date” Mandy giggled and stuck her tongue out at Mickey.
Mickey just burped, and said “lame” as he walked to his room.
Before he made it to the bedroom he heard a knock on the door and Mandy shouted “get that for me asshole!”
Mickey walked over to the door and was met with Ian Gallagher, he knew him from school.
Mickey eyes lit up at Ian but was slightly confused, “are you Mandys date?”
Ian laughed and let himself inside as he walked past Mickey, “that’s what she told you?”
Mickey just arched a brow at Ian and closed the door.
“I’m in the bathroom” Mandy hollered at Ian.

Mickey followed Ian to the doorway of the bathroom, and looked at Mandy and then back at Ian.
“Movie starts in twenty, we should go” Ian said shyly noticing Mickey kept looking at him.
“Yeah, let me get my phone” Mandy left Ian with Mickey alone.
Mickey scoffed to himself as he looked at Ian. “I’ve never been to the movies before.”
“ Come with us, Mandy isn’t really my date” Ian laughed; he figured Mickey knew that by the way he was looking at Ian.
That’s when Mandy walked back and heard Ian; “hey asshole, you’re blowing our cover” she smiled.
She saw that Mickey was looking at her, “you can come Mick, its fine, ask Iggy if he wants to go to but we have to go now.”

Mickey left to go ask Iggy if he wanted to go but Iggy was passed out on the floor so he just left with Ian and Mandy.
Mickey had always thought Ian was good looking, he would never say that out loud obviously but he would only steal from KASH-N-GRAB to go see Ian.
When they got to the theatre the three of them went to a side door and Mandy knocked. Shortly after she knocked a worker came and opened the door for them to come inside, Mandy always knew ways to get into places for free.

When the three of them got into the theatre and sat down Mickey turned to Ian and Mandy but mainly Ian and asked if they wanted anything to eat.
“Pizza and a coke” Mandy smirked and nudged Ian.
“Just a drink is fine, whatever” Ian said awkwardly.
“He is actually paying for something, the fuck” Mandy whispered as Mickey walked away.
Ian just laughed and watched Mickey’s ass walk away.

When Mickey came back he gave Mandy her food and handed Ian a drink and a bag of candy.
Mickey sat down next to Ian and Ian smiled.
Mickey brushed his hand against Ians arm slightly, not enough to be noticeable but he was trying to subtly drop hints.

It was the middle of the movie and Mandy got up, “where are you going?” Ian shot out.
“ The bathroom, I’ll be back. Mickey doesn’t bite” and Mandy got up and left.
“Unless you want me to “Mickey mumbled under his breath.
“Nothing” Mickey laughed and started looking back at the movie screen.

Ian was so confused, was Mickey flirting with him. Mickey Milkovich is gay? He couldn’t be gay, could he?
Ian dropped his phone on accident and Mickey went to grab it for him and their hands touched, Ian took his hand away quickly not knowing how Mickey would react but Mickey smiled and handed Ian his phone.

Mandy walked back in and saw them smiling at each other, “what did I miss?”
Mickey and Ian both bit their lips and laughed, leaving Mandy in the dark.

Okay but….imagine Mickey and Yevgeny decorating the house for Halloween.

  • skulls everywhere, Mickey loves skulls. 
  • Mickey getting pissed at the fake spiderwebs because that shit is annoying as fuck and sticks to everything except for what you want it to stick too. 
  • Yevgeny insisting that their house has to be the scariest on the block.
  • Yevgeny eating all the candy that Mickey told him to put in the bowl. 
  • Having a Halloween playlist going the whole time, Yev already knowing all the words to “Monster Mash”. 
  • YEVGENY AND MICKEY CARVING PUMPKINS TOGETHER!! (Yev’s totally comes out way better than Mickey’s does btw.)
  • Baking the pumpkin seeds in the oven and feasting on them all night while they watch classic horror movies. 
  • Yev popping out at Mickey with a mask on and scary the shit outta him. 
  • Yev making little ghosts out of tissues to hang on the fence outside.
  • Mickey chasing Yevgeny around the house with the life size plastic skeleton.