mickey 'the one you like best' is not a good answer

“This one or this one?” Mickey barked frantically, as he stomped onto the living room holding two different ties.

Ian, who was trying to calm a fussy Yev, squinted at the options then turned back to him. “Which one do you think, baby? Hm?”

Mickey was caught between admiring how good Ian was with his son, and wanting to shoot something. “Will you stop dancing around with the kid and help me?” He cursed and started holding each up in the small cracked mirror on the wall.

“Stwipes,” Ian answered in his best baby voice behind Yev’s head.

Mickey rolled his eyes. He put the tie on and scrutinized himself in the dirty mirror, then walked over to his boys. “I look like a fucking idiot.”

Ian grabbed him by the tie and pecked him gently on the cheek. “A handsome idiot.” Yev seemed to coo in agreement at the right time.

“Thanks,” Mickey looked from Ian to Yev, then back. “When is your initiation again?”

“Graduation. It’s at 11.” Ian turned to put the baby back in his playpen, as Mickey hurried around for his stuff, then came over to briefly pat the little boy on the head.

“Don’t be late!” He yelled after him. He sat down on the chair in front of his boyfriend’s kid. “He’s gonna be late, isn’t he?”

Yev smiled at him.