Sometimes I think about Moonlight & I just get really pissed because CBS is a bunch of idiots that couldn’t see what a good thing they had & hardly gave it a chance & I really need to know what happened to Coraline & who called Talbot & sent him that damn list & I need to see more MickBeth & know whether she would’ve wanted to stay human forever. I hate unresolved issues in TV shows.

Review: Moonlight

It has been awhile since there was a good vampire drama on television, and audiences have missed them. There’s proof enough in the loyal fan base of Moonlight, which pairs up old tradition with a few new ideas to bring about a charming classic retelling of a vampire on the search for redemption.

There is not much about Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) that would peak the curiosity of strangers. He seems quite normal. He lives in a lovely apartment and takes on detective cases as his day job. He does like the darkness better than sunlight and has a better nose for clues than any police dog, but apart from that, he’s no different from your average working male… >> more