“Wanna take this outside?”


Warning: Fighting, ass whooping.

Summary: A request to write about Meredith coming in and deciding to cause trouble between you and Ethan.

You could feel the anger coursing through your veins as you grip your phone, your vision slowly being blurred by the cracks of your own tears as your eyes caught sight of the video. How could he do this to you? Everything had been going so well, everything had been perfect, but of course, the universe likes to prove you wrong.

“I still don’t think it’s real.”

You glanced at (Y/F/N), a glare of annoyance etched in your features. How could she think this when she was tweeting especially for Ethan? The evidence had been concrete and right in front of you, now, the only way to see if it was true, if they were really, back together, was to see him and ask yourself.

3 Months Ago

You had met Ethan and Grayson delivering pizza, a telltale, your day definitely hadn’t been going well and you wanted nothing more than for everything to end so you could retreat to the comfort of your bed and give your problems to whatever deity listened. 

You trekked one summer day toward the elevator, two large pineapple pizzas in the box heater, and a receipt as you read where their apartment was. They seemed lucky to live in such a lavish apartment complex in this area. You followed more arrows that directed you toward the elevator, and once you arrived, you had found that not only was one elevator out of order, but there stood the maintenance man, fixing the other. He gave you an apologetic stare, before sullenly directing you toward the stairs. 

“You have got to be kidding me.”

You muttered to yourself as you pulled open the staircase door, revealing too many flights ahead of you. Your headache of anger grew even more as you tried to decipher what the hell was happening. 

“Alright, third floor…”

You sighed and began your journey to the assholes who decided to order pizza when their apartment building’s elevators had been out of order. By the time you had gotten to the correct floor, the pizzas were beginning to make your stomach growl and you remembered you forgot to eat lunch, and breakfast had been out of the question. Normally, snacking on customer orders were out of the question, however, this time, you desperately wanted to just take one bite, and they just so happened to have ordered your favorite pizza.

All throughout your mental debate, you found yourself in front of the apartment for the customers and now, you couldn’t sneak a bite. Begrudgingly, you rang the doorbell, and the loud music playing from within ceased and heavy footsteps ensued. The door swung open, to reveal a beaming bright, pearly-white smile, and with it, a razor sharp jaw-line that belonged to a symmetrical face whose eyes were a bit rounded, and as you tried to decipher just what color they were, a deep voice caught your attention more. 

“So how much is it?”

He questioned in a sultry tone and you looked at him a bit stunned before you realized his tone was both flirty and inquisitive. It took you a minute as you stared at him, and you recognized him to be one of the Youtubers you have come to idolize so much. You fished out his reciept from your pocket before reading the amount from it. He promptly flashed you another dazzling smile before handing you a flat fifty dollar bill. You looked at it in shock.

“Keep the change.”

The amount had been way more than was necessary and you looked at him to protest but he didn’t let you.

“Keep it, you can use the rest to take me out sometime.”

He winked at you. You tired at him for a moment before bursting into laughter as he followed, and looked at you in expectance, waiting patiently for your answer.

Oh, you smooth fucker, how the hell can I say no?”

“You can, but it’ll make me sad.”

He feigned a pout and you laughed, shaking your head as you tucked the pizza heater beneath your arm and held your hand out, he shook your hand and you shook your head, grabbing his hand once more and writing your number on it, as well as your name.

“I’ll see you later, Ethan.”

You smiled sweetly, turning around, an extra pep in your step and swaying your hips the slightest bit as he hated to see you go, and although he wanted to question how you knew him, he decided against it, and immediately texted you, and you responded with just as much vigor.


You and Ethan hit it of immediately, and soon, there wasn’t anyone who could make you laugh or smile quite like he did. It went slow, but it was what you wanted and it was perfect. You had the perfect first date, and he made sure to let you know just how much you meant to him everyday after that. It was a blooming love and it was something you would never let go of, because you had Ethan just as he had you.

Now, you were starting to question the faith. Sure, you two weren’t exclusive, but you’d be damned if you ever hurt Ethan like Meredith did. She had her chance and now she was ruining yours, just as the realization of love was hitting you. Of course this wouldn’t be smooth sailing and you were ready for anything that came your way. anything but Meredith.

You readied yourself, dressing in a t-shirt and leggings. You planned for a therapy day, just to clear your head before you could see Ethan, going shopping and visiting places where you knew no one, except (Y/F/N). After catching her at a local diner, the both you took a walk toward the pier. 

“Ethan is crazy about you. I still don’t think he would fuck it up.”

“The only way I’ll really know is if he says it to me himself.”

At the other side, you could see Ethan and Grayson who had finally found the both of you. You made way into a nearby coffee shop as they followed, only to be nudged harshly in the shoulder.

“Well look who it is…”

You turned around, a scowl on your face as you looked at none other than the fish bitch herself, Meredith Mickaelson. She gave you a nasty grin and her posse of twig skinny bitches followed suit, staring you down. Just then Ethan and Grayson had rushed to the side of the both of you.

“Get the hell outta here.”

You spat at her. She grinned, eying you with a malicious glare.

“Wanna take this outside?”

She tested, pushing past you, as you made way to the front of the pier.

“He could never like a worthless bitch like you.”

Excuse me?”

“You’re excused fat fuck.”

Meredith sneered, slapping you hard across the face. Ethan froze on the spot, as you slowly turned your head to face her and simultaneous gasps were heard. (Y/F/N) laughed loudly, shaking her head as she looked at Meredith had a satisfied smirk on her face. 

“Oh you done fucked up.”

(Y/F/N) grinned, holding her hand out as you handed her your bag. You lounged forward, stepping to her as you gave a hard right cross to her jaw. Meredith’s head flew back as she looked at you and gasped, blood falling profusely from her lip.

“You psychotic bitch!”

Meredith grabbed you by your hair as you did the same dragging one another. You stepped in between her legs, bumping your hip as you flipped her hard on her back, landing at your side into a headlock. She let go of your hair as you punched into her side repeatedly. Meredith began to claw at you, to which you stood up, gaining your footing with a smirk at your lips. Heavy breaths fell from her lips as tears threatened to fall. Grayson attempted to step in, (Y/F/N) gently stopped him, patting his chest as she shook her head. Meredith’s goons ran to her aid, lining up beside her. 

“Want some more?”

You taunted. Meredith screamed like a little bitch, lounging forward, as her friends attempted to take you from the back. (Y/F/N) shoved them off, shaking her head as they stepped back. Meredith grabbed at your hair, as you punched her hard with an uppercut, stepping to the side with a roundhouse kick into a knee, knocking her down so hard, she began convulsing. 

“Oh shit!”

Ethan gasped. You looked at (Y/F/N) who cheered happily and gave you a victorious high5 and hug. Meredith began to slowly stand up, swaying as she tried to focus on you. 

“Y-You want some m-more?!”

She called at you, falling on her face before her friends tried to help her.

“Nah bitch, stay down.”

You laughed, shaking your head.

“I think the winners say that. You just lay there and get your ass whooped.”

(Y/F/N) spoke, leaning over and watching her face swell from the damage.

After explaining the self defense toward an officer, you had ben released, and found yourself walking beside Ethan as he held an arm around you protectively. Ethan kissed the top of your head, giving you a small smile.

“I think I know what that was about.”

He whispered softly. You gazed up at him in question.


“I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have, (Y/N). I like you, a lot. Like, a lot a lot.”

Ethan laughed nervously as you watched him fidget a bit, turning to face him fully. You began to wonder why or how you began to doubt the goofball in front of you, but you understood you’d never do it again. He looked at you with nothing but love in his eyes, and a small nervous smile at his lips. He sighed, and you nodded, leaning forward and capturing his lips in a sweet, intimate kiss. He returned the favor, wrapping his arms around you protectively, as if someone were going to rip you from him. You pulled away before he gave you a couple more kisses of longing. A small smirk found his lips.

“Not gonna lie, you kicked major ass.”

The drama that happened a while ago kinda inspired this, it was also requested. It is entirely fictional and would never wish real harm to any of the people mentioned in the work.

~Kai xx

there is a wolf somewhere
she sleeps in your dancing shadow
growls from the dusty corners

there is a wolf somewhere
in plain daylight she howls, calls a pack
of clouds to drown the sun

there is a wolf somewhere
her fangs pierce through iron veins
she feeds off moonlight bones

there is a wolf somewhere
you pet her, your fingers shredded

there is a wolf somewhere
silver eyes and knife-like fur

there is a wolf somewhere
you have prayed to the altar

there is a wolf somewhere
you have dreamed it alive

there is a wolf somewhere
her howls echo in your ears

there is a wolf somewhere
can you tame it?

there is a wolf somewhere
are you ready to admitโ€“ย 

there is a wolf somewhere
have you looked into the mirror yet?

there is a wolf.

—  her hunger awakes you

idtopthat  asked:

How do you fix an unhealthy ISFJ?

(Gif: Elijah Mickaelson, The Originals. ISFJ.)

You asking for yourself, as in how do I change, or for someone else?

If the latter: you don’t. People have to decide to fix themselves.

No one changes unless they cannot stand who they have become, and choose to make a difference in their own life by addressing each of their problems and working hard to change their overall attitude, how they treat people, and their expectations for the future. 

Here’s another brutal pill to swallow, which I have struggled mightily with over the years: you are not God’s gift to that person. It is not your job to fix them. If you are in a relationship just to help them, that is patronizing and unhealthy for both of you. Get out while you still can. If the relationship is optional, and you cannot stand this person for the person they are, you need to leave. You can either accept them as they are, or get out. That’s the sad truth of life.

For personal development, what about you as an ISFJ is unhealthy?

Is it Si-dom unwillingness to change, compromise, accept that anyone else’s views are valid, or see beyond your own limited experiences? If so, work on Ne development. Start with the basic presumption that you are not always right, or even right most of the time. Sit down and think about something from different angles. Try and see things from another person’s perspective. Read as much as you can, and hear as many diverse opinions as you can, in order to have a better knowledge base. Listen to both sides of arguments even those you do not like, and pick out the virtues and flaws in each (your Ti can help out).

Is it aux-Fe being absent? Or too engaged? One means you are continually cut off emotionally from other people, often somewhat scornful of their feelings, and you may use Fe only to manipulate or do harm by targeting people’s emotions; the other is that you frequently have an immediate emotional reaction and get your feelings hurt too easily, then refuse to step back from the situation in order to decide how rational your reaction is (poor Ti use). If the former, read up on how Fe is supposed to work. Trust more people with your true feelings. Share your feelings as you process them; often getting them out into the open air will clear your mind and help you move on. If the latter, learn to step back before you emotionally react and decide, “is this worth being mad about? did this person mean to hurt my feelings like that?”

Is it tert-Ti being a no-show (you never analyze yourself, your views, your behaviors or your motives for making decisions) or being overly critical, harsh or demanding in perfection? If the former, well, you know what to do: start figuring out why you like, why you react the way you do, what makes you tick, ask yourself if this is worth being emotionally engaged in, or what the best solution to a problem is. Study some psychology, beef up your understanding of what motivates different behaviors; it’ll help you not only with yourself, but in understanding and dealing with other people. If the latter, engage your Fe more.

Is it inferior Ne envisioning worst-case scenarios 24/7? Listen up: most of what you worry about will never happen. The future is an exciting place full of amazing possibilities. When you go off on a negative tangent, turn it around. Instead of thinking about a global apocalypse, make it fun. Decide what kind of zombie fighting technique you will use when it happens. Or make a list of awesome stuff you HOPE exists in the future, like floating skateboards and telepathic robots. Make it fun.

As with all functional development, notice people who use the function you admire WELL and then copy them if you have to; it can teach you a lot. :)

- ENFP Mod

PS: Sorry if this sounds strongly Te / blunt; I’m a bit annoyed right now with a slow loading wireless connection so I’m not as cuddly as I often am. =P

The originals 2x06 review

what an episode!!!!!!!

klayley eye sex about the shirt!!!!!!!!!

esther’s sister:

what the fuck. and who’s Freya? how many more kiiiiids? why we never heard of her?????

and sorry but when Jackson (blah) introduced Klaus’ daddy I heard “here’s my friend, asshole”


as for Hayley…. my girl! my powerful hybrid!

and ooooooh if Hope was dead, Dahlia wouldn’t return to fuck us hard…..

why everyone in this family is a fucking asshole?