Rockstars in commercials

Iggy Pop: Car InsuranceSchweppes 

Alice Cooper: Staples , Sony, Callaway Golf, Marriott  

Bob Dylan: Victoria’s Secret 

The Rolling Stones: Jingle for Rice Krispies 

Steven Tyler: Burger King , Gap (along with Joe Perry), Sony camera 

Ringo Starr: Sketchers , apple juice , Pizza Hut (with the Monkees)

Mick Jagger: Monty Python (with Charlie Watts), showing off his gym shoes

Paul McCartney: JBL, Fidelity Federal  (kinda), Apple 

U2: Apple

David Bowie: Pepsi  (with Tina Turner), Louis Vuitton , ice cream (rare!), XM Radio, XM Radio 2005  !!!, Reality  

Robert Plant: Coca Cola

Slash: Mastercard , Volkswagen 

Gene Simmons: Dr. Pepper, Nike

Ozzy Osbourne: Best Buy , World of Warcraft , Samsung Propel, I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!, Brisk , Pepsi Twist 

Brian May: Ford

Roger Daltrey: American Express , Bulova, A Christmas Carol (he’s Ebenezer Scrooge!!!) 

Elton John: Pepsi

Feel free to add more!

R.I.P Prince. i wish we better appreciated living music legends while they were still alive...here are some amazing music legends we still have with us with incredible discographies. Support and see  those that are still touring or performing live, buy/stream/discover their music. Feel free to add more.
  • al green (70)
  • alice cooper (68)
  • ann wilson (65)
  • annie lennox (61)
  • aretha franklin (74)
  • art garfunkle (74) 
  • axl rose (54)
  • barbra streisand (73)
  • barry manilow (72)
  • bernie taupin (65)
  • bette midler (70)
  • bill withers (77)
  • bill wyman (79) 
  • billy idol (60)
  • billy joel (66)
  • bob dylan (74)
  • bob seger (70)
  • booker t jones (71)
  • brian johnson (68)
  • brian may (68)
  • brian wilson (73)
  • bruce springsteen (66)
  • bryan adams (56)
  • carole king (74)
  • carly simon (74)
  • carol burnett (82)
  • cat stevens (67)
  • cecil taylor (87)
  • charlie watts (74)
  • (sir) charles thompson (98)
  • cher (69)
  • christopher plummer (86)
  • chrissie hyde (64)
  • chubby checker (74)
  • chuck berry (89)
  • cyndi lauper (62)
  • daryl hall (69)
  • david bryne (63)
  • david crosby (74)
  • david grohl (47)
  • david lee roth (61)
  • diana ross (72)
  • dick van dyke (90)
  • dionne warwick (75)
  • dolly parton (70)
  • doris day (92)
  • david gilmour (70)
  • debbie harry (70)
  • eddie van halen (61)
  • eddie vedder (51)
  • elton johnelvis costello (61)
  • ennio morricone (87)
  • eric clapton (71)
  • fats domino (88)
  • frankie valli (81)
  • gene simmons (66)
  • george michael (52)
  • ginger baker (76)
  • glenn campbell (79)
  • gloria estefan (58)
  • gloria gaynor (66)
  • graham nash (74)
  • gregg allman (68)
  • hans zimmer (58)
  • herbie hancock (76)
  • henry gray (91)
  • howard shore (69)
  • huey lewis (65)
  • iggy pop (69)
  • jackson browne (67)
  • james taylor (74)
  • jeff lynne (68)
  • jerry lee lewis (80)
  • jimmy buffett (69)
  • jimmy page (72)
  • joan jett (57)
  • joe perry (65)
  • joe walsh (68)
  • john fogerty (70)
  • john lyden (60)
  • john mayall (82)
  • john mellencamp (64)
  • john oates (69)
  • john paul densmore (71)
  • john waite (63)
  • john williams (84)
  • joni mitchell (74)
  • julie andrews (80)
  • julio iglesias (72)
  • kate piersen (67)
  • keith richards (72)
  • kenny g (59)
  • kenny rodgers (77)
  • kiki dee (69)
  • lenny kravitz (51)
  • leonard cohen (81)
  • little richard (83)
  • linda ronstadt (69)
  • lionel ritchie (66)
  • loretta lynn (84)
  • madonna (57)
  • meat loaf (68)
  • mick jagger (72)
  • nancy sinatra (75)
  • nancy wilson (62)
  • neil diamond (75)
  • neil young (70)
  • nick mason (72)
  • nikki sixx (57)
  • nile rodgers (63)
  • olivia newton john (67)
  • ozzy osbourne (67)
  • pat benatar (63)
  • patti labelle (71)
  • patti smith (69)
  • paul mccartney (73)
  • paul rodgers (66)
  • paul simon (74)
  • pete townshend (70)
  • peter cetera (71)
  • peter gabriel (66)
  • phil collins (65)
  • quincy jones (83)
  • raphael (72)
  • randy newman (72)
  • richard hell (66)
  • ringo starr (75)
  • robert krieger (70)
  • robert plant (67)
  • robert smith (57)
  • roberto carlos (75)
  • robin zander (63)
  • rod stewart (71)
  • rodger daltrey (72)
  • roger taylor (66)
  • roger waters (72)
  • ronnie wood (68)
  • rosanne cash (60)
  • sammy hager (68)
  • shirley bassey (79)
  • slash (60)
  • smokey robinson (76)
  • sonny rollins (85)
  • steve miller (72)
  • steve winwood (67
  • steven tyler (68)
  • stevie nicks (67)
  • stevie wonder (65)
  • sting (64)
  • t bone burnett (68)
  • tim curry (70)
  • tina turner (76)
  • tom jones (75)
  • tommy lee (53)
  • tom petty (65)
  • tom waits (66)
  • tony bennett (89)
  • van morrison (70)
  • willie nelson (82)
  • vera lynn (99)
  • yoko ono (83)
Rockstar Movies

Mick Jagger: Freejack,Performance, Ned Kelly (trailer), The Man from Elysian Fields, Bent (trailer), The Rutles

Gene Simmons: Runaway (trailer), The New Guy, Trick or Treat, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Extract (trailer), Never Too Young to Die, Detroit Rock City 

David Bowie: Labyrinth, The Man Who Fell to Earth , The Prestige, The Last Temptation of Christ (trailer), August (trailer), Mr. Rice’s Secret, Everybody Loves Sunshine (trailer), Gunslingers Revenge (trailer), The Linguini Incident, Arthur and the Invisibles, Just a Gigolo, Basquiat (trailer), Absolute Beginners, The Hunger (trailer)

Bob Dylan: Hearts of FireRenaldo and Clara, Masked and Anonymous

Tina Turner: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Last Action Hero, TommySgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Elton John: The Road to El Dorado, Tommy, Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember  

Roger Daltrey: Tommy, McVicar, Lisztomania, The LegacyThe Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, Buddy’s SongVampirella (trailer), The Young Messiah, Chasing Destiny (trailer), (so so many)

Paul McCartney: Rupert and the Frog Song, A Hard Day’s Night, Give My Regards to Broad Street, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Help!, Eat the Rich (trailer)

Ringo Starr: Caveman, The Magic Christian, Son of Dracula, Candy, That’ll Be the Day, Lisztomania, Sextette, The Point

John Lennon: How I Won the War, Two Virgins, Erection

Documentaries/Concert Films 

The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane, Charlie is my Darling, Being Mick, Gimme Shelter, Shine a Light, Cocksucker Blues (you can view it fully if you search around Youtube), Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (Midnight Rambler), Lets Spend the Night Together, Stoned, Stones at the Max, Stones in Exile, Sympathy for the Devil (clip), Under the Influence, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

The Who: The Kids are Alright, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who, Lambert and Stamp, Keith Moon: His Final Hours, Living Famously, Pete Townshend’s Video Diaries, Boston ‘79   

The Beatles: The Beatles Anthology, Living in the Material WorldThe Compleat BeatlesPaul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison, Wingspan, Ringo Rama, Concert for George, Let it Be, The Real John Lennon, Imagine: John Lennon, The U.S Vs. John Lennon, Inside John Lennon, The Day John Lennon Died, John Lennon: All You Need is Love, John and Yoko’s Year of Peace, Beatles Stories   

Pink Floyd: The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story (incomplete), Live at Pompeii, Pink Floyd the Story, Behind the Wall, Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd?, A Technicolor Dream

Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same, A to Zeppelin, Celebration Day (Kashmir) 

David Bowie: Cracked Actor, David Bowie: Five Years, Sound and Vision, David Bowie is    

The Doors: When You’re Strange, Feast of Friends, Doorstown, The Road of Excess, Jim Morrison: His Final Hours, Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison (in production), The Doors 

Queen: Days of Our Lives, Champions of the World, Magic Years (missing part 1 out of 21), The Great Pretender, Freddie Mercury: The Untold Story, We Will Rock You (Montreal 1982), Queen at Wembley,  

Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules, In Your Dreams, Fleetwood Mac- Unbroken Chain, The Dance, Tusk Documentary, Don’t Stop, Iconic, The Fleetwood Mac Story- Don’t Stop 

Here is a list of what you can find on Netflix (U.S) 



-Arthur and the Invisibles


-The Road to El Dorado

-Under the Influence

-The Doors

-In Your Dreams


- I haven’t seen all these films, so I am not able to put trigger warnings before titles! Please do research before watching if you’re easily triggered! 

-I tried finding all the full movies I could, but it was a difficult task and some movies I just couldn’t find!

-Always be careful on these free movie websites! Although I didn’t have too many troubles with viruses.

- If you see a button that says “Click here to watch” or “Download now!” or something of that sort always click and drag them. If you can drag them then they are fake and you should NOT click on them.

-These movies all have a chance of being taken down/removed

Feel free to add more!

Tracing the Rock and Roll Race Problem

The premise of Jack Hamilton’s deep new study Just Around Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imaginary seems like something that’s been on rock history’s tongue for a long time without ever quite leaving it.

Chuck Berry, a black man with a guitar, had been a rock and roll archetype in 1960, but by the end of the decade Jimi Hendrix would be seen as rock’s odd man out for being… a black man with a guitar. How did that occur?

The book, out September 26, began life as Hamilton’s graduate thesis (he’s a professor at the University of Virginia). But while it’s intellectually rigorous, Just Around Midnight is also clearly and entertainingly written—not a surprise to anyone who reads Hamilton on Slate, where he’s one of their music critics.

Hamilton locates the ways “rock and roll” (which tended to denote everything from soul to surf music) became just plain “rock” (which tended to mean only guitar music by white people)—namely, in San Francisco’s psychedelic scene, full of ex-folkies.

There, a pattern repeated from the folk revival that preceded Beatlemania, in which largely white musicians tended to idolize black forebears while ignoring contemporary R&B.

As Hamilton point out, this mindset often put black rock and rollers into the “predecessors” category even when the musicians in question were peers and contemporaries, like when a Beatles biographer claims Smokey Robinson as a precursor when, in fact, Robinson was born the same year as John Lennon.

Even that précis doesn’t do justice to the richness of Hamilton’s ideas, or his wide-ranging research, both archival and musicological—the latter particularly during a chapter on the musical interrelationship of Motown and the Beatles. Are there two more oversaturated musical topics on the planet?

Along with the rest of the ’60s rock and soul canon, Hamilton thinks, convincingly, that we’ve only begun to understand them, especially side-by-side. [Read More]

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