Of Monsters and Men & Manager Heather Kolker Sign With Mick Management

Billboard.com reports: “Icelandic folk-rock act Of Monsters and Men and manager Heather Kolker have joined Mick Management, the firm founded by Michael McDonald in 2001. The move will set up the band’s upcoming second album due later this year, the follow-up to 2012’s platinum-selling My Head Is an Animal and accompanying tour cycle. U.S. dates are already booked for the WRFF Birthday Bash and Sasquatch Festival in May, as well as a series of European festivals in June and July.Kolker joins Mick after a 12-year career with Little Big Man/Paradigm, where he was an agent for acts like MGMT, Tame Impala, Atlas Genius, The Drums and Francis and the Lights. (Of Monsters, also a Paradigm client, is booked by the agency’s East Coast chief Marty Diamond.) "Being at Paradigm has been a very significant journey for me and leaving isn’t easy,” Kolker says. “However, I am beyond thrilled about this next step and to be taking it with Mick Management – an outstanding team of people with a fantastic roster of management clients to which I am proud to add Of Monsters and Men.”

“Heather’s musical tastes, experience as an agent, and success with OMAM reflect the dedication and passion we stand for,” adds McDonald. “Heather and Of Monsters and Men are welcome additions to the family.”

Kolker will continue to manage Of Monsters, as well as help bring in new talent to a roster that already includes Ray LaMontagne, Passion Pit, Childish Gambino, Lord Huron, Walk the Moon, Animal Collective/Panda Bear, The Walkmen/Hamilton Leithauser and Sharon Van Etten, among others. The company parted ways with longtime client John Mayer in 2013.

Mick has also been expanding its executive team, adding a West Coast office run by Chad Taylor and Famuel Rothstein, as well as partner Jonathan Eshak, Rich Cohen and Rich Shaefer.“

Here is OMAM’s page on the Mick Management website.

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Had the opportunity to do some artwork for the band Walk the Moon this past week. They rocked the main stage at the 20th Anniversary of Lollapalooza yesterday in Chicago and used some of my art as the banner you can see in these photos. 

These guys are a lotta fun, and I guarantee you won’t be able to sit still when you start playing ANY one of their songs. Check ‘em out HERE on iTunes and give 'em a listen. Some of my faves are “Anna Sun,” “I Can Lift a Car,” “Quesadilla” and “Lisa Baby.” Download 'em. Do it.

Thanks to the band and Lindsay for checking out my stuff! 

(Close-up photo credits: Dave Mead)

I'm not accusing anyone of taking a client's supporters for granted. Yet.

Last week this was published:

For someone like John Mayer, you’re dealing with a fan base that is tiered basically over a period of a decade. Sometimes you want to do something special for the fans that have been involved since day one – the ones that have been career supporters. Other times, you want to give newer fans (who’ve maybe never sat in the front row) a chance to get close as well. It’s a balancing act to make sure that just because someone has been a fan since album one, and this other person has been a fan since album 3, it doesn’t mean one should be treated better than the other… Any artist can immediately deliver music to their fans, so why not reward your most supportive with an early listen to your new album? Why not give them early access to ticket sales (if you can)? Tweet back to fans occasionally and make them feel heard.

Today this was tweeted:


I’m resolving not to get upset until there’s legitimately something to get upset about. There’s way more important things going on in the world. And it’s possible that there’s something new being planned. Possible.

But… I think I see a storm a-comin’. An ugly one. And an unnecessary one.

{{Lisa might be in trouble if Mick manages to break out, which Snart doesn’t doubt he’s capable of, and so Captain Cold uses his “Phone a Friend” option to secure some back-up in 2016. Short and drabble-y.}}

Leonard Snart had learned, within the first few days on the Waverider, that Gideon was able to contact the Flash, even through time (something she could do, as Barry had created her). Leonard had never needed to give it an actual test run before, but now he was sat on a chair, legs hanging over the armrests, muttering to Gideon to “Call Barry Allen.” A sound like a phone ringing emitted from the device in his hands (something similar to a cellphone, but needing a supercomputer to operate) for a minute or two before the line crackled and a voice appeared on the other end.

“Hello? Who is this?” Barry Allen. It almost felt good to hear the kid’s voice again. It was so… Familiar. So 2016.

“I need a favour.” Leonard drawled into the phone, his eyes slanting slightly.

“Snart?” Barry was stuck somewhere between disbelief and irritated. “What- I-”

“You owe me, remember? For telling you about Mardon and the Trickster?”

“Well, yeah, but I thought that was more like a high-five or I’d buy you a hot chocolate or something.”

“Are you trying to ask me on a date, Barry Allen?” Leonard could practically hear the blush on Barry’s cheeks as he sputtered into the phone, stuttering “n-n-no, that’s not… that’s not what I…” all the while drawing a deep chuckle from Leonard. “Calm down, kid. The favour’s not really for me. It’s for Lisa.”

The line was silent for a few moments. “What’s up with Lisa?” He finally asked, as Leonard knew he would, because he couldn’t resist the urge to help someone.

“I need you to check in on her every once in awhile. Make sure she’s safe.”

“Is there a reason she wouldn’t be?”

“We ran into… Some trouble with one of the team. I want to make sure Lisa has some backup if he reappears in 2016 with a desire for vengeance.”

“Heatwave?” Leonard didn’t answer, just clutched the speaker in his hand tighter. The line was silent for a few moments before Barry’s voice finally came across again. “Snart, I’m sorry…” He whispered.

“That makes two of us.” Leonard whispered back, barely audible. “I hope you’re not growing even softer on me, Scarlet.” He drawled back and heard a muffled sort of laugh from Barry. “Mick’s made some promises I’d prefer he didn’t keep. And if ever there’s a time I’m, well, stuck-in, I’d like to make sure Lisa has some back-up.”

“I don’t really think she needs it.” Barry offered, grinning.

“She doesn’t.” Leonard agreed. “But you know how warm and fuzzy I am inside.” He retorted, once again getting a laugh out of Barry.

“Okay. I’ll keep an eye for Lisa, that’s one of Cisco’s favorite jobs anyway.” Leonard Snart sighed heavily into the phone, and once again Barry laughed. It was almost contagious. “This isn’t for breaking into my house on Christmas, though. This is because you’re off saving the world, being the good guy. I still owe you a hot chocolate for Christmas.” Leonard let out another low chuckle, rolling his eyes.

The line was silent again for a moment, before Leonard’s eyes closed as he contemplated his next sentence. 

“Thank you, Barry.”

“You’re welcome, Leonard.”

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