"Pro-wrestling is fake!"

Well, if you mean pro-wrestling is scripted, I don’t think any one can argue with you on that.

However, if you mean wrestlers don’t have athletic capabilities or the stunts they do aren’t dangerous-

Or that pro-wrestling being scripted makes it any less enjoyable to watch-

Let me tell you something, brother-

You couldn’t be more wrong.

I hate saying that anybody is the next CM Punk - I dont wish that upon anybody. But if anyone was its this guy. He’s got IT

CM Punk on Dean Ambrose

 ”Ambrose has always reminded me as having some Brian Pillman and some Roddy Piper in his personality. So, if Ambrose doesn’t get institutionalized (Only kidding) with those perceived personality traits, he’s going to be outstanding. A little of The Loose Cannon and some of Hot Rod equates to money to me.” Jim Ross on Dean Ambrose

I’m very impressed with the one guy in The Shield — what’s his name  — Ambrose, that’s it. He’s really good. He’s got it down. He’s such a first-rate thinker on his feet when it comes to his timing, his expressions, his quickness, his deviousness. I love his deviousness! I saw him this past weekend and told him I thought he was great.” Bret Hart on Dean Ambrose:

Now, most of the guys are being manufactured and they think about breaking away from the pack and becoming someone special. Guys like Dean Ambrose are different from other wrestlers. The thing is, you need to take those same moves and personalize them.” Booker T on Dean Ambrose

I love the whole Shield gimmick, everyone’s real focused on Roman, and I think he’s definitely going to be a huge star, but Dean Ambrose to me, he’s the star of that.Batista on Dean Ambrose

All the ones I’ve mentioned (Cesaro, Barrett, Bryan) are going to be big, big stars, but my personal pick – and I hope I don’t jinx him with this – is Dean Ambrose. People have no idea how good he is yet; they have absolutely no clue how much he can do. He can be everybody’s perfect opponent, and I mean everybody, for the next 10 years. It doesn’t matter what role he’s playing, or whether the fans like him or not – he can be that guy. He’s just so good.

I spotted him as soon as he came to work here. He got put on the developmental TV just through one promo – they hadn’t even seen him wrestle. He was on it within a week, and then everyone was like, “Wow, he’s really good in the ring as well.” The people have only seen him punch and kick so far, but wait till you see what he can really do. It’s the same as Daniel Bryan – he’s invaluable to this company.” William Regal on Dean Ambrose

After listening to Dean Ambrose do commentary my 10 year old turned to me, and said, ”Dad, he’s a good talker” Indeed he is. Mick Foley on Dean Ambrose