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The thing about Damianos Akielos is that he is a Hot Commodity. There’s probably a 30 page waiting list out there of people who want a chance to date him. The only problem is that since the age of fourteen, he’s never been single for more than a week. A week!

“He sounds great,” the bartender says, polishing a glass. Laurent realises that he’s been speaking out loud. He is drunk. He also realises that this bartender - Rick, or Mick, or Mike, or whatever his nametag says, words are a little blurry at this point - doesn’t realise the magnitude of the situation at hand.

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@conscientiousmonster reminded me of my old drawing of this crossover and an old intention to draw this scene %)

“- Are you OK, Ezra?

- Yes, I-I-I just think I just didn`t get a lot of sleep last night.

- May be that`s because you were out all night with Maul.

- What, you were all night out with Maul?! With my all due respect… What am I talking about, what respect is due? How is Ezra supposed to keep up with his training if you keep ripping him off for high-concept magic rigmarole?

- Listen, Kanan, I don`t want to overstep my bounds, actually, I don`t care, and I`ll tell you something, I`ll tell you how I feel about Jedi training. It`s a waste of time! A bunch of people running around, bumping into each other, a small green guy says “Don`t cut your fellow padawans` limbs off”, but limbs are supposed to be cut off, Kanan! It`s not a popular opinion, and it`s usually shared only by two fellas at a time.”


Editor’s note: Today, Aug. 13, 2017, marks the 50th anniversary of Fleetwood Mac’s first show. A reason to celebrate for most fans of the long-evolving, much-changed band. But for Sound Bites, this event is sad. And it’s all Mick Fleetwood’s fault. Curious? Then read on, to find out why.

Another Dream Crushed: Thanks Mick Fleetwood!

Add Mick Fleetwood to the long list of people who have dealt some type of soul-crushing blow to Sound Bites over the years.

The bullies and mean teachers who left permanent scars. The former bosses who left him jaded. The ex-friends who made him cynical. The lyin’, long-ago girlfriends who caused years of discontent.

Hopes and expectations soar; reality and assholes destroy them with mind-numbing efficiency.

And now this.

Et tu, Mick?

Just a few days ago (ATTN: atrocious grammar ahead!) me and Mrs. Sound Bites - who singlehandedly erased the aforementioned bleakness - were speaking with friends before the Buckingham McVie concert in Ohio. We talked about this blog’s No. 1 musical wet dream.

Ever since the Rumours lineup reconvened in 1998, Sound Bites has dreamed of Fleetwood Mac making nice with guitarists Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, Dave Walker, Billy Burnett, Rick Vito and Dave Mason - Bob Welch and Bob Weston are no longer with us - and launching a truly retrospective, get-to-know-the-history-of-the-band tour.

“Now, that,” I said, using italics for emphasis, “would be the shizzle.”

At the very least, Green, Kirwan, Spencer and Vito should be there. Bekka Bramlett could come along, too, if she wanted.

“Wouldn’t that be the shit?,” a beaming Sound Bites asked his friends, getting more and more excited.

“Yeah, yeah! That’d be the shit,” was the response I just made up.

But anyway, the friends agreed in less-enthusiastic terms, because my idea is fucking awesome.

And when Rolling Stone published an interview with drummer Fleetwood in which he promoted his new book - “Love that Burns” - about the pre-Buckingham/Nicks version of the band, Sound Bites thought this was the ideal reason for his dream to come true.

Apparently, the magazine thought so, too. And when Sound Bites read this question - there has been talk over the years of a reunion of the original Fleetwood Mac. Is that something you still hold out hope might happen one day? - he almost made a mess in his pants.

But the dream - like so many dreams before - was smashed to smithereens by the answer.

“It’s actually not,” Fleetwood - that asshole - said.

He went on to explain that just such a concert had been scheduled about 15 years ago. But Green - like a timely dick - pulled out at the last minute.

“‘I don’t wanna do it. ..,’” Fleetwood said Green said.

“Suddenly it was not a good idea. And we had put a whole bunch of things together, I had even booked the venue. So I would never do that again. Because I don’t want it to be a pressure, you know?,” Fleetwood explained.

And with that, Sound Bites’ scabs were ripped from his skin.

Thanks, Mick.

Thanks a lot.

Sound Bites is a broken-hearted blog living in Ohio. He’s currently spending his free time making a Mick Fleetwood voodoo doll.