mick manning

My fav bits from the Legends panel at Heroes and Villains Fanfest.

I have to say both Brandon Routh and Maisie Richardson Sellers are such ovely people and guests. They are kind and sweet and funny, the are just lovely endering people that come accross just so sweet and genuine.

But I am a huge Ray Palmer fangirl and I’ve loved Brandon Routh since I saw him in Superman so I was in fangirl heaven watching his talk and be so damn cute.

Brandon is very cute at one point he had to get a new chair cause it broke and he was just so nice trying not to put out the organisers and being all “its fine I want to stand don’t get me another chair”.

He had lovely things to say about his cast mates and talked fondely of Wentworth and Dominic, best bit was when he acidently referred to them as “Coldwave”.

My atomwave heart was happy when he talked about Ray wanting to be Micks friend despite Mick trying to push him away. Brandon and Maisie both talked about who their characters were the last to give up on Mick and want look out for him. Brandon said that Micks saved Ray’s arse more times than he can count so Ray wants to be there for Mick. So yeah Brandon is down with the Atomwave watching each others backs troupe. I liked how positive both these actors were about Mick as a character and how they think Went and Dom are great guys and friends.

Bradon talked about his friendship with Nick and how much Ray and Nate get on and goof about on set. The steelatom shipper in me likes how much their bromance is enjoyed. Brandon said he’d love there to be an ep where Ray and Nate swap bodies. So yeah Brandon supports the steelatom body swap troupe.

I love how into the idea of more Gertrude Brandon was and he wants to shrink down a Trex and keep it as a pet, Brandon saying “baby dinosuars” was very cute.

Brandon talked about his favourite villain being Eobard and the scenes they film together and how Ray put his trust in Eobard he said the exact words “Ray fell for Eobard” and the Reverse Atom shipper in me was yes my dark little ship is confirme even Brandon admits that Eobard manipulated his feelings.

There was so much joy to take away from this panel and it gave me something for each of my ships plus general Ray joy and the fact that Brandon is Ray Palmer, he’s just as cute and sunny and adorkable!

For Coldflash Week B, Day Six, 1920s AU.

               ….No, he isn’t perfect. He’s human and he’s flawed…..but he’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters…


Len knew when he took over the reigns of running Central City, and its twin Keystone, from his grandfather that his life wouldn’t ever be the same. He knew he’d always be looking over his shoulder for when his father tried to stick a knife in it. He knew he’d always have to keep his ears and eyes open for anyone looking to take his crown.

But he was thankful he didn’t have to worry about his heart, as he’d already given that to his Scarlet long ago.