mick is not amused

I’m still blown away by Martin in last week’s episode.

Martin: Why should I take empathy advice from Mick when I doubt he has any?

Mick: [opens up about Leonard, the partner Martin KNOWS Mick is grieving hard enough to hallucinate, to give very good empathy advice]

Martin: yes, well, your partner is dead! [takes advice anyways, never says thank you to Mick]

Like, someone lacks empathy here and it’s not Mick.

Mick didn’t sign up for this shit. 

Let’s talk about Len and Mick in 1x10. 

Their first scene has them breaking into a building with a bunch of expensive cars. Mick is like cool, but how the hell are we going to get all these cars out of here? Already he’s looking at Len kind of strange.

Len is off in la la flashland. He’s like, ‘Oh, we’re not stealing anything..’

So Mick is like, “What are you talking about?” Like why the fuck are we here then, dude?

Len says that the cops will be there soon.Mick goes for his gun. Len is like, ‘Nope, not using that on them.’ 

Mick get’s even more frustrated, pushes the gun to the side and just looks at Len.

Len’s staring off in a daze, waiting for The Flash to show up. 

 Meanwhile police sirens are screaming in the background. By this point Mick is side eyeing the fuck out of Len. He ask him. ‘You do hear that right?”

Len gives the mother of all pouts. That shit even translates to his voice. “He’s not coming. We’re leaving.”

Mick is like, ‘WTF? Why the hell did we even come here then?’ So he says to Len. “This better make sense real fast, Buddy.”

Len is like, ‘Yeah, whatever, sure..uhhh… put your seat belt on.’ Huh? Mick is like, ‘Okay, going to trust Snart, he’s never led me wrong before, but really, Snart, really?’

Later Mick is like, ‘This shit is a joke. The Flash is probably dead, left town or someone smarter than you already took him out.’

Len is like “No. No he is not.”  Mick is like, ‘If you say so, but…I still don’t know why all the focus on this one dude.’

They go to Hartley’s parents house to steal a paining. “Someone better call 911.” The cops come and they’re fighting them. 

Len is like. “Forget them. Get ready for him.”

 What him? There is no, him. He’s not fucking here!

Mick is like, ‘Not this shit again. You know what? Fuck that. I’m going all out.’ Mick get’s caught up in the action and fun of it all, until Len puts a stop to it. They have to leave, now. The Flash is not coming.

But they got what they came for, so Mick is like, ‘Cool. We did good. Just going to fix my gun here.’  

Len comes around the corner super pissed off, pulls the cold gun on Mick. “Give me one reason I don’t kill you right now.” Tells Mick he lost focus and became obsessed. 

By this point Mick can’t hold it in anymore. “I’m obsessed? What about you… Now all you care about is The Flash.”

They talk each other down. Agree to keep working together. Mick is like “What’s next?”

Len is like, “I think we should kidnap one of The Flash’s friends.”

By this point Mick has just accepted it. Len is obsessed. Nothing he can do about it. Of course they’re going to kidnap one of the Flash’s friends so he’ll come out to play with them. I mean what else would they do?

It ends with them getting arrested and by now Mick is nothing if not disgusted. “I listened to you. How’s that stupid plan working out for us now?”

Len is so fucking laid back, still talking about The Flash. “Everybody seen The Flash now…”

Mick is not amused, at all. Until Lisa shows up. Then he’s happy again. 

Fighting it is Useless

This wasn’t a request, just something my brain came up with. I do not own any SPN characters. They belong to the creators of the show. There’s no getting out of the Ketchcan for me! 

Warnings: Mild angst, Soulmate AU, Slight Spoilers for Season 12!!!(Mostly just characters)

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x fem!Winchester reader, Mick Davies, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Originally posted by lost-shoe

Soulmates and love. Those two words clung to Arthur Ketch’s brain and on his tongue like a bitter aftertaste. The very thought of needing someone, of not being able to live without them after meeting them, was ridiculous to Ketch. Yet, that was exactly the position Ketch found himself in.

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anonymous asked:

Mayor's brother Len flirting with Secretary Mick while he waits for his sis to get off work. (I adore fire fighter Mick but it's an amusing idea.)

“Hello, Hot Stuff.” purrs someone from the opening elevator.

Mick Rory fights the urge to stick his fist in his mouth and scream and forces himself to look up and smile pleasantly at Senator Leonard Snart.

“Good afternoon, sir.” Mick says, successfully swallowing the urge to say something like ‘please just fucking kiss me this time’ or ‘if you just asked me to suck your dick in the bathroom I would’. He only manages such a feat by means of a voice in his head - that sounds remarkably like Senator Snart’s assistant Amaya – reminding him that the Senator was his boss’s brother and therefore it was even more of a terrible idea than it might otherwise be.

“And how are you this pleasant afternoon?” Senator Snart asks, swaggering over to Mick’s desk and then propping a hip on it so he can loom in Mick’s general direction. Well, it’s not looming. It’s more like aura-projecting, and it mostly serves to make Mick want to slide off his chair onto his knees and get the Senator’s pants open.

“I’m very good, thank you, sir.” says Mick, and swallows, looking away. “The Mayor is free, if you want to go in.”

Senator Snart smirks a little, and then pushes off the desk. 

“Thank you, Mister Rory.” he says, and Mick shudders, just a little. The door to Mayor Snart’s office clicks closed while Mick’s eyes are squeezed shut. 

“That was fucking painful to watch.” says Amaya. Mick’s eyes snap open. He hadn’t even seen her come in with the Senator.

“Shut up.”

“Are you going to tell him that you want him to fuck you six ways to Sunday sometime soon, or is the unresolved sexual tension going to suffocate all of the rest of us first?”

“Shut up shut up shut up.” says Mick, and lets his forehead fall down onto his desk. 

“The second option, then.” says Amaya, and she puts the cup of hot coffee she was carrying down on the desk next to his face. 

“Are you going to tell Commissioner West you want her to sit on your face?” hisses Mick, in retaliation. Amaya – who is a very chatty drunk, the only reason Mick knows that particular piece of information regarding her very large crush on Central City Police Commissioner Iris West – goes bright red and shoves the base of her iced coffee against the exposed back of Mick’s neck, making him yelp and slap his hand over the cold spot.

“So you have no leg to stand on.” he says.

“We’ll both suffer in silence.” she responds, and the two of them settle in to wait.

“You know,” says Mayor Snart, later, as the two of them watch the elevator doors close behind the Senator and Amaya, “I can tell him to back off with the flirting if it’s making you uncomfortable.”

Mick looks over at her in alarm. He loves working for Lisa, and he very much does not want the Senator to stop, and honestly he doesn’t know if there’s a right answer in this situation. Lisa gives him a cryptic look that seems to originate sidelong out of the corners of her eyes.

“Or not. That’s fine too.”

Mick shuffles his feet a little.

“The second option, then.” she says, and shakes her head. “I need the budget documents formatted and rounded up and bound tonight. Could be a late one.”

“You have a dinner meeting with the part of the City Council you don’t like tonight.” Mick says. “You’ve already rescheduled once. You’re not getting out of it.” 

Lisa hisses out a breath between her clenched teeth. 

“I’ll find you some company.” she says.

Mick pats her on the shoulder and heads back to his desk, fully prepared to be there until one or two in the morning.

Lisa’s lucky he likes her so much. 


Naturally, Mick just about jumps out of his skin when the elevator doors slide open at eight, and reveal Senator Snart, with a plastic bag that smells like Indian and his tie off and the first three buttons on his shirt undone.

“Lisa says you need the company.” he says, and looks around a little. “Is there somewhere I can put this without disrupting anything?”

Mick gestures at two square feet of floor not currently covered by the budget he’s binding and prepping with the highlighter in his fingertips, and then seems to fully take in who’s standing there.

“Don’t you have more important things to do than keep me company?”

Senator Snart shrugs. 

“It’s either this or get kicked out of yet another Congressional event for punching Paul Ryan.” 

To be fair, the Senator has done that an alarming amount of times. Mick’s considering having a desk calendar made. 

Two hours later, Mick realizes the Senator is still there, sitting with his back against the drawers of Mick’s desk, answering emails on his phone. He looks up when he realizes Mick’s stopped.

“Am I disturbing you?” 

“I’m done.” says Mick, tilting his head to indicate the pile of marked-up and properly bound documents. “I didn’t realize you were planning to stay.”

“Do you want me to go?”

The Senator stands, putting himself back in that same spot he’d been when he was flirting obnoxiously that morning. Mick doesn’t know if that’s a deliberate choice or not, but it does make up Mick’s mind.

“I want to know if you’re serious when you’re flirting with me.” he says.

The Senator’s eyes widen, and then they’re kissing. Senator Leonard Snart is currently straddling Mick’s lap in Mick’s ridiculous office swivel chair at one in the morning and kissing him like it’s the last thing he will ever be able to do.

“Does that answer your question?” says Len. His eyes are even bluer up-close like this.

Mick smiles, and wraps his arms a little more securely around Len’s waist.

“Yeah, I think it does.”


“Hello, Hot Stuff!” Len calls, when the elevator doors open. Lisa, standing behind Mick’s desk while she drops off a new round of memos, shakes her head.

“Hello yourself, Snowflake.” says Mick. Behind him, he can hear Lisa choking on air, and Amaya trips over her own feet.

“There’s a dinner tonight I could use a date to.” Len says, propping his hip against Mick’s desk.

Mick pretends to consider it, mostly so he can focus on not thinking about how Len had fucked him over that particular bit of desk just under 36 hours ago.

“Is Paul Ryan going to be there?”

“Yes, but I had to promise that I wouldn’t punch him.”

“I didn’t.” says Mick, and Len leans over and kisses him. 

“Finding loopholes already – you’re a natural.” deadpans Amaya.

“Maybe if you found a clue –“ Mick starts.

“Mikaere Rory.” Amaya snarls.

Len tilts his head back and laughs, and Mick can hear Lisa laughing with him.

They make the papers the next day, side by side and handsome in their tuxes. Mick pins the article to the wall of his desk.

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Reader is new to the Legends team using prompt no. 95

It’s a bit short, sorry about that. Prompt was “best reaction”

      Leonard saw Mick and Sarah laughing in the rec room, “So what’s so amusing?”

      “It seems our new crew member is a bit of a prankster.”

      “Oh?” Leonard smirked, “Do tell.” Sarah started telling Len about Ray meeting (y/n).

      “And then when Ray shook their hand, (y/n) looks shocked and says, ‘What did you do?’ Then vanished in a puff of smoke.” Sarah started laughing and couldn’t finish.

      Mick chuckled, “Yeah, Haircut fainted on the spot, best reaction, ever.” Mick smiled when he saw (y/n) enter the room. Mick did a quick breath check, “See you guys later.”

     Len and Sarah watched Mick chatting with the their new crew member. “Someone is smitten.” Len smirked and Sarah started laughing again.

Do You?

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: Under 1300

Warnings: None I don’t think. Does Mick getting slapped count?

Notes: All props to my girl @perseusandmedusa for coming up with the story idea. I just wrote it lol. Hope you like it! There will be a smutty part 2 ;) xox

Parking your Harley Davidson in the British Men of Letters garage, you pulled off your helmet, your long hair cascading over your shoulders, and surveyed the room. It was still exactly the same way you remembered it. It amazed you the organisation hadn’t upgraded to somewhere fancier considering how long they’d been stationed in America now.

Anxiety filled you as you made your way to where Dr Hess was waiting for you.

“Y/N, what a pleasure to see you again!” she announced, giving you her world-renown false smile and opening her arms here for an embrace.

Standing your ground, you lifted a brow. “Is he here?”

Sighing, she eyed you with immediate irritation and dropped her arms. “Of course that’s the first thing you ask me. Yes he is. He lives here, dear.”

Imitating her sigh, you skulked after her and unzipped your leather jacket, revealing a gorgeous black corset underneath that emphasised everything you had to offer. Tight leather trousers and knee-high black boots completed the outfit. Your make-up was dark and sultry and you felt as hot as you looked. You made the decision about an hour before you had to leave to make sure you looked as good as possible. If you were going to have to see Michael Davies again, you’d make sure you made him regret leaving you.

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[LEGENDS OF TOMORROW VERSE] Mick Rory is NOT dumb, he is NOT quiet, and he is NOT an animal.
Firstly, quiet. Mick Rory is NOT quiet. He normally left the talking to Leonard, granted. However, he always responded when talked to directly and he even talked to the flash on occasion. He has a sense of humour (although a little dark) still amusing. Mick also talked aloud, whilst the Ramon siblings were kidnapped. Mick does talk, even to himself! The reason he doesn’t talk much on the ship, probably has something to do with everyone calling him, rude, mean and frankly disrespectful things, whilst he is and isn’t present. Doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, that still hurts, and has an effect on you. Especially if they are the only people around you, on a day to day basis.

((Spoilers for 02x13 LoT))

As well as that, the Waverider crew is also unbelievably insensitive around Mick. Yes, he’s not exactly the most open character, and yes he’s a little violent (okay, really violent), sometimes. But can you really blame him? His life has been one shit storm after another.
Rip chose to mess it up, even more for him.
He was betrayed by his best, and ONLY, friend. The single person who actually saw him for how he really was, not just some savage animal. To add to that, following the betrayal he was Tortured, Brainwashed and programmed to kill the crew (involving a method that transfers another person into your subconscious, which in 2X13 Gideon informs us that Rip Hunter considers it inhuman)
During this episode, Mick Rory is trying to help, hELP! MARTIN FUCKING STEIN, Calm the fuck down! (In turn helping Jax)
Do you know what that self-centred scientist responded with? Do you know what he basically said, to a man he knows, fULL WELL, IS STILL HALLUCINATING HIS DEAD PARTNER?!
He basically said, I’m not listening to you ‘cause your partners dead. He put it bluntly, and with complete indifference, as if the loss of Leonard meant nothing to him. As if Leonard was somebody he had never met.
We never saw anyone else jump in to ‘stop fates plan’, as it were. Nobody else stepped up to save Ray ‘actual puppy’ Palmer from certain death. Nah, they were all content to let him die.

Not the the criminals from central city though, no nO NO! THE ONLY CROOKS ON THE SHIP, were not about to let that happen.
Mick Rory did not even hesitate to to save him, and Leonard Snart was NOT leaving his best friend to die, again.

So yes, Leonard Snart is dead.

But he would not be dead, if he didn’t care about his partner, or trust him to carry on with his life.

Martin ‘head rammed so far up his arse’ Stein, if anyone, anYONE ON THE WAVERIDER CAN GIVE YOU PARTNERSHIP ADVICE it is Mick Rory!
If their 20+ year friendship isn’t proof enough.
How about their fight when Mick was imprisoned in the ships cells? Leonard knew Mick wouldn’t kill him, in fact Leonard knew the moment he stepped foot in that cell he was out-matched. Have you seen the size of Rory? there is no way, Leonard Snart walked in there thinking he would win, in hand to hand combat.

Is that not enough? Okay, how about when we first meet Mick Rory in the flash.
Leonard and Mick had obviously not talked in a while…but the moment, THE MOMENT SNART GETS THE ICE GUN, AND FINISHES HIS FIRST ROUND WITH THE FLASH, THE FIRST GUY HE PHONES UP IS MICK!
Len: ‘Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but do you wanna become supervillans?’

If that is not proof ENOUGH for you that Mick and Lens partnership is hard to challenge,
Mick is not dumb, and Mick is not a wild beast. How about his relationships with the Snarts?

Both Leonard and Lisa Snart came from an abusive background. Leonard basically raised his sister, do you understand how close a relationship he would have with Lisa? He would treat her as his own daughter as opposed to a sibling.
Do you seriously think, with a relationship like that and their past, the lack of trust toward people or men in general, brought on by physical abuse, Leonard would just allow an unstably violent man, larger and stronger than himself, near Lisa? Because I sure as hell don’t.

Leonard and Lisa have definitely built a sort of sibling bond with Mick. Both Snarts are capable of calming and helping Mick if his anger tips over the edge. As shown in the Flash, when Cisco was Kidnaped to re-build their Temperature Guns.
Mick reacts violently when the Ramon brothers attack him. Instantly, both Snarts rush in. Leonard pushing him away, and Lisa grabbing him by the shoulders, trying to occupy his mind with something else as she directs him away.


(even consider suggesting Leonard Snarts death was Mick’s fault! and I will jump through my laptop and stab you!)

Do not call Mick Dumb! because although he does not remember everything, he still remembered the name of the contraption used to torture and manipulate his mind, now I don’t know about you but that’s the type of thing I would pray my mind would make me forget, due to the trauma.
He knows battle strategies.
He persuaded the president of America to flee, to fight another day. He has a statue, in his honour.
He is more than capable of looking after himself, and fucking you up, as well!
He didn’t go to university, or collage. So what? Neither did Sara (?), Jax or Leonard but they’re not called dumb.
Thats because they have other skills.
What I’m trying to say, in a really drawn out way, is yes, Mick is morally questionable at most times, but heroes especially shouldn’t bully a guy, or kick him when he’s already down.

[- Rage fuelled Rant over-]

Spoilers - Part 2 (Leonard Snart)

Requested: yes

Warnings: none that i can think of, but there might be some language in there

Word Count: 2.943

A/N: you guys asked for it so here is part 2 i really hope it’s alright and also this was longer but i decided not to bore you with a 6000 word story so i cut it lmao  (bonus points for who spots my references in this imagine lmao)

Story Line: The Legends travel to the future and Snart shows up asking for your help. 

Part 3 

“Welcome to 2020, everyone.” Hunter turned his chair around to face the rest of the team with a large grin on his face. “The year of numerous life-changing medical and technological discoveries.”

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Earth 2 Len and Sara
Mayor Snart loves to visit his favorite bartender at Central City’s retro restaurant, especially after a stressful day at the office.

“Anything on your mind, Mayor Snart?”

“Word of advice, Sara: never go into politics. I enjoy it most of the time, and it pays well, but it comes with a lot of stress; especially when it comes to trying to get reelected.”

His body guard, Mick Rory, finds it amusing how many times a week he visits her and is always teasing him about getting her number someday.

Underestimated - Legends of Tomorrow

Originally posted by laurelscanary

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- can i request a LOT team/reader where reader is the youngest and thus the ‘baby’ in the team? everyone is protective and kinda underestimate her like she doesnt get a say. anyway the team are having argument with each other and reader lost it and scream to get all their attention? everyone is surprised when she yell at them and kinda amused but finally listen.” -anon

Word count - 1,021


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LOT/CC fic: What Happens at the Halloween Party...

When Sara and Leonard have to go undercover at a Halloween party, neither one of them reckons on events that might bring certain…feelings…to the surface. For the DCTVHalloween challenge.

Also, happy birthday to the awesome @sylvanheather, who gave me the prompt “CaptainCanary and drunken Twister.” :)   This is an AU where Len didn’t die at the Oculus, set before the time-scattering thing. Pre-CaptainCanary relationship.

This isn’t noncon (I won’t write that), but it does feature characters losing inhibitions because of the influence of…outside forces. Just so you know.

I’m not posting the full story here this time because it’s pretty long. Many thanks to @larielromeniel for the beta!

“Do you really need to send them?”

Ray’s voice was mournful as he waited with the others on the Waverider’s bridge, where Rip was still studying plans for the latest mission, Stein and Jax were talking, and Mick was waiting to play his own role. The inventor, however, was still reading the invitation to the event in question and…well, moping.

“I mean, the rest of us might like to go to a Halloween party too,” he continued. “I still have my outfit from Salvation. I could…”

Rip, however, had had enough at this point.

"Dr. Palmer,” he said at his most world-weary, running a hand over his face, “although I might prefer you take on this mission, Mr. Snart’s, ah, particular abilities make him the obvious choice. And,” he cut off the other man as Ray opened his mouth again, “sending him with Ms. Lance will draw less attention than if he shows up to this event alone.”

“Well, what about Mick?” Ray glanced at the bigger man, who was slumped in a jump seat watching the conversation with every evidence of amusement. “He…”

“Mr. Rory is infiltrating the security crew to remove the item as soon as possible if the others can’t extricate themselves immediately,” Rip explained with the air of a man who’d done so many times before.

Ray was not appeased. “What, so they even get to stay afterward? I…”

“Stop whining, Raymond. It makes you even more annoying than usual.”

The Waverider crew turned, more or less as a whole, to look as Leonard Snart, who, fiddling with his cuffs, sauntered out of the corridor leading to the crew quarters and the fabrication room. Jax and Mick laughed out loud, Stein smiled in amusement and Rip rolled his eyes.

“Mr. Snart,” he said with resignation, “I’m not altogether sure that truly counts as a costume.”

The crook had eschewed his usual black shirt, jeans, and jacket for a coal-gray suit with a blood-red shirt underneath–and a set of scarlet satin devil’s horns peeking out from his short hair. He raised his eyebrows and started to reply…only to be interrupted by a voice from behind him.

"Didn’t you forget something?”

Continue reading here at AO3 and here at FF.net.

In Which our reader is a badass with feelings for Leonard Snart. Would her feelings affect her friendship with team Flash and the Rogues?

Anon Request: could you do a imagine of the reader being a sarcastic general badass who is friends with Team Flash as well as Lisa (who notices the mutual attraction between her brother and the reader) and while at a Gala, the reader helps Rogues escape being caught because of her feelings for Leonard?? I simply adore your writing and blog BTW

Warning: None that I can think of? Maybe some bad words? Smut? Fluff? Idk I’m all over the place!


“Okay, Y’N repeat after me..I..”


“Will not..

“..will not”



“Cisco in the crotch anymore!”

You burst into laughter at the serious expression on Cisco’s face.

“This is no laughing matter Y/N this is a serious issue!” Cisco says over your laughter. “Did you know that 45% of men won’t be able to have kids because of their jerks of friends like to hit them in the crotch. And trust me sister, I wanna be popping out babies by the time I’m 30.”

You laughing soon turns into a fit of giggling. “Oh really? With who?” You ask and you notice how quickly Cisco turns his attention away from you. A deep blush forming on his face.

“Ooooh, I think I know who.”

“Don’t..forget I said anything. It’s no one.” He replies quickly, wanting to dismiss you and the whole conversation but you only smirk.

“It’s Lisa isn’t it?”

“Shut up.”

“Whooaa I can’t wait to tell Lisa this!” You say.

“Tell Lisa what?” And on just like that, Lisa Snart walks into the room in a usual clothing.

“We REALLY need to get some locks on those doors.” Cisco replies.

“Well if you do then we’re just going to have to break in.” And soon, Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, wanders in after his baby sister.

“Hi Lenny.” You says with a smile and you feel heart sky rocket when he gives you his world famous smirk.

“Oh here we go again!” Cisco expresses loudly, rolling his eyes. Barry soon walks into the room with Caitlin right behind him.



“What are you doing here?” Barry ask, looking between you and Snart quickly who slowly turns his attention away from you to Barry.

“We’ve got a problem here kids.” He says and Barry crosses his arms. “Yeah we do, you’re in my lab.” Barry responds.

“Technically, it’s our lab. Ya know..sharing and what not..” Cisco says who soon looks away, looking for something to do to avoid Lisa’s staring.

“There’s a threat to Central City and we need your help to take it out.” Snart continues.

“Is it another meta?” Caitlin ask, coming over to her deck top. Lisa leans back on the deck, tossing her hair to the side. “Some freak that can stop time.” She says.

I raise an eyebrow, both you and Cisco looking at each other. “STOPWATCH!” You both say loudly at the same time.

“We’re not naming him.” Barry says before nodding for Snart to continue who has a very amused look at his face.

“Mick, Lisa and I were knocking up a few bars when this..meta, came out of nowhere. I shot my gun at him but next thing I know, my ice hits Mick.” Snart says.

“And he was not very happy.” Lisa chimes in.

“I’m sorry but, what does this have to do with us?” Caitlin ask. “This is your area right? Plus, he’s moving in on business and I’m not a big fan of someone out robbing me.” Leonard says.

Before Barry could say anything you chime in. “We’re in!”

“We are?” Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry ask, looking at you as you shrug your shoulders. “Yeah, why not. We haven’t dealt with any meta’s in months so it’ll be nice to actually get out and stretch our legs.” You says before looking at Snart. “Plus, you owe him one Barry.”

Leonard smirks, looking at you fondly before Barry sighs. “Okay fine, we’ll help but no dirty tricks this time Snart.”

“I’m a man who always keeps my word speedy, so no need to worry.”

“I’ve got a bad feelings on this one.” Cisco replies before slurping his drink.

It’s not long after that you, team Flash, and the Rogues work out a plan to catch the meta that can stop time. Barry wanted you in to help mostly since you have your own metahuman powers to use time as well but only send objects either to it’s past or future state.

During the few days of working with all of them, you notice Lisa Snart sending you a knowing look whenever you and Leonard were talking or going over the plan. You know Lisa knows about your feelings towards Leonard, hell everyone does. It’s not like you try to hide it. Both you and Leonard shamelessly flirt with one another whenever you’re in the same room. It’s also noticeable to you when Leonard sends you long looks or how whenever he gets a chance when no one is looking he always uses an excuse to touch you.

After a few days of planning the team finds away to catch StopWatch. “Central City is going to be hosting a Gala where the most expensive diamond will be on display. If this guy really has sticky fingers then I’m positive he’ll be there.”

Leonard soon broke the team up into groups. Both Barry and Caitlin will be on the inside, scooping out the place while Lisa and Cisco are outside. Cisco holding a tablet that has footage from the inside and then there’s you and Leonard Snart left to catch him.

You were dressed up in a dark blue slim fitting dress, the color almost similar to the suit Leonard was wearing.

“Okay guys, we got eyes and ears everywhere so be on the look out for this guy but don’t make it so obvious.” Cisco says through the ear piece.

“Well, you heard the man. Care to dance Y/N?” Leonard ask and you smile. “How could I say no to that face?” You say as Leonard guides you too the dance floor, pulling you close to him as you both soon begin to waltz.

“So, you’re working with the Flash now?” He ask and you shake your head.

“No, they’ve helped me out before after the explosion happen. I guess I couldn’t find anyone who understood what I was going through.” You say, not caring if Barry and the others can hear you.

“Until you met me.” Leonard says with a smirk, pulling you closer to him and you smile, content with where you are.

But your moment is short lived when Cisco voice comes in through the ear piece, bringing you back to reality. “Guys, hate to ruin your moment but he’s here!”

Both you and Snart turn around and see him, StopWatch, disarming the guards quickly before making his way to the diamond. You both push you way through the crowd, ready to attack with Barry rushing in but time seemed to stop. The crowd, Leonard next too you, Barry running. It all came to a stop. Expect for you.

StopWatch stares at you in shock as you continue running towards him. “B-But how?”

“I’m a meta like you who can control the past and future so your time here doesn’t work on me!” You quickly land a solid kick toward him, knocking him down to the ground but you don’t stop there. Quickly, you grab the diamond just as StopWatch time effect wears off and Barry comes to a halt, looking down at him.

“Cisco, he’s down.” Barry says into his ear piece but he doesn’t get a response so he tries again. “Cisco? You there?” But still no answer. “Hey Y/N, go check on Cisco..” As Barry turns around he see’s that you’re gone along with Leonard and the diamond.

You and Leonard walk through the crowd quickly towards the basement area where Mick has already taken out the guards.

“Good to see you again boss. Mrs. boss.” Mick nods towards you and you can’t help but smirk.

“Everything already packed up?” Snart ask, walking through the parking garage where Lisa is waiting next to a red Mustang and a all black Harely.

“Took you long enough. I was starting to get bored.” Lisa replies while Leonard, without asking, hands you his suit jacket. “Sorry, got held up. Where’s the kid?”

“Passed out on a bench.” She replies before giving you a smile. “Good job Y/N.” She says before handing Mick a sit of keys to the van. “Same spot as always Lenny?” She ask and he nod before turning his attention back towards you.

“You know, you can always go back and explain yourself away.” Leonard say, stepping towards you.

You all but shake your head. “No, I think I’ll stick with you for a while.” You say with a smile. Leonard smirk and soon cuffs your face before kissing you on the lips passionately before pulling back.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks.” He whisper, rubbing his thumb over your lower lip gently before planting another kiss that ended away to quick for your liking.

Leonard soon gets on his bike and you follow suit. “Ready for our next adventure?” He ask over the sound of the bike coming to life.”

“Ready as I’ll ever be!”

And soon you’re both taking off down Central City.

A hundred million dollars richer.


Another request down. Sorry if this isn’t as good as any of my other stories. As some of you may know I had something happen in my family that really through me off to the point where I couldn’t even write. And normally, writing is my escape from reality but I couldn’t find that comfort in writing like I used too because now when I’m writing these stories they feel more like demands then my actual want. And I get it, I started this blog where people can send in request and I’m suppose to make those request but I feel like I need to draw a line at some point for some of you so you can all understand that I can’t write all the time. I am going to need some days off or I just won’t be in the mood. I know when some of you ask me when am I going to post next, I know some of you aren’t asking to be rude but some are. I don’t want to come off as bitching but sometimes it rubs me the wrong way when people demand a lot from one person. I enjoy writing these stories and I enjoy having you all read these stories as well and send me your feed back but I’m just getting back into writing and the last thing I want to see is someone demanding me to post.

I’ll try to post up as much as I can but for now it’s going to some slow updates. I totally understand if some of you don’t want to stick around, I get it. But to those who do, I promise I’ll try to get back to my old self so I can put out good stories. As always, I hope everyone has a good night and good morning!

Just a little coldwave drabble, based on something @pyromick pointed out to me earlier.


Leonard does a double take when he sees the cage sitting near Mick’s bed, a small rat staring up at him from inside with its beady little eyes.

“Mick,” he drawls out, crossing his arms over his chest and frowning distastefully at the rodent. “Since when do you have a rat?”

“’Bout a month,” Mick rumbles from somewhere behind him. Leonard can’t see him for all the piles of junk he’s collected over the last several months that Leonard has been ‘dead’. “Haircut gave ‘im to me for Christmas.”

“Hm,” Len muses. He moves to sit down on the edge of Mick’s bed, still staring the rat down. “Does it have a name?”

“Axel,” Mick answers, finally emerging from behind a few stacks on junk. He’s changed into sweats and a tank top, and in his hands he’s got a change of clothes for Len.

“Axel,” Len repeats, the corners of his mouth turning up in amusement. “Mick, did you name your rat after one of our Rogues?”

“No!” Mick is quick to deny, but the way his cheeks warm up giving him away immediately. Leonard lets out a quiet chuckle of amusement.

“Aw, you miss them, don’t you?” He teases, standing up from the bed and walking over to stand next to Mick. “You’re just a giant sap underneath all that the muscle, aren’t you?”

“Shut up an’ get changed so we can sleep already. ’m exhausted after saving your skinny ass from those doom assholes.”

anonymous asked:

“I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it.” for Atomwave, pls?

(Thanks for the prompt! And sorry this is so short :’D)

“How do you lose a whole room?” Nate groans, and Ray has the presence of mind to look guilty, shuffling on his feet and blushing a bit.

“I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it,” he corrects, making Mick snort. He’s not even bothering to conceal his amusement, to Sara’s obvious displeasure.

“It’s six tons of amber and a few more of gold and mirrors,” Stein sighs, as if they weren’t all aware. Sara crosses her arms over her chest:

“And our one chance to figure out this whole mess! What were you thinking?”

Mick, unperturbed by the general air of disapproval onboard the Waverider, opens a beer.

“That there’s always too many of you in here and not enough privacy,” he answers. Sara looks like she’s reevaluating her position on murdering crew members.

“So you’re telling me you lost the Amber Room because you were too busy pawing at each other?!”

“We didn’t lose it!” Ray yelps, furiously blushing while he checks his pockets, again. He’s checked a few dozen times in the last half hour, so Mick’s pretty sure that there’s no chance he’ll find what he’s looking for. “I shrank it and… it has to be somewhere, okay?”

“Then go find it,” Sara snaps. Mick pushes himself up from the table, but before he can make a single step towards his boyfriend, Sara’s hand curls around his arm. “Not you, are you kidding me?! Don’t think I don’t know whose fault this is.”

“Well, actually,” Mick smirks, glancing at Raymond who promptly turns scarlet and coughs, as if he’s about to choke on the truth. Which is that Mick was completely happy getting back to the Waverider as soon as they stole the damn room from that Nazi train… but then Haircut gave him those sad puppy eyes and complained about how it’s been so long since they could spend time together without chasing after some Big Bad (or being chased by dinosaurs) and… things happened.

Wonderful things that Mick would personally pick over a stupid room any day. 

“Actually,” he continues and turns to Sara, “this is your fault. If you’d stranded us in Aruba for a few weeks like I asked-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence,” Sara warns, her finger nearly poking Mick in the eye. “Go find the damn room. And if you come back with that blissed-out face again, I swear to everything that is holy, I will make sure neither of you gets laid for at least a year.”

Ray squeaks and Mick takes the opportunity to slip past Sara and drag him towards the door.

“Says the woman who has seduced two queens and a bishop last month,” he grumbles on the way. Sara’s voice carries after them as they make their strategic retreat:

Two years, Mick, and I’ll strand you in the Arctic!” 

He doesn’t believe her for a second, but Raymond looks worried all the way back to the railway. 

“What if we don’t find it?” he mumbles, upset, and Mick discreetly wraps an arm around his waist.

“We will.”

Ray sighs, a picture of misery, and glances up at the sky with a frown.

“It’s getting dark.”

“Exactly. We should find a room for the night, don’t you think?”

Ray gives him a look that he usually reserves for the moments when he finds out that Mick has picked out all vegetables out of his burger. Without a word, Mick reaches into his own pocket and produces a small cube, not more than two inches in diameter, but surprisingly heavy in his palm.

Or maybe not so surprisingly. It is at least six tons of amber, after all.

Watching Ray’s mouth fall open and his expression rapidly switch between shock, horror, disapproval and tentative, guilty hope is a thing of beauty, and Mick doesn’t even bother hiding his smug smirk.



“But when-”

“Does it matter? Now c’mon. I saw a hotel down the street.”

“Sara will kill us.”

“So let’s make it worth the pain, Haircut.”


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That was an amazing read and I have no words except for thank you (and also I now have the though of what if Wally and Mick had been Involved at least once or twice before everything goes down and the quiet "I know him, he's nice we may have fucked before.")

Whoops I fic-ed.

“Haven’t you only met Heatwave once?” Joe asks, in the car on the way home from their latest teamup with the Legends. “You two seemed awfully chummy.”

Iris makes a soft noise that indicates both that she’s interested in this topic and that she will contribute to the interrogation, and turns in her seat to study

Wally, in the back seat, has never felt more like a youngest child.

“I knew him before.” says Wally. “He and Len would keep the gangbangers and the dealers away from the high school.”

Joe makes a satisfied little noise, obviously content with the answer. He shouldn’t be.

It’s a lie. A believable one, but a lie.

Iris knows. She makes ‘you better tell me the truth later’ face and then turns around with a satisfied humph.

The thing is, Wally knows Mick - rather more intimately than he’s willing to tell his father. You know Queer As Folk? Yeah. Wally’s Justin. Mick’s Brian. Complete with Mick picking Wally up under a lamppost in Keystone Boystown on Wally’s first ever night out and then blowing his mind in bed before finding out Wally was still in his Senior year of high school.

Hasn’t stopped them from fucking a few more times since then. A few, very memorable, exceedingly pleasurable times since then. Len, who was honestly more like Debbie Novotny than anyone would willingly tell him to his face, had walked in to the apartment while Wally was eating breakfast after the third time he and Mick had hooked up, and sighed.

“Alright, so you’re staying.” he said, and then took the seat opposite Wally and did the Parental Grilling™ and started talking grad schools and college payment and Wally moving in if his mom got worse. Which, of course, didn’t happen, because Wally found out about his Dad and Mick and Len got on a timeship, thereby ending the relationship as far as Wally had known.

The very pleasant fuck in an empty lab while no one was paying attention to them had certainly disabused him of that notion, as had the communications plug-in for his phone Mick had given him. The two hours between when they get home and when Barry gets back from drinks with Oliver gives Wally ample time to think about something.

He asks Barry where Len is almost as soon as he walks in the door.

“Apparently Cold and Heatwave used to White Knight around the high school.” says Joe, off Barry’s confused look. Well, Len used to pick him up from school, sometimes, and he’d helped with loans and made Wally study snacks, so that totally counted, right?

And then Barry tells Wally Len’s dead.

“I’m sorry, I have to leave immediately.” says Wally. “Have the Legends left yet?”

Barry shakes his head no, and Wally runs until he’s on the Waverider and can hear the discussion going on in the next room.

“Who’s going to make sure Mick doesn’t do anything dumb?” asks Sara, and that means they’re planning a mission and Mick isn’t there, and also What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day.

Wally flashes into the room and slaps Sara upside the head as hard as he can, and then flashes out of retaliation distance.

“What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day?” Wally demands. “No, seriously, what do you think you’re doing?”

The whole team is staring at him, plainly confused. And that is the last straw.

He’s out of breath and sure he’s red-faced by the time he’s done reaming them all out about Mick’s mental health and missing “brother”, and then he sees Mick standing in the doorway.

“Sunshine-” says Mick.

“I didn’t know - I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Wally says. “We’re going there right now and I am going to speed him out of there, and then you are going to smack him for me and we can have a group hug afterwards. Gideon, you can plot us a course, right?”

Gideon does, despite the protestations of Sara and the Professor and Ray and the other white guy who’s name Wally hadn’t bothered to learn.

They land back in Central with Len and go for breakfast at the Motorcar, and Len makes his usual half-joking comment about buying the place, although he sounds more serious about it than usual. They’re halfway through pancakes, Len on one side of the booth and Wally under Mick’s arm on the other, when someone clears their throat next to the table.

Joe’s face is gathering thunderclouds.

“You were lying! I knew you were!” says Iris, gleeful.

“What did you tell them?” asks Mick, obviously amused.

“That you and Len used to kick the gangbangers off campus.” Wally grumbles. Lenny, the asshole, laughs.

“That’s definitely better than the real version, Sunshine.” he says. Wally attempts to stab him with his fork, only for Mick to haul him back over the table and into his lap.

“And what is the real version?”

“We might have fucked a few times.” Wally mumbles.

“Including yesterday in the Labs.” says Mick cheerfully, because he doesn’t know the meaning of shame or self-preservation.

Joe is murderous right up until he realizes neither Barry nor Iris is backing him up. In fact, they both look rather shamefaced.

“What did you do?” Joe sighs.

“Lenny.” says Wally, around a mouthful of pancakes. “Last Christmas.”

Joe flops into the seat next to Len and buries his head in his hands. Lenny pats his arm a few times.

“Shall I tell you how Wally and Mick met?” he asks.

“NO!” yell Wally and Mick, in unison.

Hole in the Fence (Coldwave with goats) - 4

Fic: Hole in the Fence (ao3 link) - chapter 4/4
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Mick Rory’s life was changed forever by the fire he didn’t escape.

(in which Mick Rory retires, raises goats, and saves the world more than a few times)


“So, I’ve got something new,” Len says.

“Is this related to the Zoom thing?” Mick asks without looking up.

In calculating his invasion plans, Zoom had severely underestimated the charisma of what is now indisputably the chief supervillain of Central City, Leonard Snart, leader of the Rogues.

To be more precise, Barry had asked Mick, who had asked Len, who had gathered up all the supervillains or would-be supervillains in town and they’d attacked Zoom in force.

Zoom might have been fast and he might have all sorts of snazzy tricks like throwing lightning and duplicating himself – that one had been a fun discovery – but Leonard Snart lives to disappoint people.

Of course, Len had invited everyone to a barbeque afterwards, Team Flash and Rogues alike. They’d made it a masquerade so everyone could go home, identities intact and bellies full.

That was approximately when Mick learned that Len had declared Mick’s farm to be a neutral territory, respected by all, and Barry had backed that up with threats of rather-un-superhero-like super-fast violence. This mostly results in scared metas heading to Mick’s farm before they go anywhere else or try to turn their powers into a villain gimmick – though if there’s any more of them coming soon, Mick will need to bring in Ji-hyun to the farm to work as a full-time intake therapist for terrified metahumans, and she won’t like that.

Maybe she has an intern she can recommend…

Keep reading