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The Rolling Stones’ Dead Flowers aesthetic on anon’s request ✨

I know you think you’re the queen of the underground
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave 

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Name: Kyle

Nicknames: none

Zodiac: Aries/Taurus cusp

Height: 5′9"

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: America

Favorite fruit? Grapes, Apples, Watermelon why the fuck do you have to have a favorite

Favorite season? Winter

Favorite book? Have A Nice Day! A Tale of Blood & Sweatsocks by Mick Foley

Favorite flower: Hibiscus

Favorite scent: Weed

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Cat

Tea: Sweet

Average sleep: 5hrs

Cat or dog person: Cat - dogs are needy and obnoxious for the most part

Favorite fictional character: Kenny Powers

Blankets: Covered

Dream trip: Eternal slumber

Blog created: Not very long ago

Followers: Not very many

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