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Ketch, (surprising, right? I love him lmao) flowers, home (does that count as a place even though it's more of an abstract concept?? Who knows) love ya!!

You heard the back door open and you sighed.   The fight the two of you had before he left still weighed heavy on your mind and the fact that he hadn’t bothered to call you while out on the hunt and hadn’t picked up the phone when you tried to call him meant he was still angry.

You knew when you told him you were going to Cleveland with the Winchesters he would be mad, but you didn’t think he would behave like this.

It scared you to think you might lose him, but it also scared you to think you might lose yourself if you allowed him to control you.

“I am sorry,” you heard him say from behind you.  

“You didn’t call…” you trailed off when you turned around and saw him standing in the doorway holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

Ketch shifted in a clear sign of discomfort as you stared at him. “Mick suggested flowers…”

“Oh. Well tell him I said thank you,” you said as you walked by.

“They are from me,” he said, reaching out to grab your arm. “Apologies are not easy for me.”

“I can tell.”

“If you want to go to Cleveland with the Winchesters I won’t stop you and I won’t say anything more about it.  Just promise me you’ll stay safe.”

You looked up in his eyes, startled at the genuine fear you heard in his voice. “Of course I will.”

He nodded, and you moved forward into his arms, the flowers falling to the floor as he picked you up to carry you into the bedroom.