mick campell


YEEEEEEES :) Here is my first video hoa, I’m not very good at it and almost nothing. But hey, I’d like to hear your opinions :)

After everything that’s going on going, it occurred to me to express what I feel this way (sorry if anything is misspelled’m Latina and my English is not very good) Well, I start, Nina, Nina is the main character, the chosen , which maintains a balance Sibuna without house of anubis nina and not good, on with the rest, two new students, I have nothing against the actresses, only that his characters do not interest me much, and now that as Amber seems to be much in the 3 season. I only ask that if this is the end of this great series that is as good as it should. In my opinion, Nina, Fabian, Patricia, Eddie, Mick, Mara, Jerome, Amber and Alfie are House of Anubis, they make the series a great series.