michy rambles

*drags hands down face* So I decided to redesign my dragonsona Nrocla again…

This time around I added more Eastern features to her (at least in the face) and her wings are a bit shorter and broader. I felt the spade in her previous form clashed with her overall design so this one is more traditional. Also no tail feathers. Still debating whether to tone it down with the branches on the horns…

Overall I think this new form is a lot smoother and easier to look at.

So I read this line off a post

“I’m not a father,” he said, followed by a horde of children.

Or something along those lines. And I just…

I immediately thought of Zarc and the Yu squad, this show has taken over my life OTL

I made this for my own phone wallpaper (haha)
After watching digimon tri, I just have to watch the whole 54 episodes of DA (maybe 53 i skip sora’s crest episode), and BAM! I HAVE TO DRAW THEM

I saw some peeps complaining about “Michi” tags, I think it’s better if we add “mon” in the back, “michimon” since ya knoooo digimon x michi? ok i’m just rambling. bye

if u like marvel characters consider supporting creators and writers / artists who are creating their own stuff w/ the characters , but don’t give marvel your support via money and views bc regardless of how much criticism they see online , nothing will get thru to them unless you affect them w/ your wallet bc that’s the only thing they care about

i keep on being reminded that wanda is the oldest sibling out of the maximoff-dane family and she’s so supportive and protective yet continuously headstrong and forgiving and driven to right her mistakes like 

wanda’s the older sister who called pietro a stiffed neck turkey but who isn’t afraid to call him out on his bullshit either but she’s also supportive of him

wanda’s the older sister who tries to get close with lorna because they’ve never really had a chance to grow up together as sisters so she makes a conscious effort to get to know her sister even if it’s troubled and not perfect it’s a start

wanda’s the eldest daughter – and anya would have filled this role if she hadn’t died – and she’s fiercely protective of her family , continuously caring for their well-being and safety ok 

she looked out for billy and was a source of inspiration for him even before she knew he was her son and he knew that his favorite hero was actually his mom – and with tommy she pulls him in close because she can read him, even if he tries to play it off that things don’t get to him or that he’s always the one with the snippy sarcastic come back

with erik she’s a amalgamation of things yet she continues onwards, and it shows just how loving and caring she is even when the entire world villanizes her and blames her for actions that weren’t her fault —

she continues to love and support and be protective of those who need protecting and don’t midn me i’m just crying over wanda maximoff ok she deserves the world and more