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“But I feel Deanna went a little further into Michonne with that question she asked her, about what do you want? It’s something more than being dutiful to the group and to those things. It’s something else, and I think that Michonne’s journey is to figure out what that something is.” -Danai Gurira

We all know what Andy wants. Has anyone suffered more than him? (and the owls, the poor innocent owls?) 

His hard work and Rick’s reputation buried in Messie messiness. But he’s a professional and can’t say it out loud. He claims to not know technology but I imagine him desperately finding solace in SM - probably using Danai or Chandler’s phone(s) -  rolling his eyes at certain uh…sSick fans and crying tears of joy at that Richonne fans that haven’t abandoned him. Getting his mom in on it - sending her posts about Richonne and her being all “Andrew, it will happen, Sweetie. Just be patient.”


Favourite Television Series

↳ 5/? - The Walking Dead “Everyone who’s alive right now. Everyone who’s made it this far. We’ve all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We’re not too far gone. We get to come back. I know… we all can change.”

To the Stellar FanFic Writers

I would just like to say thank you to all of the wonderful Richonne fanfic writers you are very much appreciated and thank you for keeping the characthers in your stories in tune with the ones on the show and the comic book unlike some who shall remain nameless that keeps bring down our girl to make Lori seem like the pampered princess at the end of the world and uses the rick/michonne tags just to get readers. Thank you @siancore, @shipnation, @cake-by-thepound, @severelybabykryptonite,and the many more talented writers


I’ve been selected by the famous McFarlane Toys to be their Fan Feature to kick off February!  So awesome to be recognized for my collecting!! (Check it out at http://mcfarlane.com/news/fan-feature-joe-merenda/)

Magic Stick (Richonne Smut Week Challenge) by SBK

Michonne enters the bathroom, seeking her husband.  He stands in front of the mirror, his lower half wrapped in a towel, his face covered in shaving cream.  He smiles as she places her hands at his waist, standing behind him, kissing his back.  She whispers “morning” as her hands travel upward, splaying across his chest.  He returns the greeting and drops his curly head as his body betrays him with the slightest attention from her.  The towel seems to move magically as his member grows, straining for release.  She gives him a knowing smile as she hooks a finger in the terry cloth and the towel drops to the floor.